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Whoever Wins the Election Will Face Severe Eviction Crisis, as 30 Million Brace for Homelessness

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/02/whoever-wins-election-will-face-severe-eviction-crisis-30-million-brace


A tragedy-----although, our current bank guy Mr. No Chin ( sp? ) certainly ruined people’s lives in that Pasadena bank when he was in charge! And too Obama didn’t help much in 2008 when all that Bush bank crap came down-----but sad, sad, sad, as banks lied and people were driven from their homes. : (
There are so many displaced and homeless now—in San Francisco, I have read that the rent rates for the rich are way down, but up for most of the people. It’s like that movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” except no angel named Clarence shows up and Mr. Potter won it all . Lives really do depend on the acts of others. : (


Well they better bundle up because the American people just gave all the homeless the finger. So The Republican Senate gets a big thumbs up from America-----WOW! We are in Potterville.

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Hi illusion:

sigh— I find it too hard to believe that Trunp could win----as he wants to rear down anything and everything that benefits most of the People…as so far he’s ruined the EPA, immigrants rights, climate change is worse, and taking away Obama Care in a pandemic?
Maybe Trump wi finally get covid or get it again and as the 2nd time around can be the most deadly----oh wait–Pence could get it as he’s surrounded by covid cases too.

Well if both Trump and Pence died, then Pelosi would be the president. Although, no doubt the GOP would prop Mitch up in a chair and say that he should be president and they would go to the Supreme Court and see what havoc he could do there!
America becomes , the F**K UP NATION! we could all wear hats that said FUN. : 0