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'Whose Side Are You On?' Awaiting Ruling, Dakota Access Emerges as National Moment of Truth


'Whose Side Are You On?' Awaiting Ruling, Dakota Access Emerges as National Moment of Truth

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

It took months of fierce resistance, thousands camped out in protest, dozens of arrests, and a brutal encounter with attack dogs, but the tribal fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has emerged as a national moment of truth for the political establishment, as well as the hundreds of thousands who have voiced support for the Standing Rock Sioux in this pivotal moment.


Dr. Jill Stein has not been silent and now there is a warrant for her arrest! She deserves our support.

Meanwhile Tim Kaine has said he:" needs more information ". Yeah, what a crock! Tim, no wonder you were selected for Hillary's Vice partner!


At Harvard, Obama got an A in public speaking and an F in ethics. How many Native American judges did he appoint?


Good point, but not surprising!


Imagine the pressure on this judge?

Another posted posted a 6-minute link to a talk offered by Robert J. Kennedy, Jr. And in it, Mr. Kennedy wisely explained the rush to build pipelines.

That banks guarantee loans and then it takes 20 years to pay them back. Therefore, by building the pipelines, these nasty industries will argue that they have loans to pay back, etc.

Mr. Kennedy speaks out about how undemocratic the whole process is; and the nefarious ways that the Old Energy Interests buy public policy through corrupting law and purchasing politicians.

Given Fracking's relationship to earthquakes, its tendency to release Methane (a much more dangerous gas than CO2 in terms of quickening the warming of the earth's atmosphere), and its proven reputation for poisoning well water... this matter should be decided by a national referendum. NOT what's profitable for Energy Corps that have ZERO respect for life or others' native lands.

I hope that lots of Caucasian people join this movement. After all, it's not just the Indigenous Tribes' water that's on the line.

Calling in the National Guard and relying on one judge under lots of pressure is NOT the way to decide upon the fate of this nation, ecology-wise.


Your post is spot on. Are you part Lakota Sioux?


If the pipeline injunction isn't comprehensive in its findings, we'll once again see how illegal takings by captured gov't agecies, aid and abet corporate power. ( Yes you BIA, EPA, Energy Dept. et al ) To the detriment of the First Nations and most of the inhabitants of this hemisphere. Will Obama & Clinton finally acknowledge that gov't. " of the people. .." must be a choice and not merely a campaign check? I stand with Dr.Stein and all who support this non-violent ( congrats on protectors here ) protest. Where are the leaders of BLM and the other 99s? Who must see the intersectionality of this ongoing environmental disaster in the poor urban centers, as well.


Democracy Now is doing a great job on this. They also featured a state nearby where the land was taken by private commercial oil sources using "eminent domain" which should be illegal. These pipelines are to get the oil to refineries in the Gulf (that is already destroyed) for sale off-shore doing nothing for Americans. The power of the oil companies to use dangerous dogs, pepper spray and eminent domain to take land from farmers plus their damage to the land they ignore because it will not affect them. These oil companies are criminal and need to be stopped. Add the power of oil companies to sue the US using the corrupt trade agreements. Tax payers pay the corporation through corporate courts. A violation of our rights under the Constitution.


"Whose side are you on?" is the question of the moment, the hour, the day, the week, etc. And not "just" on the DAPL.


Tears, just tears of hope for peaceful protests around the world. Tears for righting the so many wrongs. I am Scottish yet I am your sister and my family and I pray for you and support you. Indeed, what a beautiful thing. If we could be there we WOULD!

"Clyde Bellecourt, one of the founders of the radical activist American Indian Movement, recently told BBC, "I am 80 years old...I've been jailed, I've been shot. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. This is what I fought for."

"This is the biggest gathering of its kind in history," added Keith Lussier. "We will stand our ground if we have to." "


"needs more information" is double speak for either we don't give a rat's ass or we have not formulated a politically correct "politician style line of bull shit" response yet.


Crap. I just heard the judge denied the tribe's request for a temporary restraining order - so the pipeline work will continue while the case continues through the courts.


It's clear whose side Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats are on. And it's not the People's side. And it's not the side of Truth.


This has become the largest gathering of Native American tribes in over 100 years.


Elites have to control energy and labor --
Will check the comments by Kennedy.


Common Dreams needs to do something about the abuse of the comment flagging system before everyone starts flagging everything they don't want to hear and every comment gets hidden.


It's possible if we can get all of these liberal groups to work together --
rather than involving themselves with raising their own dollar for their group.
In reality, I think we should all be on the bus, or train to South Dakota.
Why not?

Meanwhile, they're trying to put this pipeline under the Missouri River which
is a source of drinking water. What next, Lake Erie?
Then we could have the joy of expectation over two nuclear reactors on Lake Eire
and an oil pipeline below - and Global Warming.


Or double speak, that Tim the selected V.P. ( Vice Partner ) for HRC is in the pocket of big oil and the banksters that are funding the destruction of Mother Earth!


Thanks for the info on Kennedy -- will look at the other article.

As I replied below (thought I was replying to you - oops!) . . . by conscience, imo,
we should all be on the bus and train to South Dakota helping them defend their rights.
All liberal organizations must begin to come together soon and stop fighting for
that $1 dollar for their organization.

And our water is threatened everywhere now -- no let up in the attempts for total
control and ownership of everything -- including the minds of citizens.


You can help this magnificent effort by donating to the Sacred Stone Camp at www.gofundme.com/sacredstonecamp I just did. Please join me. Thank you!