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Why a DNC Vice Chair Bawled Me Out for Sharing Critical, Accurate Information About Joe Biden

A century ago Louis Brandeis accurately forecasted the negative impact of “500 billionaires” that the DNC considers innocuous.

“You can have concentrated wealth or you can have democracy. You can’t have both” - Louis Brandeis


Who is this guy and who elected him? The DNC is the reason the Dems lost in 2016, expecting Saint Hillary to be acclaimed as President in spite of her immense negatives. The DNC has already picked Biden to be the nominee, guaranteeing another loss.


Well. There ya go…Elections are bought by the oligarchs. Who knew :slight_smile:


On that point I disagree. It seems to me Biden is out; even the rich can see this train wreck coming. They will keep him on life support, just in case. It seems pretty clear the establishment is pushing Warren as she has made her backroom deals to pamper the rich.

Warren is a complex character in the democratic race. She certainly has progressive tendencies and I give her full credit for pushing the consumer protection agency after the 2008 crash. She has some connection with the working-middle class and she hasn’t forgotten her roots. She will, however, sell her sole for the sake of expediency and political gain. We have all seen this and its distressing. She takes corporate cash which means she has already made certain pledges that we don’t know about.

So it comes down to this. Would I ever vote for her if she was the presidential nominee. The answer is a qualified “yes” if she had a progressive like “Bernie” as a running mate. If she were to plop a centrist democrat into the VP slot, I would stay home. We have all seen this movie before and well I’m not going to be a dupe again. If the useless idiots we call the democratic establishment think that they can squeak Biden in as president and Warren for VP, then it is a hard no. Don’t expect me to show up from this pile of nonsense.


As they continue to resist pressure to adopt more progressive policies, the Democrat’s right leaning power structure is increasing their fear mongering regarding ‘Russian trolls’ , ‘DeepFakes’, and social media manipulation. I’m surprised that DNC officials didn’t digress to calling Norm a useful idiot for Trump or asking him how the weather is in Moscow.


Thanks for your inquiry, Lydia, and open mindedness. And thanks, also, for your healthy skepticism and request for sources – if only more Americans functioned in this way, we might not be a nation of warring, brainwashed tribes.

In June, I posted a detailed, source-rich blog chronicling many of my major doubts about Sen. Warren’s authenticity and record. I’ll reprint it below. But before I do, I’ll add that the issues I raised a few months back have turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. Every day, it seems, I learn yet more damning facts about the politician dividing the progressive vote and sabotaging the progressive movement for the second consecutive election cycle: she doesn’t support a full fracking ban (just on public lands); she’s taken lots of money from Clinton’s billionaire donor base, including Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street giants; she spent 2016 cozying up to Sec. Clinton in a failed bid to become Clinton’s running mate; and she’s relegated Medicare-for-All to “Job 3,” after 1) shoring up the ACA and 2) creating a Medicaid Buy-In program (and she talks about creating “a path to universal healthcare” which is the same vague language Biden uses).

And then there are the damning accounts of her foreign policy provided by Jacobin Magazine and In These Times, two venerable progressive publications:

  1. “Elizabeth Warren Can and Should Do Better on Foreign Policy” – https://www.jacobinmag.com/2019/05/elizabeth-warren-foreign-policy

  2. “When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive” – http://inthesetimes.com/article/21890/elizabeth-warren-war-military-iran-north-korea-venezuela-bernie-sanders

And here, to back up some of the claims I made in my initial reply to Mr. Solomon, is the blog post I mentioned (feel free to visit my site and peruse my art/political cartoons, including “Donald Dump, Egomaniacal Demagogue” featuring Trump as a giant cockroach): http://invitation2artivism.com/?p=3511


“Hope and Change” redux (fool me twice, shame on me)…

Forget her recent policy flip-flops marked by a fair amount of backtracking and waffling on key proposals (including Medicare-for-All), here is a fundamental truth about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s education stance: the Massachusetts senator has long stood with Betsy DeVos, Arne Duncan, and the school privatization crowd. Specifically, Warren has long supported a universal school voucher system and other ways of draining funds out of the public education system — giving public monies to private interests (a policy priority she makes clear in her 2003 book, The Two-Income Trap).

