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Why a DNC Vice Chair Bawled Me Out for Sharing Critical, Accurate Information About Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/09/why-dnc-vice-chair-bawled-me-out-sharing-critical-accurate-information-about-joe


Joe Biden was encouraged to run in order to prevent Sanders or Warren from being president and enacting legislation taxing the oligarchs.


Because, as they have proven, with Kerry, and Hillary Clinton, Democrats would rather lose with a Centrist, than chance winning with a populist progressive.


Yes, he even told the oligarchs that nothing would change for them if he were elected.


We have to come out and support whoever the Democratic candidate is.

Oh, I’m sorry, but NO we don’t!!! Especially if they are a war mongering corporatist like Obama, Clinton and Biden.


Norm, if you were genuinely “as eager to defeat Trump as anyone,” you wouldn’t be pushing neoconservative, neoliberal, faux-gressive fraud Elizabeth Warren at every turn.

Beyond the fact that the establishment’s new darling is never around when the left needs her, she’s a sure loser in the general election. She doesn’t excite the party’s progressive base, but appeals, rather, to the Hillary Clinton demographic: affluent, white, center-right males who like to tell themselves that they’re somehow “liberals” (Russiagating, warmongering, deep state-adoring “liberals” who prefer regime change wars, a “path to universal healthcare,” and charter schools over diplomacy, Medicare-for-All, and public schools with strong teachers’ unions).

Sen. Warren is sensibly distrusted by progressives, has high negatives among independents, and the right correctly sees her as a calculating, hypocritical politician, with a history of cultural appropriation, flip-flopping, and betraying her alleged allies in order to ingratiate herself to the establishment.

Until you demonstrate that you’re willing to apply the same scrutiny to Warren that you justifiably apply to Biden, you’ll be inadvertently helping Trump toward reelection.


Next to the dictionary entry for “Not getting it” -an image of Ken Martin.

*I looked bio up and to some surprise he was born in 1973, which means that unlike some of the oto and septogenarians, this guy’s entire adult political career (begining in the early 1990’s) has consisted of similar DNC/DLC “not getting it” -which has corresponded with Democratic losses across the board.

Now that take a special kind of thick.


Biden is uninspiring, to put it mildly. He is the center/right candidate, and the DNC and media are all in for him, as he promises to maintain the status quo. During the last Dem debate, he spoke as though our health insurance companies were our friends, warm and cuddly and inspiring our loyalty. Nobody feels that way about their insurance company, which often makes it very difficult to get treatment at all. But these companies, like Blue Cross, are Biden’s buddies and donors. So is Comcast, and so is the credit card industry.

Biden is not really opposed to socialism. He is fine with socialism for the corporations of the US. He just doesn’t want it for our average citizens. He will not roll back the tax breaks for billionaires. He will not ease the burden of student loans. He will not lead the fight against climate change, and he will do nothing about the dangers of pollution of our air, water, and soil. He will not address income inequality, or demand a living wage. He is the DNC’s and the MSM’s candidate for us, and, as you discovered, they will tolerate no criticism of him, his record, or his policies. The worst of all this is the fact that Biden may not be able to beat Trump, and once again, the DNC will blame the voters, rather than the candidate.


Typical establishment Dem narrative. Blame the voters for thinking the candidate they anoint is not worth voting for.


Exactly. All the other corporate wannabe nominees couldn’t gain any traction against Bernie, so out came Biden as their last gasp.


… This is about more than just increasing voter turnout. It is about energizing as well as expanding the base of the party.

This is the key to understanding why the party establishment continues to support Biden. Sorry, Norm, the neoliberal corporatists that run the party don’t want to expand the party base with people of color, minorities and, especially, young voters unless said voters are wealthy enough to bring money and influence to the party. Nice to bring some of them out some at election time, but can’t have them hanging around and gumming up the works with their foolish and naive demands for change. Let the Republicans have the bulk of those deplorables and those blue collar voters. Concentrate on the rich suburban swing voters and keep the party the exclusive club that it is. Can’t derail that corporate money train and stink up the party with a bunch of hippies, kids living in their parents basement and trailer trash.


Norman Solomon is supposed to be well-informed. When he’s a guest on the radio, I pay attention, because he can be consistently informative. What I’m impressed with this morning is the comparison between this recognized Pundit, and all us Commoners. Practically every response in this thread comes from a much more enlightened framework than Solomon’s set of blinders permits him.

Isn’t that interesting? It’s not just Solomon, either. Two trends seem to be diverging:

  1. Pundits seem to have lost it – “it” being the ability to appear thoughtful.
  2. Commoners are commonly quite sharp anymore, imho.

Please PROVIDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES (and or some SOURCES_ for your allegations about Elizabeth Warren. While she obviously does NOT call herself a democratic socialist as Bernie Sanders does (who I supported in 2016), she does have wide-ranging propsals that are SPELLED OUT IN PRACTICAL WAY. Full disclosure: I’m torn between Warren & Sanders and at this point would be happy with either one. However, recently, I’ve been hearing (from Sanders’ supporters?) that “the DNC ‘likes’ Warren”–perhaps, an attempt to make her" NOT a progressive"? I’m asking for SPECIFICS of your charges in a good faith, sincere way.


