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Who Will They Serve? Warnings Mount That Body Cameras Could Do More Harm Than Good


Who Will They Serve? Warnings Mount That Body Cameras Could Do More Harm Than Good

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though body cameras for the nation's police officers has been put forth as one of the key reforms that could increase accountability for law enforcement agencies and help curb episodes of police brutality, a new policy framework released by the ACLU on Thursday warns that without proper implementation the widespread deployment of such devices could actually do more than good for the people and communities most often targeted by aggressive forms of policing.


Body cameras want solve the problem, they can only treat a symptom. The cure is rethinking the whole paradigm of policing as social control, especially the vile "community policing" scam. On this prison planet the police are the trustees keeping the masses in line for the Rulers.

For all their macho valiant thin blue line BS the Police can't solve a huge number of murders, child disappearances , and identity thefts. Their most consistent tactic is confrontation, almost always using intimidation and aggression.


What is the point of a body camera if it can be simply turned off by an offending officer carte blanche? This technology is supposed to weed out the undesirables, not foster impunity for their crimes against the citizenry.


I'm not sure how this will work, or be used, myself. If it were turned on for every bust or confrontation, and evaluated for proper procedure, it might be of value, but a continually "on" camera means that every situation, every time a cop enters a home for any reason, a photographic record will be made of who is present, what is on the coffee table, what sort of books are in the bookshelves.
* A cop could walk into any restaurant, any gathering, and just slowly walk through or turn around and there would be a photographic record of who was present. Then, a photo ID program could be run to match up names with faces.
* About the only way I can see to solve a lot of our problems is to reaffirm the Constitution and Bill of Rights that we used to have and rescind the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act and all of its clones and successors that destroyed the Constitution and our freedoms.


Take away there guns!!! No lethal weapons for patrol officers. Many countries have done this. Britain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand. Civilians are not shot at for ridiculous "offenses" and people don't shoot at cops. Teach the officers judo and or other defensive martial arts, to stop violence without causing more.
Cameras with an off switch are a joke. Now the officer decides what we see. I mean seriously. How's that help any one but the officer. Bet the camera costs 10$ to make but our taxes will be buying them at several hundred each. It's like we're paying them to spy on us even more. Give the money to the schools. And take away the guns!


The so-called 'Bill of Rights' has been reduced to -- at best -- a bill of temporary privileges. Let's stop blowing smoke up each others asses already.


^^^^^^^THIS!!!! So true


The benefit of cop cams will be in obverse proportion to the support their methods of implementation receive from the departments they are purportedly seeking to make accountable.

In other words, if the police like 'em

We should spike 'em


Eliminate laws that make it illegal for observers to record police violence and other inappropriate behavior, and take the control of the information away from the police.

The argument that this might hamper efforts at using agents provocateur is one of the best arguments in its favor.


Why reinvent the wheel?
No other nation's cops kill remotely the numbers ours do. This is not primarily a problem of bad cops, although some individuals should be removed from the force. It is matter of very bad training or practices. Find out where we differ from other countries and when suspicious policies were implemented and we can definitely nail it. Then we can fix it.

Getting it right is much better than opinions.


Look!--Maybe white bread middle America is all concerned about its 'privacy', but the underclass is more concerned about not being beaten, hospitalized, raped, set up, killed, arrested, and falsely imprisoned by the LYING (more often than not!) LEO's who have been given a uniform, a badge, a gun, and a license to kill after a mere 4-months of training. Your hair dresser is required to complete 12 months and your plumber, 4 years.

The popo MUST be required to have a body camera w/audio turned on EVERY minute they are on duty, even in the bathroom...because they LIE like rugs!...under oath and in their sworn written reports. You can stick your 'privacy' concerns where they belong and the sun don't shine. It doesn't look like y'all are protesting the video (w/audio) cameras on public buses, intersections, shopping malls, courthouses, banks, grocery/retail stores, etc. Privacy has been dead for quite some time (your phone calls and internet meandering are NOT private...nor is anything you do in your employer's workplace)--SO QUIT KICKING A DEAD HORSE! Accountability, and justice are the primary concern that need to be focused on like a laser. There are far too many innocent dead members of the underclass, or on death row, or serving time in prison because of lying LEO's. Get OVER it White America...it isn't about YOU...it's about us!


Yeah, lousy training (kontrol fetish brain washing) is part of the witch's brew, but so is the law enacted by our legislatures which practically invites police brutality (or worse) by making cops immune from prosecution unless both a lack of good faith AND malicious intent can be proved (at least in Washington State)...a very high legal hurdle to holding said LEO's accountable. The body cameras will only help reveal the truth, but they won't go far enough to hold the cops accountable. For that, a change in the laws surrounding the issue must be made.


Police should have body cameras. It keeps everyone honest and protects everyone. http://marteldigital.com/