Despite being able to decline to enroll special-needs students — to select their student body from the higher-performing ranks — charter schools generally perform the same or worse than public schools. Meanwhile, the privatization agenda is already turning the public school system into a warehouse for discipline cases, English language learners, and the disabled — all while being held to testing regimes and other metrics designed to break teachers’ unions and close down schools, especially in communities of color.

But that stench of failure doesn’t faze the white-privilege reeking, corporate neoliberal class (nearly all Republicans before the Third Way Democrats took over the party and wiped out traditional liberalism in favor of… whatever the Koch brothers wanted).

For decades, Elizabeth Warren has stood with the oligarchs who are waging an all-out assault on the public arena — the neoliberal cabal that wants to deregulate and privatize virtually every American institution, from the United States Postal Service to FAA inspections to Social Security (which President Bill Clinton and his Republican partner, Newt Gingrich, were keen to privatize).

Nonetheless, her frighteningly slick campaign has become quite adept at offering the right platitudes while cleverly hiding Warren’s true policy preferences, which include: school privatization; greenwashing (rather than ending) the neocons’ genocidal wars in the Middle East; shielding PhRMA and the health insurance industry from the threat of single-payer healthcare; persecuting journalistic “bad actors” and whistleblowers; passing record-setting Pentagon budgets (voting to give Donald Trump more Pentagon funds than he requested); supporting official propaganda and coup attempts against democratic regimes; and promoting RussiaGate and the new McCarthyism.

All of which makes it clear that, despite her new progressive image, she hasn’t changed much from the Republican she was for a quarter of a century. She’s had no problem voting for extreme right-wingers, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, in the 1980’s and 1990’s — and Nixon and Ford, before them. And she only moved to the Democratic Party after its leadership had been taken over by the Koch brothers (with Bill Clinton passing everything the far-right ever wanted, in the name of “centrism”).

But Diane Ravitch — an education policy expert in the vanguard of protecting the public school system from the disastrous neoliberal assault — has questioned Sen. Warren’s sincerity on this issue. Ms. Ravitch, a true hero of educators for many years, continues to use her platform to give voice to lifelong public educators, as follows.

From Ms. Ravitch’s site:

“Carol Burris, executive director of the Network for Public Education and a lifelong educator, has a message for Senator Elizabeth Warren:”

(Ms. Burris’s message, in its entirety)

There has been much discussion on this blog and elsewhere regarding Elizabeth Warren’s campaign’s choice of a former charter school teacher to introduce Ms. Warren in Oakland. She was a fellow at GO Oakland, an organization funded by billionaires such as the Walton Family, Arthur Rock and Michael Bloomberg––billionaires who are bound and determined to charterize American public schools. After leaving as a fellow, she continued her relationship by blogging for the organization in 2018, including in her blog links to get readers to sign up for GO emails.

Why does any of this matter?

It matters because when a presidential campaign asks someone to introduce their candidate. It is a carefully vetted and deliberate choice. It is naive to think the introducer is picked from the air in any competent campaign, and the Warren campaign is highly competent.

When Bernie Sanders issued his bold platform calling for a charter moratorium, Elizabeth Warren responded by saying that she too was against for-profit charter schools with no response on Sanders’ call for a moratorium.

Warren said she does not want to fund for-profits. Well, the only funding program she could influence as president, the Charter Schools Program, already does not.

No bold, progressive stand there.

What progressives need to hear from Elizabeth Warren is the answer to these two simple questions.

  1. Do you support the NAACP’s charter moratorium?

  2. Do you support funding the federal Charter Schools Program–which funds the expansion of non-profit charter schools?

Sanders has made his position clear. When we hear from Warren, it will no longer matter who introduces her…

(Thank you, Diane Ravitch and Carol Burris.)

While it’s good to have an open mind and give people the benefit of the doubt, I feel that progressives already have all the information we need about the lifetime cultural appropriator and longtime conservative, Ms. Warren.


Unlike Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who resigned from her Vice-Chair of the DNC position to support Bernie Sanders in 2016, Elizabeth Warren has demonstrated zero political courage and has consistently refused to fight for the left.

On November 2, 2017, this allegedly bold leader admitted (first to CNN’s Jake Tapper and then to PBS’s Judy Woodruff) that the 2016 Democratic Primary “process was rigged.”

Then she folded, chastened by the corrupt political establishment she dutifully serves. On November 10th, Warren asserted that the 2016 primary “process was fair.”

And she has never raised the subject again (way to fight for honest primaries and “democracy,” Senator!).


