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Whose Street This Is

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/05/whose-street


Absolutely brilliant.


Mayor Bowser just got pushed to her left, helped along by a Democratic Socialist recently winning a seat on the District Council over Bowser’s preferred corporate-friendly stooge.

I’m not going to exaggerate the clout or presence of leftie insurgents – but every small win helps.


GEORGE FLOYD WAS CENSORED. Shortly after he was murdered, a video he had made of himself circulated widely on the Internet. Probably the most common picture of him is a still shot from this video.

I saw this video on The Hill, not knowing that it was George Floyd himself speaking. I went back to look for it, and it is gone.

Nothing I do to search for this video brings it up, but it obviously does, or did, exist.

When I do an Internet search on “George Floyd was censored,” it says there are no search results, try it without quotes. When I try it without quotes I only see results about Trump’s video being taken off Twitter.


Thanks for also including the concerns about the mayor’s prior actions on police brutality.

I do like the large letters. Hopefully any filming of protests now moves that message into the corporate media – and that they don’t PhotoShop it out!

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Definitely, along with the name change of the plaza, a nice symbolic gesture that promises substance to follow. Let’s hope she comes thru.

I think that Malcom X would appreciate what the mayor did too.If the mayor gets a rage attack from Trump—she should tweet back what Malcom X said:
“That’s not a chip on my shoulder—that’s your foot on my neck.”,")


Tell me more about Bowser’s political rise and I may be less inclined to suggest you take a dive into your namesake.

With an offer like that…no.

What a cop out!

It was sent down the memory hole in the Ministry of Truth.

Look things up on your own and make your requests more politely.