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Who's Pumping Money into 2016 Election? Hedge Fund Heads


Who's Pumping Money into 2016 Election? Hedge Fund Heads

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new analysis by Reuters offers a fresh look at the interests pouring money into the 2016 president election.

Hedge fund managers are upping their game in this election season, with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican Ted Cruz the biggest beneficiaries, Reuters' review of Federal Election Commission filings found.


No surprise. Just remember her son-in-law is co-founder and manager of a Wall St. hedge fund. The Clintons are just SO owned by these people it would be laughable if it wasn't so infuriating. She MUST lose this election, no matter what else happens. She may well be worse for the country than "The Donald". He would most likely be bumbling and ineffective. She is truly dangerous.


Not to worry. Commoners are free to donate millions to Super Pacs, just as the rich are free to sleep under bridges.


It's said: "Money can't buy you love" - in this election it's becoming increasingly apparent that money can't buy you respect or votes either, only integrity and a vision for the common good can, like we're seeing with the increasing Sanders tidal wave of supporters!

In spite of media lies, distortions and blackout of Bernie's words, in spite of DINO Dem DLC political manipulations and subversion of the democratic process, in spite of hedge fund and banker/Wall Street, and corporate attacks and millions of dollars stolen from America used to buy this election...they think.....in spite of all the rotten politics and lies, Bernie's Jedi army is growing and supporting their champion!

Hillary said "I am not a natural politician, in case you haven't noticed, like my husband or President Obama - Really Hill? Neither you or Bill or Obama are "natural politicians"? That's your response to Bernie and millions of others demanding you release your million $ Goldman Sachs speech transcripts? Money can't buy this election!

Every once in a while things, people, ideas, energy come together to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts and I believe we are witnessing one of those times today with Bernie Sanders and all the millions that believe along with him!


Center for Responsive Politics sez: "... hedge funds were generally donating far more to Democrats than Republicans through the 2008 campaign ..."

Apologies for repeating the point, but: They are not 'donating'. They are investing.


Bernie needs to get tougher on her and hit these Points harder! Take the gloves off and unmask the horror.