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Whoa There, David Cameron! Haste and Rhetoric Is No Recipe for Peace


Whoa There, David Cameron! Haste and Rhetoric Is No Recipe for Peace

Robert Fisk

Eisenhower famously sent some brusque advice to Anthony Eden in 1956 when he decided that Britain’s deceitful war in Egypt should come to an end. “Whoa, boy!” were his words. And they should be repeated now to the politicians, historians and other nincompoops who regard themselves as the soothsayers of eternal war.


Thanks to Robert Fisk for this illiminating article that sheds light on the generally hidden machinations and outcomes of French and Western policies and what might have lead to considerable blow-back. The perspective that goes back farther than a week or so, is very valuable. Robert Fisk is aways an enlightening source.


Great article, Mr. Fisk, but if Niall is your friend, you're in trouble. He shills for Milton every chance he gets, saying that the torture that Chile endured was likely worth it for the end result of privatization (which of course was awful and most are still trying to climb back out of it). He must love the ever-encircling austerity. Watch your back.


Judging by what he wrote of Niall, I think his reference to him as a friend was tongue in cheek.


Thank you Mr Fisk. The only journalist with a sane and balanced attitude to the Middle East amidst the plethora of blind jingoistic clap-trap being spouted.


As long as the Middle-east "societies" are based on superstition and privileges of birth they will never have either peace of prosperity. The jury is back in, the research has been done, the evidence is all around us. Prosperity has obvious antecedents, freedom, democracy and secular values. Robert Fisk is awfully fond of telling the West our policies in the Middle-east are to blame for the ills of that region but he has the cart ahead of the horse.


Because he knows the region and the Arabic language--and brings a high level of objectivity to his reporting.


Ya mean like Israel? If so, then you're correct.


Your analysis does not corn-sider the role of the US and its regional allies in actively supporting, protecting, funding, and arming ISIS.