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Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace


Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace

Naomi Klein, Jason Box

Soon after the horrific terror attacks in Paris, last Friday, our phones filled with messages from friends and colleagues: “So are they going to cancel the Paris climate summit?” “The drums of war are beating. Count on climate change being drowned out.” The assumption is reasonable enough. While many politicians pay lip service to the existential urgency of the climate crisis, as soon as another more immediate crisis rears its head—war, a market shock, an epidemic—climate reliably falls off the political map.


According to America's "Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce, numerous Atlanteans would be reincarnating into America starting in the l950s.

Also according to Cayce, one of the reasons why Atlantis was destroyed by massive climate change events was due to a rift in its populace.

A significant percentage of Atlantean citizens were characterized as followers of Belial. This belief system--which runs parallel to that of today's Conservative and/or neo-con--places self-interest as its centerpiece. So long as "the ends justify the means" to personal advantage, such persons will use every resource they can (bending laws or creating them, where possible) to obtain their objectives.

The other part of the population lived by "the Law of One." This belief system, mirroring the teachings of acclaimed Spiritual Masters argued that each of us is part of a whole, and what one does impacts the greater whole. Thus it's paramount to consider one's actions in terms of "the greater good."

This rift is back... as are the Atlanteans.

Some people want to treat the people in the Arab world as our brothers and sisters. We recognize that the wisest use of remaining global natural resources lies in building infrastructure that will last.

But there's also a significant demographic that wants war, and it wants "the right" to bludgeon others (using mass media to come up with compelling false narratives to serve as rationales) and access to their precious resources.

The following statement defines the WE that resonates to the Law of One; but it's naive to assume that there isn't an antithetical component; and that that particular component WANTS war because THEY profit by it:

"We are finally starting to recognize that climate change leads to wars and economic ruin. It’s time to recognize that intelligent climate policy is fundamental to lasting peace and economic justice."

To those sworn to "Might makes right" in its military, theological, and financial forms... justice and peace are anathema.


No matter how great a deal comes out of Paris it will not end war. But a poor agreement will make wars more likely. Regardless of the events surrounding the conference the biggest issue to deal with for the negotiators is likely to be the $100 billion annually pledged by developed countries to developing countries for mitigation and adaptation. It remains unclear whether this pledge will be honored or not. If it isn't, will the developing countries refuse to join an agreement? I think money will be more on the minds of the negotiators than hopes for peace.


Good to see Klein explicitly linking climate chaos and war, climate justice and peace. i have not read the piece by Klare that she references, calling for the Paris COP21 summit to be a joint climate / peace summit. Good in general to see more calls to link the climate movement and the peace movement, more awareness that the climate justice movement CANNOT MOVE FORWARD in anything like the direction that is needed unless we simultaneously face the monstrosity of the war complex.

But Klein is not going nearly far enough. We need to have the vision to demand what we, and the Earth, actually need: END WAR. SHUT DOWN THE WAR MACHINE. Not in some distant future Utopia, but here and now, in our world, with us as the people who do it.

(i also think the faith-based adherence to 350 parts per million as a "safe" level of atmospheric CO2 is more of a "security blanket" for our minds, than an actually safe level, and we should realistically be mapping out our strategic plan to get back under 300. 350 ppm still represents a massive [more than 25%], sudden [almost instantaneous on geologic time scales] increase in CO2 levels from the stable climate system that had evolved naturally before humans started burning sequestered fossil fuels.)

As chaotic disruptions to the Earth's ecology accelerate, and human disaster and horror pile on top of disaster and horror, the rigid consciousness inculcated by "civilized society" will shatter. Necessary steps that may now appear "unthinkable" and "unrealistic", will be recognized as necessary, and the oh-so-important "realistic" blocks to these necessary steps will be seen as false understandings enforced by social and economic structures.

No matter what we do at this point it is almost certainly "too late" to "save civilization". Having thought about these processes over the past 45 years, i'm quite certain that the already-unleashed chaotic ecological disruptions will overwhelm us, not in some distant future dystopia but in our lifetimes. With each passing month and year of accelerating chaos, i continue to be amazed at our almost endless capacity to NOT recognize the plain truth of what is happening in our world.

But if we are to have any prospect of navigating through, and restoring an ecological balance in time to slow the accelerating dis-integration and mass extinction that are well underway, we need to be truly REALISTIC about what is ACTUALLY NECESSARY for the project, rather than falsely "realistic" about what "mass consciousness" can handle, or what the "established order" will accept.


Climate change is a natural phenomenon which is being used to push an agenda which should be all too familiar to most of us by now. As a new user, I cannot post a link; however the Trive Movement published a very compelling article with a good deal of evidence regarding this matter. It's title is Let's Talk for Real - About Humans and Climate Change.


Give us a break with this ancient aliens crap okay? Climate change is fossil fuel use coming back on us and not much more than that. The movie 'Thrive' (Thrive Movement) is a crackpot con job about ancient aliens, crop circles and other assorted 'compelling' nonsense.


toward making the point about the cost of war: The National Priorities Project
embedable counters (by the second) of the cost of national security based on war AND the costs of social programs - great to set side by side to make the point. Have FUN!! and learn at the same time!


