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Why 2017 Was the Year of Resistance


Why 2017 Was the Year of Resistance

Lauren Reid

Take a look back at the battles waged, victories won, and the collective resistance that defined 2017.


As one of the other 7 and half billion citizens of this planet, I’ll rewrite the first line for you Lauren.

“Perhaps no year in recent American memory has been as tumultuous for Americans as 2017.”

There, sorted!


The headline itself is a dangerous statement to make. If 2017 was the year of resistance, then resistance is about to end. We have to stop patting ourselves on the back for accomplishing nothing. Every year should be a year of resistance, and some day in the future when there is nothing left to resist, we should continue to resist just as hard against the power structures and hierarchies and the people who exploit them for their own personal gain. Mainstream media portrays movements in the past tense. In a few weeks the news will all be about the memory of the civil rights movement. It will be about the “memory” of the civil rights movement so that the people will get the clear message that it took place in the past and it is over now and therefore there is nothing left to fight for. Every time a new movement begins, it ends because the powers that be tell us it is over and that we won, and as a society we believe them.


Bullshit. Enough with the try to feel good crap about or great struggle. We are getting our asses totally and absolutely fucked by the fascist elites. They control everything and we are fucking slaves. If you actually try to resist you will end up in jail or a body bag. The Republic is dead and the country is filled with socially programmed worker drones who haven’t had an origional idea in their programmed little lives. As far as I can tell we are well on the way to an outright corporate totalitarian police state. The future is pain dark, and nothing short of a bloody revolution can now change our collective fate. Merry Christmas:)




I’ll consider resistance successful when the interchangeable sides of the duopoly that takes turns doing the bidding of the world’s oligarchs are crushed, along with the oligarchy itself.

I don’t want to take over the system by installing Tweedledum over Tweedledee, I want to totally replace it.

In the meantime, let’s embrace reality rather than the false hopes this article promotes: The oligarchs clearly have the upper hand and they’re consolidating power. It’s long past torch and pitchfork time.


I think there is no question that this was the biggest year of resistance for the left since the Vietnam war. It is hard to know how much effects the resistance has had but so far Trump’s wall remains largely a stupid dream of his and his Muslim ban is waiting further decisions in the courts although too much of it is in effect at the moment. The size of organizations such as the ACLU increased tremendously as funding skyrocketed. Indivisible went from a guide book to a flourishing progressive organization with about 6,000 groups across the county. The resistance has energized the left with numerous people out on the streets with signs fighting against fascism and white supremacy. But the real test is whether all this energy can be translated into votes next November. The only thing that the can stop the Republicans from this rightward leap to fascism is the fear of losing elections. Lost elections means loss of power. Efforts such a getting out the vote, dealing with voter suppression laws, keeping fake news out of social newsfeeds, etc will be crucial. If the energy on the left can be translated into election victories there should be a good chance that the fascists will be stopped.


I am with the people here calling bullshit. If anything 2017 has shown that the left “resistance” is more divided than ever, with the constant Russia baiting corporate media is doing, to the many many losses we are now experiencing, to just recently the resistance group Justice Democrats kicking out their founders, if 2017 is a sign of things to come I might very well just fall into despair.


There is a weakness in deluding ourselves with wishful thinking.

2017 was a year of continued defeats for the people across the globe.

Of course, there were some positive victories but we still face the fact that we are being defeated by a powerful class enemy and our resistance has no way near fully mobilized to the degree that is necessary to reverse the prevailing trend.

Skeptic Tank’s and MCH’s comments below is more accurate observation.


Keep in mind that not only people are resisting but so are many states and cities. For example, a number of states and cites are resisting when it comes to fighting climate change. They are setting goals for reducing emissions and are trying to meet those goals. They had leaders who showed up at the climate meeting in Bonn and said that they were still in. Also there are sanctuary cities resisting the deportation of undocumented immigrants. They are refusing to go beyond their legal obligations in cooperating with the ICE police. The media is simply covering the story of Russian interference in the election. Any honest appraisal of the situation has to conclude that Russia did interfere, particularly on social media. There is a lack of honesty by some people on the left on this issue. They are causing division on the left by not being honest. Progressives need to look at the facts and seek the truth. That would make a good New Year’s resolution.


Resistance? What freaking resistance. All I have seen is the corporate fascists raping us and the world in complete abandon while everybody freaks out but does nothing. If you call a few marches, petitions and phone calls resistance you are going to be sorely disappointed. The corporate fascists don’t even notice you. You are a flea not even worthy of crushing. They own the system totally. Their goal: to take everything from everyone till there is nothing left at all. If you truly resist you will end up in prison or a body bag and that is the freaking truth. Enough with this resistance bullshit and call it what it is…a total and complete capitulation to the corporate fascists.


Well written. My take was a bit more…verbose:) But essentially my comment was the same.


Lrx are you aware that you are owned by the system? The fact that you keep referring to the possibility that we can vote our way out of this, is nothing but an illusion. The corporate fascists are in total control now and your vote means nothing. It is all smoke and mirrors. How can I make it anymore plain then that. I am sick of hearing good hearted fools blabbing on about voting their way out. The system is rigged…they own the government, write the laws, have all the money, own the media, military, surveillance state and have absolutely no morality at all to constrain their behavior…yet you prattle on about voting. Enough with the fantasy land crap. You live in a Corporate fascist totalitarian state with a weak illusion of choice that the sheep buy into year after year and decade after decade. Enough please.