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Who's Paying for the Democratic Convention?


Who's Paying for the Democratic Convention?

Nikil Saval

Philadelphia is gearing up for the Democratic National Convention with its signature brand of bad taste. Everywhere I look, from the doorstep of the brownstone-and-brick Union League on Broad Street to the central courtyard of the ornate City Hall, I see fiberglass donkeys, the mascot of the Democratic Party.


I hate to be glib, but our children are paying for it and we are paying for it. Corporations get their revenue from us, non-profit organizations get their funds from us. It is a convention sure enough, but it remains to be seen how small “d” democratic it will be conducted.

Time to Occupy Philly!


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Comcast VP David Cohen sez: "I don’t see the public interest in knowing who the donors are.”

Upton Sinclair sez: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”


Due to a long chain of betrayals, when I see the donkeys around town I think, “Jackasses!” How apropos!


Link to download PDF of the report cited in the article from the Campaign Legal Center, “Funding the Conventions: How a Trickle of Money Turned Into a Flood,”


We get to tell our grandchildren the story of the Trojan ass.


A quintessentially Democratic convention


Take the fiberglass donkeys to Burning Man next month and burn them.