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Who's Digging In On The Dakota Access Pipeline?


Who's Digging In On The Dakota Access Pipeline?

Seth Gladstone

In case you hadn’t heard, resistance to the now-infamous Dakota Access oil pipeline project isn’t letting up. It’s only growing stronger. For months, the Standing Rock Sioux and allied indigenous tribes throughout the country have been actively but peacefully resisting construction of the pipeline, which would threaten the safety and sanctity of their sacred tribal lands.


Are too-big-to-fail banks, insurance and drug companies now being joined by too-big-to-fail petrochemical companies ?

When these outfits need more bailouts, prepare for the second reaming, US taxpayers !


Dakota Access Pipeline has nothing to do with "energy security". Connect the dots: fracking, TTIP, Russia. The US does not need the fracking oil, it is for export. The TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) will permit (rather, require) European countries to accept low cost (low cost because the US does not have the same environmental restrictions, nor the same worker safety and wage standards as Europe) fracked oil from the US. In addition to the corporate profits accruing to US oil companies, there is the more insidious purpose of undermining Russia's economy by undercutting Russia's exports of oil and gas to Europe. It is part and parcel of the US war against Russia, accompanied by copious amounts of US government provided propaganda eagerly reprinted by the compliant US media. Such as, Putin threatens Ukraine - it was the US that orchestrated the coup of that country's democratically elected government. The US claims Putin threatens the Baltic countries (it was Russia that gave them the choice of independence from the Russian Federation after the collapse of the USSR). It is the US and NATO that is at the doorstep of Russia's borders. Surely, Russia can be excused for stationing troops on its own borders. And this after Reagan's Secretary of State James Baker promised Gorbachev, in exchange for Gorbachev's approval of German reunification, that NATO would not advance "one inch" beyond its borders into the former Warsaw Pact nations. Now NATO is at Russia's very border. As the First Nations in the US know, the US's treaties are not worth the paper they are printed on.


Food and Water Watch has a petition to DOJ to block the merger. Please sign: