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Who's the Bad Actor?


Who's the Bad Actor?

Belén Fernández

During his brief descent this week upon the island of Cyprus, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu jumped at the chance to make menacing allegations about the implications of the recent nuclear deal with Iran.


Very little today is what it seems. We are living in a time of graft, deceit, and corruptions that are so pervasive as to make any telling of the Truth (in a major public place) remarkable.

When food, itself, is no longer true to any premise of inherent nutrition but rather is a montage of additives, coloring agents, and genetically modified components… “food for thought” cannot be far behind in terms of its totally compromised integrity.

For any U.S. “leader” to broker a peace deal or anti-nuclear weapon deal is a lot like having the neighborhood bullying sex offender conduct the school’s sex education class.

In the past, I’ve pointed to the irony of a banking system being granted the authority to determine individuals’ “credit scores” when this entity charges felonious interest rates, makes usurious loans, adds fees for anything it can dream up while betting enormous sums only to get bailed out by citizens (many of which cannot make ends meet). Do banks–by their performances–deserve to determine who’s credit-worthy?

The Bible imparts wisdom in this idea that one should “judge the tree by its fruits.”

A nation that arms the world and does bloody deals with the worst of underhanded, brutal dictators is in NO position to determine any other nation’s Defense strategies.

Just today it hit me that international events demonstrate The Shock Doctrine ethos in that the more destabilized nations become, the more their citizens look to the macho muscular groups that LIKE to fight. All of this is done under the guise of “Protection” and it’s very much like Organized Crime’s use of Protection Money (extortion). The bludgeoning of so many nations grants influence to those who show a commitment to FIGHTING back. This dynamic then spreads the killing fields, kill numbers, and weapons.

As Gandhi long ago related, this whole vindictive eye-for-an-eye credo can only succeed in making the world blind.

WE are being led by savages. They have no true credibility. What they have is Big Money’s backing, along with media’s cover stories (as cover), AND massive martial force in the form of LOTS of brainless soldiers trained to just shoot and follow orders.

What fun!


Perceptive post, Siouxrose, and I want to log on to commend your comment as a fine followup to Belen Fernandez’ excellent news commentary. This is truthful “food for thought.”

Best wishes.


Dear Lady, You write what I feel better than I can express it myself. I always read your
comments, even after my own. We agree, that we have a United States of America political
and financial bind on what is best for the population of this once, but no longer, great nation.
As the course of your comments become more basic, so do my own thoughts and concerns
for my country. We must destroy “big” banks, get rid of “big” corporations, reduce billionaires
to mere multi-millionaires, and remove from office all self-serving, dole seeking, professional
politicians, who have fostered this disaster of a decline in “their” government. We must, in fact,
emulate those Americans who made this country, not that long ago. We are in the midst of a
con-game, and the cons are running the show. High time for correction and retribution, and
playing the old “election game” is spitting in the wind. An old typing class exercise went, “Now
is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” That was in 1950; the need
recurs. This upcoming political charade is too much to bear. We must become obvious.


SR’s opening line brought this quote from Chomsky to mind:

“In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued - they may be essential to survival”.

Noam Chomsky