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Why 2020 Is Starting to Feel Like 2004

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/03/why-2020-starting-feel-2004

Yep, very similar. Way back then Howard Dean was a glimmer of hope until he was sidelined and pushed out – he was a threat to the status quo.

So how’d they do it, remember the “Dean scream?” The media (and the democratic (sic) apparatus) used the scream to pound Dean night and day until he faded way, way, way back into the background. There he was roughed up, changed his tune to that of a neolib and was then offered the Chair of the DNC where he accomplished absolutely nothing–obviously by design.


2004 with a big difference …
Trump has never enjoyed the level of support GW Bush had, and LGBT rights (Ohio’s anti-gay marriage initiative in 2004 increased conservative turnout) are now common place, which was not the case 15 years ago.
If we can have the 2004 election with those two distinctions, I’d say the Democrats under Biden are looking at a landslide win.

Trump never enjoyed much support, period. But when the Ds run retread status quo corporatists (like, Hillary and Uncle Joe), this miss giving voters what they want: An outsider with bold ideas.

And let’s be real: The Repubs have been dictating the terms of debate since Reagan, and the Ds are only too happy to play along.

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I contest one assertion in the article (about considering context re the pro-war vote in 2002’s Congress). If anything, it softshoes around 2002’s Authorization vote – no amount of trauma that the U.S. sustained on 9/11 can or could justify the obscenity of that vote.

That vote was reactionary, woefully devoid of the most basic critical thinking and dismissive of dialogue (let alone dissent). And it was a dipshit, dimwitted vote that superimposed a veneer of moral justice onto what was, essentially, a military-industrial power grab from the first. It played into the idea that the good-guy U.S. got messed with (like an unpopular whelp tying the BMOC’s shoelaces together in the cafeteria) and needed revenge. The very few in government who protested were intimidated and effectively silenced by a kowtowing and complicit media.

America needed leaders, and we needed clarity of intention that was reflected by action. We were betrayed. The country’s zeitgeist went squarely to jingoism, bloodlust, and entitlement – not just internationally, but towards each other. Now, as we’re beginning to notice the irrefutable consequences of that volitional ignorance (Trump’s presidency is a big one), we’re seeking a new “them” to blame.

So, no sympathy from me. Grown-ups are supposed to know that multiple wrongs don’t make a right.



In other words, the terrorists clearly won. And the fact the MIC won isn’t a coincidence.

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I agree. No coincidence. It’s worse than we think, even (i.e., my credulity is maxed out).

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No one who took 5th grade Civics thinks Trump shouldn’t be impeached. It’s the right thing.
So Trump is impeached in the House.
Will the Mitch McConnell Senate vote to try Trump?
If so, will they convict him in a “trial” with Chief Justice Roberts as Judge?
What happens if they do, and remove him from office?
Mike Pence becomes President, unless he’s impeached along with Trump.
Then what?
The Kochs own Pence, a Christian Nationalist who wants Armageddon in the MidEast so Jesus will return to RULE HIS KINGDOM. Theocracy, anyone? The distraction while the Kochs take ownership of the planet?
Then what?
Is it anything you want for your future, and your children’s, and their’s?
Do you watch the planet slip into Hell until 2020 and elect another Executive Branch, and maybe Senate?
Or do you subject your future, and the future beyond yours, to Pence and the Kochs?

“The question is whether the party is fundamentally different now than it was then, and whether they’re looking for something else in their next leader.”
Quick answer: no.
The only benefit from this article is to remind me/us that the leader we elevated as our progressive savior in 2004 was… Howard Dean! The writer left out an update: Howard Dean is now shamelessly shilling for the “popular people” who rejected him in 04.