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Why 50,000 Las Vegas Workers Are on the Verge of Striking


Why 50,000 Las Vegas Workers Are on the Verge of Striking

Bryce Covert

Over the next two weeks, Las Vegas will see an even larger influx of tourists than usual as the city hosts the Stanley Cup hockey finals, with the Las Vegas Golden Knights facing off against the Washington Capitals. But these visitors could soon find themselves in a city where most of the services are shut down.


99% of 25,000 votes is one hell of a mandate. Stay together, and stay strong. I wish all of you Good Luck.


After the Union wins this round, the news needs to be repeated from the rooftops. If the news fails to report it, people need to jump in front of “on the beat” reporters and turn the conversation to “did you hear unions are making a comeback?”
Maybe this will be reported?


“And we want them (corporations) to do their jobs also” ?

US law has always required corporations to act in the best interests of shareholders…period. Corporations face shareholder lawsuits if they fail to do so.

Corporations ARE therefore “doing their jobs also”. Their behavior will never be influenced by altruism, it will be influenced only by laws and regulations such as those that were in force from the advent of FDR’s New Deal in 1934 until Saint Ron, his five successors, the best Congress money can buy and a complicit SCOTUS dismantled them.

I lived near Reno during the last strike in 1984 and it was very successful. Later that year, however, Saint Ron was re-elected and a year later the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed, putting unions into a downward spiral that they have yet to reverse.


True enough.
Soul-less, amoral, immortal and unaccountable with a voracious appetite for human ‘resources’; all the qualities of the worst of the undead: vampires. And when they own/run the government to their own benefit, which is the case now, people suffer and die while vampires flourish.

Corporations should die every 50 years.
Corporations should have a strong government to regulate them so their depravations don’t tear apart society, or leave it uninhabitable by real humans.
Corporate profits should be taxed first to pay for benefits to society, and labor taxed last.
Dividend income should be taxed at higher rates than labor, then maybe corporate robber barons would pay the same tax rate as people who do real work!


I was working in Law Vegas in the 1980,s and that was the last time there was a strike, we were united thousands of us and what did the Casino’s do bussed in thousands of scabs to take our jobs. Now that whole generation,s of scabs and their families are wanting to strike, I’d go out of my way to cross now.


After that entire article, it never mentioned either the actual wages they work for or the meagre benefits they get. The other issues are important, but a living wage stands as the number one concern for these overworked, underpaid, essential workers.


Interesting. Is this before or after corporations took over there ? My family is old school union, so what ever happens to scabs, happens.
I hate casinos, I don’t care if people gamble, just hate that everything is tilted in their favor. We have casinos where I live also. They were brought in as a recession proof industry after the recession in the 1980’s. What a joke, when the economy melted down in 2008, they laid off thousands from the casinos and about 7,000-8,000 construction personal who were rebuilding after Katrina. Made the local economy much worse than it had to be. So much for recession proof.


While I can understand your bitterness, it seems unfair to paint all of the current workers as scabs. In fact, I doubt that hardly any of those who were scabs in the 1980s are working there today. That is almost 30 years ago. If we are to succeed, we need to put aside our personal hurts and bitterness and support something that will benefit all workers whether in Las Vegas or New York. This seems to be a move of immense power. Why subvert it because of personal hurts?


Ron was more like a God to them than a Saint. Even though they put their religiosity on prominent display, they worship the wrong God - which is money and that is where their true love is.


It was reported the average pay was $23/hr. and they had free healthcare and pensions. They are actually overpaid relative to their skill level and work performed. As for being “essential” one of the reasons for the hostilities is they want guarantees they won’t be replaced by automation (which is currently available). Essential indeed.


Which tax rate is that? The bottom 40% of income earners pay nothing. Tax bracket up to $77k (married couple) is 12%. Next bracket is 22% and this is prior to deductions.


Woa there, not so fast with the mis information there Jim, that is simply NOT true. Those bottom 40% who work have federal, state, local, fica and medicare withheld from every paycheck! Wikipedia lists their total combined portion of the US federal tax burden at 4% not 0! And this is being taken from people who are at or below the poverty level! How fair is that in this country when those folks can’t afford to pay to have a roof over their heads, but we still take tax money from them so rich people don’t have to pay as much. The rich folks pay closer to 15% because they take the bulk of their income in the form of capital gain taxable funds. On top of this, they take such ridiculous compensation for their one person’s worth of effort that they can afford to defer a majority of their income for any year up to several years down the road?! That’s ridiculous!

How can a poster here at common dreams be ignorant of this, Jim? The poor or bottom 40% don’t get back medicare and fica payments like they might get back money at the end of the year on the earned income tax credit. But that’s NOT nothing! it’s actually a larger portion of their incomes than rich people and the middle class pay.

This hidden tax burden (you didn’t know of it) is actually a large amount that pays for the day to day running of our government.

Jim, I’m sensing that you want to believe the bottom 40% are takers, like Mitt said. But the real takers are the top portion of the top 20% who claim, or take, more than one day’s wage for 1 day’s worth of work because of the industry in which they work. A business needs as CEO, but if something happens to the current CEO who’s being paid lavishly as if he’s the only person that can do that job when that is just not true, then another is there to fill his spot. Honestly, the supply and demand of that commodity is bass-ackwards from the pricing. There are many other people that can do that job just as well as that first suited monkey. Same goes for banker folk whose job isn’t that tough and doesn’t really require much in the way of high order math skills, only addition and subtraction. Yet those people come up with cute names for the ridiculous compensation they steal from everybody and give to themselves: ‘a haircut’ on a financial transaction worth billions and those people, again where anybody can and will do their job, end up taking not 50, or a 100, or even 200 bucks an hour, but thousands of dollars, sometimes per minute! And then they claim lawyers are bad people.

I’d say we’d be far better aligned with each other in this society if we started off by culling the top 1%. But alas, then there would be a new set of assholes who would go into those jobs and they too would come quickly to the same realization that they are free to steal whatever and however much they can, Including buying their senators and Congress people just like the prior top 1% are doing now.

What else don’t you know that I can shed some light on, Jim?