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Whoah Say What?!? Betsy DeVos Diligently Loves Congress and States' Rights and Potential Grizzlies But Schools - Not So Much (Also, Actually, Not Crazy About Kids With Disabilities)


Whoah Say What?!? Betsy DeVos Diligently Loves Congress and States' Rights and Potential Grizzlies But Schools - Not So Much (Also, Actually, Not Crazy About Kids With Disabilities)

Man, this is gonna be tough. Tuesday's "hearing" on super-rich right-wing zealot Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education even though she hates it, knows nothing about it and has spent her uber-privileged life working against it was unreal, aka "low, insulting burlesque and a revolting dumbshow of the arrogance of monied ignorance." Asked about fraud, proficiency, student debt and disability rights, she was swiftly eviscerated by the admirable likes of Warren, Franken and Sanders effortlessly revealing she knows nothing, nada, zilch. It would be entertaining if our kids didn't have to pay.


At the end with Bernie she still did not answer his question about "affordable" child care.


Really want to get into the fray? Check out her links with CNP and Christian dominionism. In fact, many of the nominees have links here, which makes me think that Pence is behind at least some of these picks.


We need to rise up as a group. Another billionaire with a mental problem called narcissism.Tax payers DO NOT fund private or religious schools. Charter schools are businesses run by corporations.
She also thinks that teachers ( who make considerably less than most professionals) are overpaid. She supports tax cuts for billionaires.
Also, she supports guns in schools-huh????? Did she "forget" about Sandy Hook? She had the nerve to support guns in schools while talking to a senator from Ct. Clueless insensitive bitch!
She also has NO interest in kids or anyone else with disabilities. She didn't even know about the 1975 IDEA with is a federally funded program that guarantees public ed for kids with disabilities.


Did she forget that we have separation of church and state? What planet is she on? I understand that she blames women and girls who have been sexually assaulted as bringing it on themselves.


And yet....they will likely confirm her.


What Trump and his picks demonstrate is NO social conscience. Their ideologies make it impossible.


Pence led the "transition team"...head garbage man.


They have no ideologies beyond their grasping, groveling greed.


Finally someone getting tough on grizzlies. They were always pickin' on me and stealing my lunch when I was in school.


Looks like we are preparing for modernized version of the teaching of the Hitler Jugend. Teach the children technical skills and also teach them that der fuehrer is always right!
* That's all they need to become good little Nazis and they can use their training when they are in the Wehrmacht, or working in an arms factory.
* Don't teach them to use their minds, to question and make judgments on what they see happening in their lives. After all, they might question what is happening and object, and that is rapidly becoming illegal in the Fourth Reich.
* Seig heil!


Yes. I have been afraid, ever since he was v.p. pick, that he would be the one in the shadows, pulling the strings.


Please to note Abby: the tip of the spear of the attack on public education is Demopublican Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago: THE closest political buddy of Barack "TPP" Obama. Please weave this into very appropriate bashing of Republicrats.


Would not building a wall be sufficient?


"Joe Lieberman, the Democratic nominee for vice president in 2000, introduced DeVos Tuesday and vouched for her leadership, arguing that her status as an outsider is an asset.

“She doesn’t come from within the education establishment. But honestly, I believe that today that’s one of the most important qualifications you could have for this job,” the former senator from Connecticut said. “We need a change agent.” "

WTF is that all about??


Oh No! It's a Chamber of Horrors!

A Freaking Fundy with no education in Charge of Education!
An Oil Man in Charge of Wars
A clueless quack doctor in charge of Housing.

President Pence is out to destroy the whole government! I just hope he is successful and we go back to tribal life under a weak central government after the die-off!

The top of Mount Everest might still be survivable....

(whoops, 440 nuke plants exploding, will nix that idea...)


Lieberman, aka snagglepuss, is a Knesset mole seeking the destruction of American sovereignty via the weakening of public education. The Bibi types know that dumbing down the sheeple will enable the apartheid state to control the Middle East and its resources.