By the same token (because of your comment I watched the film), you can completely dismiss the the self-referential section about aliens and crop circles the coherence of the film is intact, is documented and a historical presentation fully worth the time. In fact the points made: the influence of big money on the aspects of life that are rendered major problems because of the rigged system and the suppression of promising research suppressed because it would move the world beyond the oligarchy.
Follow the money.


A friend gave me a copy about a year ago. When he asked me what I thought about it, I wanted to not be insulting because he obviously thought it had merit. So I left out the sarcasm (that was very hard on me mommy) and rude snorting noises that I sorely wanted to make and said to my friend ... "It says all this stuff but it doesn't say how to fix anything except by saying we should use some sort of free energy machines given us by ancient aliens." What is that about? Crop circles?

Just because it directs its con game towards the leftyish leaning gullible instead of the rightwingish leaning whacko teapartyists doesn't change the fact about its non solutions!

So if I say the ice cap is melting (and yes it is melting) that you should send me money because I have secret powers and devices that are NOT documented despite how they make it seem. If I went around saying that the sign of the cross is found everywhere because the mathematical plus sign (+) can be found everywhere... you'd recognize that it was a specious claim. They seek to prove the existence of ancient aliens and if that works for you as being connected to oligarchy and climate change then fine.

I believe in good old fashioned greed. Ugly and crude, right in your face fuck you GREED is at fault. Not ancient aliens or even morons who enjoy making crop circles because they can't get dates anyway so they have plenty of time on a saturday night in farm country.

No ancient aliens and oh wait ...I know... ancient aliens riding dinosaurs got off Noah's ark and built the pyramids as the first parking lots and ... or something like that...ask Ben Carson.


Can't let go of the aliens/crop circles/money/free energy machines eh? You make the perfect point. Its about human beings breaking through the suppression box. Those 4 examples are just that - examples. But, like a good hammer nail away on 4 points and completely let go of the infinite human capacity for discovery. That is of course your choice. Good luck with that cultural box within a technological box within an ontological box within... just what is sought of you


Explicitly clear. Thank you.


It is technically feasible to capture CO2 from ambient air. A HUGE amount of CO2 would have to be captured and somehow stored to reduce concentrations from 400 ppm to 350 ppm--something like 10 trillion tons of carbon in 36.7 trillion tons of CO2. USA emits something like 5.3 billion tons of CO2 equivalent a year of greenhouse warming gases.


Ah well; when the River Seine backs up and floods the Paris metro..................The French police can surely kettle that!


Klein write, "Major shocks like the Paris attacks are awfully good at changing the subject. But what if we decided to not let it happen? What if, instead of changing the subject, we deepened the discussion of climate change and expanded the range of solutions, which are fundamental for real human security? What if, instead of being pushed aside in the name of war, climate action took center stage as the planet’s best hope for peace?"

I say, "right on." Though I would say climate justice action.

Gotta stay on task.


And there are other ways, not only technically feasible maybe, but actually possible and practical, to sequester carbon—reforestation of the planet, preservation of mangroves and marshes, especially coastal marshes, and replacing chemical industrial agriculture with low-meat organic permaculture. It's clear that the direction global agriculture is going is the least likely to allow civilization to survive; that what we've left—small scale diversified family farming—is the only way to produce enough food while regenerating the Earth.


Building almost anything to last requires first competently constructing well considered foundations. A foundation we must build on is the world that we are a part of. One of the foundations that we can build on is the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Another is Habeas Corpus. If we are fortunate and organized enough to get a great deal forged in Paris then we would have another foundation on which to build a better future. An improved deal is more likely than a great deal.

I state this because for at least 35 years now most change has been built on the foundations constructed and positioned based on neo-Liberal ideas: greed, and privatization of the Commons, and international corporatism replacing poorly implemented democracy, and a return to a renter society, and disdain for international law, and continuous war in many forms, and also on "damn the consequences" so as to continue continuous economic expansion for the elites.

Their physical and economic and social wars largely ignore the world we are part of except when they are exploiting it. Their wars are incompatible with the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The constructions that in earlier times were built on the UN Declaration of Human Rights have mostly been dismantled as have many constructions that were built on Habeas corpus. In short most recent social and political constructions have been irresponsibly built on poorly conceived foundations placed on sand where too often the water table is rising. As these foundations sink we on the bottom who are not millionaires are seeing the increasingly disastrous results. With the lack of responsible planning by the elites more of us feel pressured to dream of and plan what might be built, and to plan for the construction of solid foundations on which to build.


Saying that climate change is a natural phenomenon is not the same as saying that all climate change is a natural phenomenon. Saying that there is natural climate change does not negate the fact that our numbers and technology enable us to affect the climate. We can affect the climate as a byproduct of our activities and to some extent we can chose to do it deliberately.

Probably in the distant enough future some of our distant descendants will see a cooling of the climate due to natural causes. This future occurrence would be a sensible time for mankind to burn oil and coal and to increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as warming the world a bit would not be a problem to them and probably to be preferred.

From their perspective our current massive burning of oil and coal resources in an already overheated world is callously irresponsible to the future generations who would need these resources in a naturally cooler world, especially when we can meet most of our needs with solar, conservation, wind and other renewable sources, and especially when our wasteful burning of these resources causes so much problems for us and for other life on this planet and drives so much of it to extinction.


Thanks, it's hard stuff but i don't see how looking away can possibly help.