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'Whose Fence? Our Fence!': Trump's New White House Barrier Transformed Into Black Lives Matter Memorial

“A president who needs to take shelter behind fences and barriers because he feels threatened by his own citizens is not their leader. He is their prisoner.”



People on the ground there in DC claim to have heard someone screaming “FAKE FENCE!!”.


Ooooh. He’ll take of-fence at that. :))


It seems like it should be different than that since the other party has control of a third of government.

Will you’re holding off policy still be your position if trump gets another four years?

Surely he is “thick” skinned.

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Forest Whitaker has played just about every character I can think of from butler to king.

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Creativity erupts at the break. “Law-and-order” is the knee on the necks of creatives. Generations of authoritarian families and governments have admonished children not to be messy, not to color outside the lines, to dance in ordered steps, to write poetry that rhymes. Then we get a Picasso, a Debussy, a Barishnikov, a Samuel Beckett, a James Joyce…all who rise up and delight life.
Beauty survives. Fly your freak flag high. Dance as if the whole world is watching…
And may I suggest an anti-Mt. Rushmore area of the Fence, with Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Tecumseh, Cornplanter, Black Hawk, Little Crow portrayed “where the Great White Father lives.” A quote made when Mt Rushmore was proposed.


You’re gonna love this one PB:


Trump’s skin is “thicker” but only because of botox and pancake makeup.

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