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Who Will Take on the 21st Century Tech and Media Monopolies?


Who Will Take on the 21st Century Tech and Media Monopolies?

Justin Anderson


“Not” the big, bad, Congress.

They’ll huff, and they’ll puff, and then they’ll send some young Ukrainian girls to blow the Industry heads that are preparing to write checks to each of the Congressional members who have promised their votes to in essence, let the industry self-regulate.


The most hilariously clueless question from yesterday’s Zuckerberg hearing came from Orrin “Asleep at the Wheel” Hatch:

“How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?”

These are our leaders, folks. Rich, disconnected, corrupt, and borderline senile.


As this article explains, giant conglomerates can derive great power
by manipulating customers’ data. It is disappointing that it proposes
as a “solution” the idea of paying users for the data to manipulate
them with, because it is completely inadequate as a solution.

I’ve proposed making a law to forbid companies from collecting any
personal data beyond the absolute minimum necessary to provide their
services. Under this law, ISPs would be forbiden to take note at all
of subscribers’ internet contacts. See

I’ve also proposed a system of taxation designed to pressure large
companies to split themselves up. We can raise the pressure
as high as necessary.


Before we learned that our privacy was being invaded, social media like Facebook were seen as a force for good. For example, Arab Spring and anti-austerity movements had relied on them to spread the word. No one had anticipated their use for evil until now.

Billionaire Mercer bankrolled Cambridge Analytica, which then used Facebook to target millions of Americans, allowing Russia to send customized misinformation to influence voters. How do they influence voters? One method is to represent both sides of an hot issue but using obnoxious, repetitious, strident language which most of us would find offensive. ‘You have a friend’, wouldn’t you know. As expected, some targeted recipients become so disgusted with this hyper politicization of the public square that they stay away from politics - and voting. Bingo, Mercer wins. And Russia wins.

The world has never seen the likes of this type of use of technology such as social media. And the world does not know how to counter it.