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'Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are, We Need You': 15-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Calls for Global Climate Strike


'Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are, We Need You': 15-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Calls for Global Climate Strike

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Greta Thunberg, the 15-year-old Swedish activist, on Wednesday called for a global climate strike. The day of action is set for Friday at "your school" or "anywhere you feel called."

Thunberg, who's made headlines for her now-weekly school strikes to urge her home country to take bold climate action, made the call from Katowice, Poland, where she's attending the COP24 climate talks, now in their second week.


Just told my boss I’ll be playing hooky Friday.

The smart-ass said, “I didn’t know you could skate.”

Greta Thunberg is my hero.


Actually, I think that’s where we’re headed. It won’t be long before they have all of our money, then their wealth concentration addiction will go into major withdrawal.


United States leadership on climate has been replaced by a 15-year-old girl. Amazing!


There never has been real US leadership on climate change. You’re just making that part up.

I agree that Greta is amazing.


Sounds like that is what you wish will happen.


I hope you are right about that. If I have to give the 1984 country that is the U.S. credit, it sure does a good job at keeping the general populace complacent, no matter how bad it seems to get.


No, but I think we’re perilously close to it. Once the 1% have all the money, what will happen then? Chaos. Economic collapse (perhaps already underway). Famine. Mass migrations. In general, a not very pleasant, and perhaps extremely violent, existence for the rest of us.


I don’t think anyone wishes it. That just seems to be the direction the U.S. is inevitably going. When you have an oligarchy that is unchecked continually widening income gaps are the natural result.


Please forgive that this is not completely relevant –

Bernie Sanders is speaking now in Senate/C-span against US support for Saudi War on Yemen –

As Sanders is making very clear Yemen is especially a war on children with horrific starvation of children –

Clearly the oppression of females is connected to injustices all over the world – exploitation
of Nature most especially – but also the oppression of females makes children more vulnerable
to suffering and death.

Can we truly believe that brutality at the level we are watching the US/CIA support in Yemen today suggests anything but that the same brutality will likely one day be visited on US women and children?
GOP has already refused to renew the “Violence Against Women Act” – and is attacking improvements
in the ways that rape charges are handled at colleges/universities and by government officials, etal.

We are watching the rise of “White Male Supremacy” here at levels we haven’t seen since the
“Burnings at the Stake.” Why would an alleged democracy support the Saudis in any way?

Where are our feminist organizations? We need a campaign for the ERA here to be funded by all
American females at let’s say $5 each. It will only be by our empowerment and empowerment of females
all over the world that we can truly STOP the insanities happening in Yemen!

Thank you once again, Senator Bernie Sanders!!

As even right wing GOP members tire of their own corruption – “too squishy” to continue to
fulfill the agendas of Elites who own their parties – space opens for more and more women to come
forward to lead the way to peace – to ending the gun violence in our societies – to protect children
here from poverty – and to lead the way to stronger action against the violence of our MIC/CIA.

And, btw, Sanders also spoke very elegantly and very strongly last evening on CNN interview with
I think Cuomo about this taking us to putting control and approval of wars to Congress – and in
ending all of US/CIA wars – from Afghanistan to Suria and Yemen.


I suggest you delete this post and place it in the comments section of this article:


The elites’ money won’t buy them tons more time and safety, and what will paper or metallic money be worth if societies are collapsing? It isn’t as if the elites generally have the skills needed to survive on their own, in capitalism the super-rich necessarily got super-rich by sucking up the wealth others produced. Even the tangible things they can buy now, will they be able to enforce property rights like they can now, in a functioning society? Of course not, at least not nearly to the same extent. Any scenario you can imagine still results in them facing what the rest of humanity will face, and as Mark Blyth has said, “the Hamptons are not a defensible position…are on a low-lying beach. Eventually, the people will come for you.” He’s right, they will. They chose capitalism over saving the only habitable planet we know of in the universe, they used their wealth and power to ensure that we couldn’t replace this destructive, undemocratic and inequitable system. Maybe we can at least mitigate what is coming for us, maybe we have a small chance of saving the planet and our species, but even if we do that, the solutions won’t be found in the narrow range of policy options they want us to choose from. If we choose capitalism, it is over. The young people that are often leading this fight have to fully appreciate the radical changes needed, cause carbon emissions are not THE environmental crisis. They are a part of a much larger crisis. Markets are missing lots of information, and even if we could encode environmental information into the pricing mechanism, everything would explode in price. Capitalism doesn’t work once limits to growth in throughput and pollution generation are reached (we are there) and we cannot manage this without national economic planning. If anyone wants to deny this, let them articulate a logically sound argument based in objective reality.


The Global Warming that they created by exploitation of Nature and which they continue
to try to hide until a total collapse takes place in order to protect themselves will produce
that economic collapse . . .

Vegetation is being seriously effected – and more constant interruptions of peaceful societies
which produce foods, whether by floods/droughts or by other weather catastrophes will prevent
normal farming activities.


To paraphrase a Bible quotation: and a child shall lead them!


This 15 year old is incredible


Did you miss so and so giving a speech, pushing for non-binding deals and doing about .5% of what is needed, which is more than negated by stuff they do elsewhere? Like, the US pushed for NAFTA like deals, which were copied thereafter around the world. NAFTA was used by TransCandada to sue the Obama administration because of the XL Pipeline. But NAFTA has an incredibly weak environmental side agreement. Yay for pragmatism or whatever they call that. The WTO, which Clinton pushed for, undermined portions of the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act within months of it being created. It has undermined multiple countries’ renewable energy sectors too, and the WTO says that when an environmental agreement or policy clashes with the WTO’s dictates, the WTO take precedent. These things commodify nature, tie the hands of governments and prioritize markets and capital. We have led on this stuff, and do peanuts to offset a small fraction of the damage done. And our leaders, some of them acknowledge science and give great speeches. Great speeches, words written and delivered. Makes you almost forget what these same people actually do with their power.


Pretty embarrassing when a 15 yr old is smarter than the President of the United States. Way to go Greta, just stay safe, there are a lot of powerful people that just might start taking notice.


I heard you have a smocking slap shot!


I’ve advocated for a nationwide, general strike, and have been chastised by those who argue that “not everyone can take a day off, Bub,” but the ongoing, current approach of taking no action except for maybe 60% of us voting is not going to ever produce the change we need. We need to bear the pain of a general strike by helping each other out for a few days, because it will take just a few days for us to glimpse both the courage it takes and the awesomeness of the power we, the people, can quickly accrue when we scare the living shit out of the 1%. Make Wall Street look like the Champs Elysee for a couple days and see what happens. The worst that can happen is that we hasten the collapse that is inevitable if we “stay the course.” Do we want to let the neoliberals continue looting right up to the end and then run off to their hidey-holes? Isn’t it time to start fighting back?


No offence to Greta but she has a guaranteed income, food clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, situation from which to make her stand.

NO ONE ELSE can do that because they need to go to work and “MAKE A LIVING”. This is why nothing will ever change.

Everyone needs to stop going to school ever…period! Everyone needs to stop going to work at all… Period! Everyone needs to demand action all together not just on sundays.