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Whose Coups?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/12/whose-coups

Slightly redundant for me to reprint Feffer’s conclusion, but it’s so apt:

If Trump wins in the Senate and then at the polls in 2020, he won’t just beat the impeachment rap. Like Putin in Russia, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, and (so far) Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, he’ll have successfully destroyed the mechanisms that stand in the way of his absolutism.

Good perspective there, I think. The established order Orangeman undermines is no great shakes, not for folks like me. But consolidating a mad dictator’s hold isn’t likely to improve matters.

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I guess as long as CD publishes this clown, I post some facts.

The Obama administration overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Feffer is full of crap and untruths.

Readers, seriously, do a little research. I am not a Trump supporter but these lies have got to stop. Biden is as corrupt as they come as are the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi and all the damn Repugs!

A week prior to the coup, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discuss who should be the new leader. Yats(enyuk), the guy they select magically becomes President

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QxZ8t3V_bk – Audio


Chronology of the Ukrainian Coup

Footprints of the US State Department More

The US armed fascist and Nazi battalions, look it up. This is all factual news.

Mr. Feffer, I followed your story of the coup Victoria Nuland (now a big hero of the neo-cons, as a result of hatching this coup) in Foreign Policy in Focus.

What kind of democratic rebellion puts a Nazi militia in office to keep the peace?

I don’t know why you changed your story on the Ukraine coup on Hillary and Obama’s watch. They also started the slow-rolling coup in Venezuela. It’s tough, though, because the government was elected by roughly 70% of the vote and Venezuela’s electoral system puts the US POS to shame. It’s among the cleanest electoral systems in the world.

Truthfully, the history of oppression of the people by the privileged goes back to the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution, when self selected “priests” built walled cities to protect the people from attack by marauders like Genghis Khan and “protected” the crop, which they rationed back to the farmers and used the surplus to maintain the Palace Guard and the priesthood. That priesthood of the privileged remains in power over the people. Every now and then, the people have nothing left to lose and they seize some power from the priesthood, but don’t unseat them, and the descendants of priests write history. The privileged have shaped the world order exactly like they want it. The money nearly all flows to them and the laissez-faire policies the privileged have their slaves, elected government in the US, pass for them. Derrida’s binary opposition here is Master/slave. History shows that slave owners wrote and ratified the Constitution that James Madison, a slave owner, wrote on his own. George Washington was a genocide zealot on the western border killing American Indians. Delegates to the Constitutional Convention who were not for either genocide or slavery (both master/slave) left to go outside and vomit for what those people did inside, then, since the rich and wellborn (masters) were who served in state legislatures, they rammed the Constitution through to ratification in each of the states and, in 1789, the masters had all they wanted, a republican form of national government that put them in power over the people (master/slave, again) continuing the single thread of oppression from the priests (masters) to the masters who wrote the rules they wanted and used the political constraints they imposed to begin with to make it legally the law of the land. The oligarchs and plutocrats grew nostalgic for Dickens-era economic conditions in the Nixon administration and began a campaign of imposing plunder capitalism on Earth’s life system, and here we are, with no way to save the planetary life system from the masters of the universe. COP25 is run by polluters in exchange for tax breaks. Where does that go? Sixth Mass Extinction?

You know better than this piece, Mr. Feffer, and I wish you would put your vast knowledge of the truth of current reality into a piece like this and let us read that. I’ll look forward to it, as I do to Foreign Policy in Focus, where I learn something new every read. Thank you. Please help the voiceless and the choiceless to liberate life from the masters, nonviolently and respectfully - fifty years ago, preferably, but if creatures the life system (slaves) have the resources of government, the life system might be saved, so the masters won’t have to use the spaceships techmasters produce now (with NASA contracts to help the development) search the cosmos for another planet that supports life. “Earth First! We’ll Fuck Up The Other Planets When We Get There” was a bumper-sticker in Northern California in 2001.

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I’m not sure what a “proxy state” is, but my knower says it’s the result of the coup Victoria Nuland, Hillary, and Obama hatched in Ukraine to advance the strategic plan of using western power to fence in Russia, probably as bone-headed an idea as invading Afghanistan when the guy they were looking for was in another country next door. Here’s a link that mentions “proxy state” in a way that seems to conflict with what Mr. Feffer said in this article.

I’m not sure what’s happened here, but this link doesn’t go with this Cairo/Riyadh piece. Use the link.

I often like reading John Feffer but here he seems to be suffering from “Trump derangement syndrome” (I am adapting a phrase by Matt Taibbi).
Not a coup in Bolivia ? Read Mark Weisbrot. Dilma Rousseff like Lula were ousted by dishonest maneuvers, a coup without troops. The “deep state” a Trumpian fantasy, well now Glenn Greenwald uses the term and ponder the formula given by Schumer: “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”. Some of the witnesses for the impeachment procedure were neocons of the Bolton-Strangelove variety. Pamela Karman even resorted to typical imperialist Bush-era rhetoric.
Trump should be soundly defeated at the ballot box, not replaced by the totally corrupt intel services which have always been against progressives of any type.