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'Wholly Inadequate': Environmentalists Decry EPA's New Methane Rules


'Wholly Inadequate': Environmentalists Decry EPA's New Methane Rules

Nika Knight, staff writer

Following President Obama's promise to cut toxic methane leaks at oil and gas facilities, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday announced the U.S. government's "first-ever" set of standards to reduce such emissions—but the new regulations were decried by environmentalist critics as not far-reaching enough.


This is progress but somewhat too incremental. Existing wells should be included as soon as possible. Now if the EPA could only figure out how to set standards for methane emissions from cows.


The last two areas I've lived in had old gas fields that are like a pin cushion full of old leaking, abandoned and orphaned gas wells - a well every few hundred feet in some areas. The owners of these wells are long gone and so for the most part, regulations on existing wells are not going to work - there is nobody to serve the citation to. The only way a majority of existing leaky wells are going to be properly plugged will be through a massive very costly government program - which is probably worth at least starting to do. The current landowners the wells are on sure don't have the money.


The issue is a good bit more complicated than what you seem to be thinking from your comment. Most existing, leaky, usually abandoned, gas wells in my area are orphaned and not owned by corporations, but were conveyed over to small landowners.


Incrementalism, baby! It's the new "liberal"!


Half steps never get to full strides


Well, Nika Knight, all I can say is that, a look at who the decisions makers at EPA once worked for should explain why they decide as they do. Too bad, it's not only EPA either, since the same type of corruption can be found at almost every, if not all, of the alphabet agencies with mandates to protect we the people from corporate crimes.


Where is the sanity?


Then, what is the strategy of the three environmental groups that sent me emails to send the Commissioner a thank you?


The EPA is wholly inadequate period.
Time to close down this criminal organization and reinvent a real Environmental Protection Agency.