Outside of a history of grandstanding and wagging her finger at the banks, Elizabeth Warren has done astonishingly little to champion the 99%. Watching her scold Wall Street executives may be cathartic for some partisans, but it doesn’t amount to much when the Senator proceeds to endorse one of Wall Street’s all-time favorite politicians, Hillary Clinton.

And she endorsed Sec. Clinton after a year of snubbing her natural ally — the only FDR-style candidate in the race, Bernie Sanders — who was filling huge stadiums, bringing millions of new voters into the party, and promising to beat Donald Trump by 9-15%, on average. In 2016, Sen. Sanders was positioned to utterly trounce two of the right’s most loathed figures, Hillary Clinton and her family chum, Donald Trump. Yet Elizabeth Warren spent the entire season on the sidelines, until the most conservative Democrats needed her, at which point, she finally stood up… for the historically racist candidate running to Trump’s RIGHT!!!

Warren’s bloviating at Wall Street execs means even less when one considers that she has never pushed to prosecute in a court of law (like she wants to do with Trump) the criminals whose fraud brought the Western banking system to its knees in 2008. She merely grandstands and scolds bankers for the cameras.

Even more devastating to her “anti-Wall Street” image is the fact that Warren lent her name to the merest fig-leaf “reform” of banking practices (the much vaunted, yet toothless CFPB) — while the leader of her party was bailing out Wall Street on Main Street’s back to the tune of $16 trillion and wiping out the post-Civil Rights Era gains of African-American households, per the Pew Research Center.

While I applaud the Senator’s call for a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall (which would separate commercial banking from investment banking), why hasn’t Warren proposed legislation to repeal the Commodity Futures Modernization Act — a law that legally prohibits the regulation of derivatives (aptly dubbed “financial WMDs” by Warren Buffett)?

As long as the CFMA stands, another crash, far more devastating to our economy, is inevitable.

Yet Elizabeth Warren, bane of the bankers, is silent.


Sen. Warren has always stood with the oligarchs, at home and abroad, the corporatocracy, and the Military Industrial Complex: on matters of war, the surveillance/police state (she praised Obama’s revised NSA-spying program), and with regard to persecuting independent journalists and whistleblowers (whom she condemns as “bad actors” whose revelations damage national security: the classic right-wing, neo-fascist line, regarding such heroes).

She has voiced support for the continuation of U.S. sanctions on Venezuela — sanctions that the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights likened to a “medieval siege,” calling Washington’s policy a “crime against humanity.”

And like the rest of the neocons in our pernicious duopoly, Sen. Warren demands new elections for Venezuela.

(Why? So the violent faction run out of Washington can bomb more pro-government voting precincts and government buildings? Burn more POC alive? Hang more barbed wire across busy thoroughfares? Firebomb more aid trucks? The U.S. empire has been seeking to nullify the majority of Venezuelans’ votes — by coup or by crook — for decades. And yet, Warren sees Maduro as the problem.)


And recently, she’s backtracked on student loan forgiveness and M4A (Medicare for All). And she’s working overtime to divide the progressive vote for Sanders, paving the way for Joe Biden’s campaign and the DNC to rig 2020 for another sure loser, giving Trump another four years in office.

So, what good is she? Honestly?

Returning to Warren’s history of supporting school privatization…

While some establishmentarians (who LOVE Warren) have tried to muddy the issue, the truth is quite simple: In Oakland, CA, Sen. Warren and her campaign chose to elevate an individual who has long worked to promote charter schools, the think-tank policy fellow, Sonya Mehta. In doing so, Warren was signaling to The Walton Family, Mr. Bloomberg, and the rest of the billionaire-privateer class that she’s still on their side, not the public’s, when it comes to education matters.

Even if she were capable of defeating Donald Trump in 2020 (a dubious prospect, at best), “President” Warren won’t just continue the neocon wars and the neoliberal looting of our society, she will continue the Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump assault on the public education system. She will continue shoving our children into an unregulated private school system that doesn’t require its teachers to have credentials — and is broadly failing — consistently outperformed by a public education system that is weathering a full-scale assault from the corporate class and morally bankrupt politicians like Elizabeth “Cherokee” Warren.

