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'Wholesale Destruction' Awaits as Louisiana Public Defense System Goes Broke


'Wholesale Destruction' Awaits as Louisiana Public Defense System Goes Broke

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The public defense system of Louisiana is on the brink of financial collapse.

A new assessment by the Louisiana public defender board, obtained by the Guardian, is warning that most of the state's district offices providing legal counsel to low-income people are set to cancel new cases or shut down completely by next summer.

The Guardian reports:


A story in the Guardian...sigh! At least somewhere in the world there is a newspaper that reports news people need to hear in America about America.

Why doesn't this qualify for a declared state of emergency classification since the constitution guarantees representation and not the State of Louisiana. If Louisiana defaults on constitutional protections then the federal government should step in and ensure that they are provided.

Why is America under oligarchy falling apart?


And to think that early on in this prez election cycle Gov. Jindahl was on board the Kandidate Klown Kar...he has led the state of Louisiana right into the swamps. The only people/places that seemed to recover from Katrina are the wealthy, the hotels, and Bourbon street (to keep the tourists coming) while small businesses go under, schools remain closed, whole flooded/destroyed parishes remain in rubble, and large businesses continue to receive tax breaks. Meanwhile, tax revenue streams shut down thus leaving those most in need left wanting: the poorest of the poor who just happen to be minorities. Go figure? An absolute crime against humanity.


America under oligarchy falls apart when crisis capitalism and failed Friedman economic theories are put into practice. Read Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine - Louisiana's economy has been destroyed by former governor jindal's disastrous economic practices with the complicity of a largely republican legislature. Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan and other republican run states are also suffering the effects of so-called conservative practices. Oligarchs rule for themselves with no concern for the common good, using government funds as their personal piggybank. And theyare getting away with looting the public treasury.


That state like Michigan is a shit hole.


How about closing Angola Prison for starters?


As soon as the global brainwash to not have a securities transfer tax is overturned, the quadrillion dollars in volume can be taxed at a fraction of a percent and the revenue used to finance all the lower courts, public defenders and law enforcement. There were more bail bonds issued in Ferguson than people. The applications for drivers licenses has dropped 14% since last year...our youth or most of us can't afford to finance the system and get jailed for not paying a red light camera ticket.
Since we like to give 150 families all the money in the world the least they could do is build a monument to Grover Norquist at LaSalle and Van Buren. They can afford a 10 foot square by 40 stories high 24 karat gold pillar. Unemployed teachers could be hired to keep it polished like the "bean" in the park.


I agree with you except that it seems to me that corrupt politicians are more like their servants who think only of themselves in turn while doing the bidding of the oligarchs.


You will notice that the "public defence system" and not the incarceration system is said to go broke. You will notice that the poor are to rot, not be released.

This is not a lack of money. This is an administrative preference.

Do we hear anything about cutting back on expenses, say by not prosecuting non-violent or victimless crimes?

The State of Louisiana is apparently happy to jail people that they do not wish to try. I am sure some certain someones are eagerly awaiting the response or lack thereof to that precedent.


"This is an absolute injustice—that the poor will sit in jail without any representation just because they have no money.": Very ominous. With the constant refrain of "the declining middle class" who is noticing the plight of the poor?


I'm sorry, but his one sits right at the doorstep of Holder's absentee DOJ.

The states are getting away with murder, because no one is attending to duties at the Federal Level.
For 8 years now, we have waited for something like justice to emerge from Obama's missing DOJ.

And nothing from the Bully Pulpit but empty rhetoric.
It is no mistake that Ferguson happened on the watch of the First black President.
Promises were made, Expectations were set. Dedication was thwarted.

We have been sadly under served by an administration which should have been an
Enlightened Renaissance of Civil Rights.


The poor aren't really losing anything. Public Defense works like this, the PD meets you, says the prosecution is offering 4 years if you plead guilty, if you don't you could get 15 years. Over 95% take the plea bargain.