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'Whole Paycheck' Dodges Overcharging Claims with $500K Settlement



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I know he blogged, under an assumed name, bad information about a grocery chain that Whole Foods wanted to purchase so that chains stock value would decline so he could purchase them for less money. Of course he was caught and apologized. You or I would be in prison for doing the same. I have not shopped at Whole Foods since.


"Clean" foods

Dirty pricing


not even sure about the "clean" food part. although they may change some of their practices--once they've been caught, it makes one wonder what else they do on the sly, at the expense of the consumer.


Hence the quotes




WAIT a darned minute. You can get life for stealing a beer under 3 strikes laws... and these guys stole what? No jail time for them?


I used to work for Whole Foods as a dishwasher. Nobody bothered me about John Mackey's comments. If they did, I'd tell them I can't control what he says. Just because I worked there doesn't mean I always agree with him. My co-workers also said they do not agree with him. Another thing I do not like about that place is they refused to give me workers' comp for pain due to heavy lifting, pushing & pulling.