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'Whoa, Whoa, Whoa': Sanders Says Democrat's Intransigence Is Solution, Not Problem

'Whoa, Whoa, Whoa': Sanders Says Democrat's Intransigence Is Solution, Not Problem

Jon Queally, staff writer

While intra-party disagreement among Republicans and a nationwide grassroots effort to stop the cruel and unpopular healthcare reform bill known as Trumpcare undoubtedly fueled its collapse on Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday morning made it quite clear that Democrats not cooperating with Donald Trump and the GOP's regressive agenda is not the problem that needs addressing on Capitol Hill.

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Dana Bash you corporate servicing schmuck.

This MSM spin, this corporate generated media spin you will see all over the media will hold up “bi-partisanship” as virtue. That those who worked to defeat an even more cruel healthcare system than ACA were being “intransigent”, and “partisan”, and “hypocritical since Democrats complained about Republican intransigence” and 100 other ways to formulate the same fucking bullshit propaganda.

Oh yes, the corporate servicing media is just so aligned against the corporate servicing Trump, when it isn’t servicing the corporate servicing Trump. All across the MSM the spin is that somehow the fact that Trumpcare didn’t pass was some sort of general “failure” that the nation has to somehow reckon with.

Can’t anyone just cut through that bullshit “non-partisanship as virtue” vacuous bullshit meme and say “I’m partisan! I’m partisan for what is just, I’m partisan for Universal Single Payer, I’m partisan for standing against corporate servicing legislation that is a cruel sentence of never ending misery for millions of people in this country”

NEVER on MSM will you hear an accounting of what a National Universal Single Payer System would mean in benefit to the lives of everyone in this country.

Just curious, earlier in the interview did Sanders mention Medicare for All?

What is the wait on introducing this legislation?

I mean, surely he knows the earlier the better, since ultimately his earlier efforts were trounced by Bauccus, Obama, and all of the other corporate Democrats that killed the public option as well.


Indeed, Chicken! In fact, I’ll take it further: Im partisan for a truly equitable system–why the hell should things cost so much anyway?


AMEN, Bernie!  Immediately lower the age of Medicare eligibility to 55, and then continue to lower it by five years every year until newborn citizens are eligible, and lower costs by giving Medicare the ability to negotiate bulk drug prices with Big Pharma.  Also - since they are, according to SCOTUS, “People” - make Korporations pay their fair share of FICA taxes like the rest of us people do. And while you’re at it, remove the cap on Social Security taxes - and collect those taxes from Korporate “People” as well.


From Truthdig and Truthout:



A byproduct of what Sanders is doing is the drawing of two lines in the sand. A thinner line and a bold thicker line. The thinner line focuses on the ideology of the common good, a virtually unadulterated position on basic human needs. The bolder line, however, really hits at the core of our country’s problems. Because to address the thinner line is to expose the thicker line, which demarcates how money, and thus power, controls our body politics. Which side are you on? The side which promotes having the best government money can buy…our present state of affairs…or on the side of the reformers. Sanders is revealing the shortest distance between ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Get out your Hemming and Hawing meters, folks, and measure where our ‘leaders’ register on the scales.


And attend a town hall meeting:


Medicare for All, the time has come. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), leading the charge.

Strike while the iron is hot and Bernie’s popularity is Yuge. If your rep, like mine, is talking about tinkering at the edges of Obamacare, give her/him the ultimatum: support single payer or suffer open revolt.


The Dims are running the short con at this point. They are grabbing corporate cash knowing it will be cut off when their constituents finally wake up. Then they won’t be able to deliver the sheep to slaughter. So “Take the money and run.” There is not much we can do about it. They never were really that into us anyway.


This short video speaks to your point about the money grab, ToB:

Shameless panderers, and they don’t even try to hide it.


Interesting … somewhere in your comment it hit me that back when I was a 10-year-old my parents used to order me to do the exact opposite of what they really wanted, so that when I rebelled against their ‘request’ I would actually be doing exactly what they wanted! Now I’m not saying that’s what we need to do to make sure nothing gets passed in this regime, I’m merely wondering if that’s what is actually in play here …

Amazing that. Thanks! Will repost.

As soon as Obama was elected, the MSM began calling for bipartisanship to be followed shortly thereafter by budget austerity under deficit hysteria. I will say that Obama ran as a guy who’d work with both sides, but so did Bush. But Bush had convictions, was someone who you’d have a beer with, just like we’ve been told Ryan is a policy wonk, whatever. For some reason, the “rules” for bipartisanship always seem stronger when it comes to left-leaning governance.




That’s why it’s imperative to get them on record either way, right now.

Their lose-lose posturing…if I’m on record supporting single payer, my insurance company pay masters abandon me, if I’m on record supporting Obamacare, liberals abandon me…is a good way to drag them into the light of day and expose them for the spineless shills they are.

And look, when the spotlight shines, you either stand for something or you don’t. I’ve said those exact words to my rep in front of her staff. Did I mean it as a threat? Ya damn right, yo.


ESPECIALLY on corporate people!


[quote] Just curious, earlier in the interview did Sanders mention Medicare for All?

What is the wait on introducing this legislation? [/quote]

Not sure on the timing, but apparently he has, or is about to, introduce it.

Meanwhile, there’s a JusticeDemocrats petition demanding that all House Democrats Fight for Medicare For All here.


Now, now, being a reasonable revolutionary, I suggest starting with torches and pitchforks.

Of course, YMMV.


There’s a bumper sticker out there that says (approximately): I’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas starts executing them.

Sounds reasonable to me!


Here is Bernie, saying that he’s going to introduce a bill for Medicare for All: