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Who's Lying When it Comes to the Flynn Case?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/16/whos-lying-when-it-comes-flynn-case


Those who aren’t guilty don’t lie. Especially when it comes to relations with Russians.

As a military member, Flynn knew this all too well.

He lied to hide something he felt he was guilty of.

He deserves the punishment the law calls for, even more so cause he’s a military member who was dealing with an adversary nation.

His dealings should concern every American.


Here we go, yet again. This really takes us back to rehash the 2016 supposed hacking of the DNC computers (e-mails ) by Russian ops, the leaking/handing over of said hacked material to Assange… And, all the twists and turns by The Alphabets to justify some very questionable activities regarding the Trump campaign.
When Directors Comey, Clapper and Brennan went catfishing, threw some stinkbait to Biden & Obama, and then got a strike ( force )… the fight to somehow land, and mount on someone’s wall, this big lunker ( Trump & Co. ) was definitely on.
OK, let’s go back into these deep dark woods, and really figure out if we’ll have a better chance this time, of seeing the forest for all the damn trees.
Flynn lied. So did a bunch of other folks in high places.
What else is new in Washington, D. C.?


Nothing, and never will be as long as the overwhelming majority of Americans never look further than the two bought and paid for political parties that dominate our lives.


Nor will it ever be if the political, corporate and military PTB continue to be allowed to get away with violating the law, in some cases including traitorous acts


Glenn Greenwald sets my standard, and, as he points out, so does Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Perhaps Mr. Brauchli would care to debate Mr. Greenwald on the topic of this sham Flynn investigation.
Glenn invited others, there were no takers.

It’s a long hour-and-45-minutes, but worth every minute:



You might want to reconsider on this one, Pony.

I provided a link above. Granted, it’s long – but it’s thorough.

We all hate Flynn.
Nonetheless, he was entrapped.


@PonyBoy and anyone else inclined to believe the FBI and Adam Schiff over people like Flynn should also check out Aaron Mate on Useful Idiots (~https://youtu.be/TgqaEBw9Ev0)


Another good show, with Aaron Mate on Jimmy Dore, discussing the documents that show how the FBI set up Flynn:


Telling that this comments section is marked by no-shows.

Also, if Greenwald left anything out, it was the Flynn call that urged Russia to back Israel in a UN Security Council vote (Russia, to their credit, voted against Israel) – and I note that no Democrats wanted to highlight that part of Flynn’s perfectly legal chats with Kislyak, nor did the FBI.

Aaron Mate’ had no such reluctance – good on him.


All of you so upset that Flynn lied to the FBI.

What was his lie?

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