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Who's in Charge Here?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/21/whos-charge-here


Is Trumpism really anything more than Republicanism writ large? There is the loyalty thing–check. There is the desire to privatize in order to shovel the fruits of Public wealth to crony cooperators–check. There is a panoply of ways to get the electorate to vote against their best interests–check. Eisenhower was the last Republican president who could be trusted, but he was being undermined at every turn by the MIC of which he could only warn us when he had one foot out of the door. Who’s in charge here? Why Big Money, of course. It’s just hard to trace exactly how, just the way it is laid out to be.


Good article by Winship, very good response by WiseOwl, yep, donny trump; poster boy for “Fuck-ups writ Large!”! It is hard to imagine anyone as totally incompetent, as totally ignorant of reality, and, what the Hell, as totally Fucked Up as Mr. Grinch er trump. what a waste that wasteral is!


Mr Winship lays it out well, and he speaks truth, something the trump regime never does. But there is another critical aspect and that is criminal incompetence, cronyism and self-interest that aims not to lead or protect or help or instill any shred of wisdom, compassion or empathy, but to exploit and lie and abuse and profit from the magnitude of this very foreseeable crisis!

Tony Fauci said recently: “neither the CDC or trump is responsible for our current position” - “we need to look forward, not place blame” - I think that is reckless BS when the decisions made and not made are the proximate cause of shortages, lack of test kits, testing, planning/response, beds, respirators, protective gear, all of it! We find ourselves in a position that can and should be laid directly at the doorstep of one criminally responsible pathological liar who should be immediately removed and charged with a host of crimes and imprisoned without bail!

Criminal contempt for the lives of all others by a person without a shred of decency or the ability to fulfill the title he tragically/shamefully still holds, and that will lead directly to the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands of people - a crime of vast proportions that must be seen for what it is, not swept under the carpet as just business as usual under the idiot of orange, the ego-driven malignant narcissist who does not possess the ability or any prerequisite for the presidency!
His actions have been criminal in the extreme and must be seen as such if we are to rid our world of his utter contempt and malignant stupidity and address the pandemic!

Silly me, I think it is necessary to understand why we are here and who is responsible!


The Stable Genius is making sure he can spread the blame for this.


Everything Trump Touches Dies…However, he’s not doing this alone. It’s American Exceptionalism writ large. Don’t tell me I have to make sacrifices, that I have to self-isolate for 14 days, that I can’t go on spring break with thousands of others(a giant petri dish), that I have to share, that I need to buy only for my needs and leave products for others. That’s Socialism! Besides, who lives is king of the island; the others are losers.
This is our Fifth Risk, our Black Swan. And, from personal experience just four years ago, I can tell you America as a Libertarian dream will not survive. But what arises from the rubble will be worth living.
BTW, REM’s The End of the World as We Know it is on the top ten list this week…


“a liberal Republican,” then = a Radical Left Wing Progressive today.


Thanks for pointing out the actual forest, so obscured by the multitude of trees.

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A sad article but very true and factual! Blaming Obama for the current mess is beyond the pale, especially when Obama had organized and created a pandemic agency to handle situations like the one we are in today and even briefed the new Trump Administration about its purpose. Of course Trump immediately cancelled it and fired its leaders. This alone will cement Trump’s place in history as one of the most, if not the most incompetent President ever!


"Who’s in charge?" The Devil is in those details.

The two lying corporate war parties tell us, We the People, that we are in charge. And most of us believe it.

Like lemmings headed to the sea, We the People, every four years, say we take our civic responsibility to vote seriously, yet, like the clear majority of us, a number very close to 95%, as many of you know as I use it often, we do not consider the “facts” of how minimally the two political parties that we vote for, serve us.


We simply give them another 4 years to go about serving the moneyed interests. "The Oligarchs.
The Corporations. The Military. The top 1%."

That’s who’s in charge, because we continue to mindlessly put them in charge.

Yet, many refuse to accept any responsibility for their decades of support for the enablers in government.

They say, "There’s no other choices."

I say, BS.


Trump is absolutely stupefying in his self-caricaturing psychopathic vileness and incompetence - totally beyond anything any over-the-top Swiftian comedian, even the late Vonnegut, could have imagined.


The buck has lost its value of late…

Trump tweeted “Their response to H1N1 Swine Flu was a full scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now.” H1N1 was 2009, 12,000 died, and the flu kills between 12,000 and 60,000 per year. So 2009 was a low death rate year, he calls it a “full scale disaster.” Wikipedia about H1N1: " The Infectious Diseases Society of America estimated that the total number of deaths in the U.S. was 12,469.[[169]]" – he’s a fount of bad mouthing. Surprising that people don’t turn him off.

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Yes. It’s beyond what a rational mind can comprehend.


Given that, I guess it matters less and less where the buck stops.

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From the article:

"An official told The Post, ‘Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were—they just couldn’t get him to do anything about it. The system was blinking red.’

. . .

“There’s never been a President even close that’s been able to do what I’ve done in slashing all of the red tape.”

Can’t decide on the best nickname for the president:

Donald (The Selfellator) Trump, for his tendency to blow his own horn
Donald (American Addle) Trump



Pardon the crassness, but I couldn’t resist.

Should “Selfellator” be “Selfellatio”?

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