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'Whose Fence? Our Fence!': Trump's New White House Barrier Transformed Into Black Lives Matter Memorial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/whose-fence-our-fence-trumps-new-white-house-barrier-transformed-black-lives-matter


And why not? What a splendid gesture.
(Bugger dump’s fence.)


Thanks Bunker Boi, for the First Amendment Space.


Love the creativity: They build walls and fences to separate us we transform them.

I would hope that at some point this wall also has pictures, names of all US American victims including the First Nation Peoples and those killed abroad for wars of Empire.


Hey, Trump finally made good on his promise to build a wall AND it’s
keeping those darkies out of White Land .


Congress should immediately declare the wall a new National Memorial Monument in Washington to the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump would veto it so it would be only be a symbolic gesture, but it would be an interesting event. And it could lead to a real monument in the future.


the irony was not lost on those who witnessed the nearly 1.7 miles of new fence put up to surround the White House last week.

Clearly, Trump is the President of Police Brutality–cops who view communities of people as the enemy.


That’s either sick or (sic) … either way its serious / sirios

that was serious sarcasm by sirios.

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Now that he is fenced in and trapped, send in the police to arrest him and all his administration for TREASON. Do it now. I want to see the petulent little tyrant screaming sweet nothings of insanity strapped to a gurney on his way out. And while we are at it, turn the damned White House into a memorial/museum for all the black folks to show how they suffered and what wonderful contributions they have made to the USA throughout all the years they have been oppressed. After all blacks were forced to build the damn white house back in the day. It has been a center for oppression ever since. It needs to go. Let any future presidents live in some small and modest dwelling like the majority of citizens do now. That is just for starters.


How about cutting the locks off the fence and replacing them with good security locks owned by We the People Then it will be truly Our Fence, containing a pitiful, but dangerous creature. People can throw greasy hamburgers over the fence to feed it.


USE THE FENCE TO WALL HIM IN. OK, so he is probably able to come and go through some secret tunnels, also it might lead to violence, which we don’t want.

This takeover of the new security fence is brilliant! It’s now an emotional wall that shows the nation’s anguish. Although der trump is incapable of feeling that emotion, he has essentially fenced himself in, like the paranoid coward he is. I imagine he will (if not already) no longer look out the window.

This reminds me of the Lennon Wall movement, and I hope it spreads faster than the coronovirus. Imagine Peace!


Even better idea. Then the people could sell tickets to view the “beastie” inside and donate the money to the cause.


And not only built it but worked as servants. Have you seen the film “the butler”?


Yes, I have.

More on the toppled statue of the slave trader in England:


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Watch Trump get de-‘fence’-ive. Stupidity and cowardice built the fence of cruelty…Genius and bravery transformed it into the fence of compassion.


Trump is signaling his weakness in the face of protest.
There’s an element within his base that’ll view his cowardice for what it is.

Keep referring to him as Bunker Boy – it gets under his thin skin.


I still want to see a nice picture of Lafayette Park and tRump’s wall around it photo-shopped with a large “Whites Only” sign.

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Like another CD commentator posted and I am paraphrasing: Trump told the truth about why he went to the bunker to inspect it…Trump wanted to make sure it had a back door and a tunnel!!