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Why 2016 Will be the Best Year Yet for Climate Justice



One can only hope that as the old saw goes 'its curtains' for the "advertising age" based on slick probability metrics, billion dollar hypnosis campaigns and the orgasmic notion of perpetual growth based on the same. The hierarchy always has been based on colonization methodologies that include psychological manipulation, not the least exposed being those who get their academic stamps of approval to serve the model. It truly has been a dastardly theater of the absurd.

One of tragic consequences has been the "normalization" among the wanna-be sectors of 'don't-tell-me-I-don't-wanna-know/plausible deniability. This is arguably one of the most egregious forms of dehumanization resulting from the fetishization of power and addictive adherence with it. Power, like pride, takes from one to give power to another. It scorns the interactive dynamic nature of diversity, oddly enough as a weakness. Strength, like dignity, does not isolate, but rather includes to extend dignity and resilience for balance, agility, adaptability and sustainability in diversity.


Also, it wouldn't hurt if the next president of the United States is Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, or John Kasich.


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