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Whose Party? Whose Platform? Progressives Seek to Influence DNC



Trump is asking Bernie voters to vote for him. What will he give us in return, a 50/50 liberal/conservative SCOTUS? A Basic National Income? Getting the money and revolving doors out of politics? An end to wars? Closing overseas military bases or charging the countries for our protection? Defunding NATO? Making peace with Russia and China? No more coal, oil and nuke subsidies? And much more? Lets make a deal!


I'm hoping the FBI will influence the DNC:

Hillary Clinton’s Private Server Contained Special Access Program Intelligence. Bernie Sanders Must Continue to Campaign


"Madame Secretary, it appears that we've made a slight mistake on the guest list. We've invited some actual Democrats to the party."

"How many?"


"They may kiss my ring."

"There's one downstairs wearing an Angry Birds costume."

I'm not quite sure where this story is going, but I think it's going to Philadelphia.


The platform of a disreputable party such as the Democrats is not worth the paper it is written on.

Would their elected officials be fined or imprisoned if they did not honor their party's platform?
No, they would not.

Until there are sanctions awaiting any official who dishonors his/her party's platform, liars will be able to intentionally promise Utopia then deliver Distopia.


Lots of good issues were in the Tweets. But we must also demand a plank for Bernie's policy of breaking up the big banks. Also, reinstate Glass-Steagall whether Hillary likes it or not. Also, how about a special division of Justice with a big budget to prosecute white collar criminals like Obama's friend Jamie Dimon? No more "too rich to jail!"


Restoring Glass Steagall and other New Deal financial industry regulations including breaking up banks needs to be the highest priority seeing how none of the other issues stands a chance as long as "Wall Street continues to own the place" (Washington DC) as Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) has often reminded us.

Very sick when Sanders' platform is characterized as "revolutionary ideals" when his platform differs little from Democrats FDR, JFK and LBJ's platforms, none of whom were ever characterized as revolutionaries.


Probably two big things less likely to start another stupid war,,,,,,less likely to sign off on a bad trade deal that cost jobs and takes legal power over seas. Important points. Where do you see Hillary as better?


Is there anybody who doesn't think Hillary already has a Presidential pardon get-out-of-jail-free card in her hip pocket if the FBI should indict before her coronation?


It's currently a DLC platform made of baloney, not wood. Stand on it if you wish. I'd rather mix it with a healthy portion of 1%ers and feed it to the DNC. Call it Kumbayaloney. Let them get a belly full of their own creation while watching the latest episode of MSNBC's Kabuki Theatre. No Justice! No Peace!


Hillary's definition of "a tight rein on Wall Street" is scheduling more meetings with her Wall Street bag men to keep the cash flowing.


Another POS commentary in a long line of Bernie-bashing garbage from the S-B's that C-P allows a forum to publish their crap - I am infuriated by their shilling for the 1% and trashing a person that deserves respect. This so-called writer JS, is another blowhard jackass that likes to hear himself talk.........


Trump can NOT be trusted to deliver on anything. Everything he says is "just a suggestion".

Don't take my last statement as ANY kind of endorsement for HRC. NEVERHILLARY!

Bernie or Bust!


No matter what we ask for ..... or what gets put in the Platform..... the DEMs will not deliver.

Perhaps I'm wrong.... they may decide to honor some SMALL item.... but don't count on it.


Just like Obama's endorsement video.... the pardon has already been signed ... it's just waiting to be presented when needed.


Trump will give us hemorrhoids in return.


Remember what Nixon said the day he was given a pardon from Ford? It was the worst day of his life, by accepting the pardon he also had to admit to his guilt.
This whole email issue sounds so much like Scott Walker and with so many "liberal" thinking him guilty, how could they not think her guilty?
It's so disheartening to think someone who conducts themselves in a way that seems above the law. gets rewarded for their boorish behavior. My hope is that something gets leaked or maybe someone does their job and she gets what she deserves!


Can someone explain exactly what a "progressive" is? Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Noam Chomsky have all been called progressive, yet they are far apart ideologically. Does it mean, like "liberal", basically anyone that isn't right wing?

If it is supposed to mean the left, how is it not obvious that the left doesn't have a home in either party? Sanders was proposing popular policy positions, positions that may be on the left within the establishment, but beyond centrist among the general public, and look how the DNC and Democrats in the dominant media treated him and his supporters. That party just nominated a corrupt, center-right war hawk, and it spent a good portion of the last few months not attacking Sanders, as much as his supporters. Why would anyone on the left stay in the party? Is it not obvious that this will be the same exact situation in four or eight years? Are the institutional barriers to real change not obvious?

The left's positions on the issues are popular, and would work, and yet the left is essentially invisible nationally and doesn't exist at all in many parts of the country politically. At some point, maybe it wants to change that situation, or maybe not.


No thanks. I hate Clinton and won't vote for her, doesn't mean I could sleep knowing I voted for a fascist. Maybe you could.


Sanders isn't going to do it. I agree though on Stein, she's great in isolation and deserves the left's support. If she gets enough support, maybe the Greens can take part in the next presidential debate and the Democrats may come to the conclusion that things have changed. If most of the left falls in line like those in power expect people on the left to, if Sanders reluctantly supports her and lobbies all his supporters to do so (and nothing more), and if there are no major push by him and others on the left to move in another direction, away from the Democrats, this will all have been for nothing. I think he's been great, and has outed the Democratic Party, the union leadership, the leadership of the establishment liberal non-profits and many in the media. On that alone, he's made a huge difference. The establishment also knows that people want fundamental change. However, if the left doesn't push and go further, but it will all have been for nothing. We have a real opportunity here, I hope we take advantage.