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Whose Streets? The Police State's Streets


Whose Streets? The Police State's Streets

Once again, a judge has declared it's legal for cops to murder black people, even if cops announce they plan to, shoot to kill five times with an illicit AK-47, and plant a gun to ensure they get away with it. The acquittal in St. Louis of Jason Stockley in the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith sparked days of protest; police have arrested and tear-gassed dozens, appropriated the "Whose Streets?" chant, and boasted, "We're in control."


Why is this not getting the attention it deserves—and I mean from all media???Why does it seem since Obama left office the reporting of police violence against African Americans has gone to the back pages. This story got page A16 in the Sunday NYT----yet “Boxed cake mix sweetens life in far-flung regions of Alaska” story got front page.-----Is this some kind of code to other media what to cover???

Thank You for writing what this cop said “I am going to kill the mother fucker” how many news outlets refuse to say the whole quote-----IF YOU CAN’T REPORT THE NEWS GET THE HELL OUT OF THE BUSINESS.

With all the racism that exists in this country, with all the issues going on in the St.Louis area <this is the coverage it gets. The media don’t want to touch this because it stinks . It wasn’t a jury that let the cop off it was a judge.


Would this have received any coverage if it had been non-violent protest???Because of property damage it gets covered. And the media ask why people resort to violence-----because its the only way to be heard in this screwed up corporate police state.


Nazi USA. No Platform For Fascists! Time for total, non cooperation. Now.


heartbreaking and disgusting


Thanks, St. Louis cops, for showing P ride I ntegrity and G uts.


Another travesty! The judge that exonerated this cold blooded murderer, shows again that when it comes to police in too many cases:


I am offended by the actions of the police. Why do good ones get shot in ambushes? Because you cant tell the good ones feom the bad from a uniform. The same goes for people of color, you cant judge a book by its cover. Or can you? If all cops started being targeted for the actions of a few, you’d think they would get it quickly, since it’s been their MO the whole time.

The police have earned our derision. Our judicial system is financial tool, not a tool for justice. They deserve no respect until they change their ways and start behaving respectfully!


Disgusting. Absolutely, utterly disgusting. I don’t recognize this country anymore. If I had the means, I would leave post-haste - although the number of places that are any better are dwindling rapidly.

The end-game of all of this is obvious, for those with eyes to see. It will be awhile, but eventually - after the oligarchy has completely eviscerated most freedoms, destroyed the middle class entirely with their neo-liberal policies and austerity, destroyed the social safety net, and widened the wealth gap so that there are only a tiny percentage of uber-rich and a vast, teeming mass of uber-poor, held in check by a massive police state - those millions upon millions will reach their breaking point. Forget peaceful protest; violence against the oligarchy and its brownshirt police enforcers will become normal. The military will be brought in to police the masses, as Posse Comitatus is now null and void anyway. I can imagine the day when crowds of angry plebes swarm over a Mercedez or a cop car parked at a stop sign, smashing the windows and dragging the occupants out to the pavement. I’m not advocating any of this, mind you - but that is the logical end point of all of this. You can only get away with this BS for so long before the breaking point is reached. The Elites and their thuggish foot soldiers are getting so brazen now in their contempt for the average people that these kinds of verdicts are now the norm, not the exception. Police shouting “whose streets? Our streets!” Really? REALLY?

They will eventually learn the lesson - in the harshest way possible - that they are wrong, and those streets do not belong to them after all.


God Almighty! What kind of childhood did these cops have? These guys are absolute Nazis.


Welcome to the Fourth Reich!
*And I fear they are just getting started.
*More laws, more imprisonment, more torture, more death in the streets and in the jails and concentration camps.
*One of the primary goals of any dictatorship is to make sure that the People are obedient. Much is spent on development of psychological means to instill obedience.
*Much is spent on prisons, on building a powerful SA (Brownshirts Dressed in Blue) and SS. The SA quickly learns that they are protected by the courts when they kill on the streets and in homes, so they act with still more impunity and arrogance.
*I hope that We the People will not submit to this, but it will be unpleasant to say the least, with the PTB’s power increasing and their minions becoming more arrogant and more ruthless as they find that they have the “blessing” of the law and the State.


80% of these cops are ex-military. 20% of which have untreated PTSD related disorders, take viagra and receive male hormone replacement drugs, mostly to bulk up and add muscle. Steroids are also commonly used by cops to bulk up as we often lose muscle mass due to aging. trained in the academy by vets who teach as they were taught, which is to apply force to suppress resistance and eliminate the enemy and then fabricate a rational reason for their actions. remember too that cops see themselves as the protectors of the american way of life fighting against non-vets who they view as being less patriotic and living and having rights because of the sacrifices made by those in uniform, who kill and commit atrocities to fight for the freedom to shop, over eat and oppress folks not like you.
why do we accept the revolving door between Us military and law enforcement ?
when do we end the rigged testing system in civil exams that give vets a 10 pts or 10% additional points over what they actually scored ?
Why are vets who need serious mental health treatment, instead are given a rigged testing in government for civil jobs that makes it all but impossible for non-vets from the community, to get hired by police, fire, ICE, FBI, US post office and nearly every federal job position, as well as jobs in the private sector ?


The police are the foot soldiers for the rich. What this officer did is exactly what Trump and the rich want. Send a message to the masses-----stay in your place. The courts gave its blessing to this murder.And the media are saying the same thing------STAY IN YOUR PLACE------by not doing real reporting on what happened in St. Louis.------Thank You UTUBE for providing some great insight into what has been happening.

Hey Chris Hayes- what’s it like being a slave to the corporate overlords?


Thank you for posting, I’ve suspected the police were now made up from war vets, but didn’t know how to find stats. Will appreciate any links you have. This is the first time I’ve seen the subject written -but I can’t read everything! BBC mentioned this video last night and several panelists expressed shock to see this happening in the U.S.