The attitude of Mr. Martin is why the Democratic Party MUST lose next year if Bernie Sanders is not the nominee for President. I will say it again: “Blue no matter who” is pure BS. Nobody outside of hard-core institutionalists in the party think otherwise. I will not be shamed into voting for anyone. I wasn’t in 2016, and will never be again, as I allowed myself to be in the past, into voting for tools like Carter, Clinton, and Kerry. I will either vote for a third-party candidate, write in a truly progressive person’s name, or leave the Presidency blank on my ballot. This will be my 11th Presidential election since I turned 18, and I have voted in every one of them. The five times I voted for third party candidates in those elections are the votes that I feel the best about. I followed my conscience. I think that has to be the best rule of thumb for any voter in deciding who to vote for. I have vowed that I will NEVER again vote for any candidate who takes any money from the rich, lobbyists, or corporate interests. Period. “Strategic” voting is a political consultant fantasy that never works in practice. It’s only a way to continue compromising ourselves into control by the establishment. The only way we will ever take control of our political system is to refuse to play their game.


It just shows how bad we really do need to kill this current system. If we don’t change this system fast we are all going to die. This system as it currently sits does not give one FUCK about any of us.


“The Democrats” or the “Democratic Party” - millions of voters or an entrenched political minority of neo-liberal, centrist, clinton/obama/pelosi/schumer wing politicians that work-for and represent the ruling class and never-ending “growth” vs a sustainable inclusive, inspiring,egalitarian, future - language is important.

Ken Martin - the DINO tool in question - is a poster-child for the DINO DNC political club that has usurped what once was the Democratic Party of FDR and Eleanor Jack and Bobby, Adlai, and others who inspired. This centrist snot-nosed tool and all his ilk are not that party, but a private political club serving the same people as R’Cons, and as such that deserve zero respect or allegiance! So, frell you Ken!

Either nominate a true leader of vision and honesty - Bernie - and win, or lose with a business-as-usual hillary 2.0!

The fact is that in 2016 over 100 Million eligible voters did not. They stayed home because there was no one, and no issues/vision of honesty to vote for! They did not because professional politicians like this fool have dominated the DP since bill clinton and lost whatever respect and loyalty the “party” once enjoyed, now an utterly failed strategy they embrace at the expense of voters, party, nation, and future.

This right-wing corporate wing of centrism lost every mid-term election since bill clinton culminating in the ultimate arrogance with hillary losing to the idiot of orange - likely the only candidate that trump could have beaten!

I have been attacked by a local DINO functionary angrily saying in her shrill harpy voice “I’m tired of you criticizing Democrats” - a cheap party functionary coming from the schumer camp to a political rookie that eventually destroyed a true progressive representative; that is what they do to serve the oligarchy. That is what they are doing now pushing the increasingly mentally-challenged wall-street joe biden!

Bernie Sanders represents 2020 vision, not losing machine politics!


On a similar topic - As centrist and weak as NPR and local affiliate WNYC are, the segment just finished (Monday the 9th) featured a very unusual guest in Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, who ripped the centrist DINO establishment and nancy pelosi a new one (coincidentally the Dem I was criticizing circa 2007 in above comment).
On a similar topic - As centrist and weak as NPR and local affiliate WNYC are, the segment just finished (Monday the 9th) featured a very unusual guest in Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks , who ripped the centrist DINO establishment and nancy pelosi a new one.
The typically centrist host was flabbergasted he was put in such an uncomfortable position and took calls from clinton/obama/pelosi/schumer wing apologists to try to alter the tone. He likely will not have Cenk as guest ever again.

The segment is, or should be, available here - unless censored…


Martin’s remarks read like a deluded suicide note. Get ready for Trump II.

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I was one of those third party voters. Here in California we have to Peace and Freedom party. Their platform for years has been truly Socialist and anti war. Universal health care is at the top of the list.
I have not voted for a Democrat in most elections going back to 1980.
I only crossed over one time and that was Obama’s run against Hillary.
I still hate that I fell for his bullshit. I voted for Bernie in the primary. They cheated him here on a grand scale. I knew it was coming as Bill Clinton spent the week before the primary sneaking around the state
Paying off his buddies to throw the election just like in New York.
You know making sure new registrants disappeared off the rolls and running out of ballots at precincts.
Biden cannot win. His campaign is a joke. He is a joke.They run that lying senile loser and Trump and the Koch brothers win.
Kiss the earth goodbye…We are done. I will still vote Peace and Freedom and my Husband will vote Green. I will go down with the ship; I will never support corporate bastards. I will never vote for my own oppression. BERNIE 2020
But I have my self respect


Warren arrives at her “let’s-take-on the corporations” position after cashing in first: