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Whose Beach? Our Beach

Whose Beach? Our Beach

For you naysayers who think the Trump shutdown accomplished nada except wreaking havoc on those who could least afford it, one indisputable benefit: Lacking adult supervision, about 60 rogue elephant seals took over a Northern California stretch of beach usually reserved for bipeds. After knocking down a fence, the seals, with 35 newly radicalized pups, now blithely lounge at Point Reyes National Seashore - proving, to one fan, "Mother Nature bats last."


ANY one thinking of getting close to them better remember that the bulls weigh over 2 TONS EACH & can move much faster than you can imagine!!


A fitting tale.

Now consider the trillions of microbes making opportunities from climate change. Consider the disruptions going on in habitat that kill some species, but then allow others to thrive.

These changes will cause massive disruptions in human food and water supplies, spreading diseases, and causing collapse of economic systems. This will lead to millions more refugees.

While this is happening. you have religious leaders like the pope saying this. “Pope Francis thanked the members of large families for their cultivation of virtues that benefit society at large, as well as themselves.”

Nature, ecology does indeed speak last.


At Acadia National Park there is a period every year when the falcons who nest on a very popular climbing route take precedence and the mountain is closed for the duration. Nature certainly should be first in line, always!


Yay, seals! Go radicalized pups!


Poetic justice here. Drake Beach is named after Sir Francis Drake who was the first English explorer to “discover” Pt. Reyes.


Love this article! Tongue in cheek humor about “insurgency.” Something good comes from trumps stupid shutdown. Humans, just please stay away. Give nature a chance.


FASTER than you can imagine!!!

In a single spring of their coiled body they cover 25 ft easy.


To protect them, staff have closed the road to the beach and visitors’ center parking area

It’s about time.

Years ago most of CA beach areas were left in a rather wild state.
Then the parking lot with HUGE lighting and multiple restrooms took over.
Of course we have to charge for the LA upgrades so
the Red White and Blue Beach needs a tariff for natures free land.

Jeez can we leave them in their natural state and populated by their
INDIGEIOUS residents.

And get your lazy ass out of the car and hike in about a 1/4 mile.
Screw the selfies from the parking lot and for those that need special access
lets spend some cash on them instead of a cruise missile.

Lot’s of different incredible ways to get to the beach instead of parking on the Pup Breeding grounds.


Woody Guthrie would have approved.


Wish that were chung in teak instead

This is cool.

I think the seals should keep the park. The republicans should remember that the elephant is their symbol-----and like the human- elephant republicans —they are taking over the public parks. I’m sure the elephant seals heard that the human- elephant people were taking over the human’s national parks----and so why not.
They could always use the argument that the early arrivers to America -humans------- used the same arguments ---- that the invading white people had a right to take land against the indigenous people— they used the same old argument, of course—"-we didn’t see anyone and we could make better use of the land! "
That argument has worked very well in the creating of America. Of course, there is that worry that if the seals are successful, then the oil people might be lurking nearby-----and that never ends well, On the other hand–what Israel does to Palestine, Seals can certainly do to Point Reyes----after all we’re all mammals and maybe the UN should decide. : )

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Maybe we should ask Congress to allocate more money for the true Navy Seals.