The “Native American” who refused to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux even when they were being brutalized by police, under President Obama, for trying to defend the Ogallala Aquifer from the fossil fuel industry… not Warren’s fight (she’s got bigger fish to fry, aspiring to help “Cuppa” Joe court those moderate Republican votes in 2020).


"But Cassutt posed a strong challenge by framing the election as one pitting the establishment, status quo candidate against her own upstart bid for change that would emphasize grass roots organizing over fundraising, polls and ads.

Despite the commanding victory that DFL officials said was more than three-to-one, Martin remains at the helm of a party whose activists are still seething from the 2016 election results and demanding answers to questions about what went wrong.

“Was it really beyond our control?” Cassutt said during her speech before the vote, referring to the 2016 results."

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Hey Norm, Martin’s on the phone again.

Ironic how the Corpse Dems cry out for unity while dividing the party more than ever because we won’t support a Corpse Dem.


Well, shit! If the DNC wins again by putting in Warren like they did Clinton over Bernie, I guess I’ll be voting Green AGAIN.


What’s this? A respectful debate between people who disagree using actual logical arguments?

I don’t know how to process this. Where’s the name calling and abuse? Who’s the Russian troll?


Exactly why the whores say Biden is: “THE MOST ELECTABLE”!


It is the DNC telling democrats, “You can’t handle the truth.”

In 2016, I saw a video segment showing Hilary talking to BLM activists, shaking her finger at them like the scold that she is. Biden is the same–out of touch with minority youth. My precinct in Detroit has lots of Black voters–in 2008 and 2012, I had to wait about 40minutes-1 hour to vote. For 2016, walked in and waited 10 minutes. Black youth did not turn out for Hilary and they won’t turn out for Biden. Corporate wing of Dem party out of touch with reality…


Have you noticed how often it seems that whenever there is a discussion about Biden that some people try to turn the conversation to attacking Warren? It is like you can’t support Warren despite her being so very much better than Biden. She and Bernie both are desperately needed candidates against Trump (and viable alternatives to a potentially disastrous Biden nomination which just might give Trump a win).

If Bernie wasn’t running then Warren would be a high approval candidate for progressives who are dismayed by the prospect of a Biden nomination. Warren has many things going for her that get ignored by some which makes me think that they are centrist leaning Dems or (even Repubs) trolling against a progressive candidate that they think would be able to reach out to mainstream voters who aren’t really progressives but who do not want to vote for Trump. These mainstream voters would be the ones who always stay home home on Election Day and would if Biden is given the nomination by the DNC. I truly wish Warren would run as Bernie’s running mate. What a powerhouse team that would be against Trump (and all the republicans)

Bernie is my choice but I hate seeing Warren’s chances against Trump constantly being sabotaged by people whom I think are centrists that think Trump is so bad that even Biden could win. Certainly the commenter here gave you a prepared response (a veritable tome loved by centrists I’m sure) and not a personal response to your sincere questions.

Warren is pretty good and way more progressive than Biden. I think some centrists are more afraid of her than they are of Bernie. Also Warren is the candidate that Hillary never was. It is also a fact that America is ready for a woman President (or Vice President). I just hope progressives remember that as well.

Bernie/Warren in 2020! :slight_smile:

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Come on Norman. You know that everyone is not supposed to be staring at Biden’s shriveled old ass and dripping dick. You’re supposed to compliment him on his fine suit of clothes.


The answer to your question is provided by the excellent post above by x1jodonn


Right.  They were barely able to “cut Bernie off at the pass” last time, when he started out with around 4% name recognition nationwide.  Polls showed Bernie as the most popular politician statesman in the country in 2017 and 2018, so the DNC will get more and more desperate as Biden’s numbers continue to slip and Bernie’s to grow as the primaries get closer and closer . . .

It’s hard to have fact-based scrutiny of records when the Korporate-controlled MSM is deciding which facts – and “facts” – are being aired . . .


Well thought out article! I do want to point out that while Elizabeth Warren is talking a good progressive agenda we likely can’t trust her to follow through if elected. She says she’s for Medicare for All, but her daughter is big wig at United Healthcare. I’m trying to imagine EW putting an end to United Healthcare and that just doesn’t happen. The DNC may not like it, but we the people have no choice other than to vote for the candidate vetted by decades of consistent policies that support the working class of America. Bernie Sanders, accept no substitutes! If the DNC runs another bogus primary they should not count on getting my vote. Trump is horrible, but he is not our only problem and is in fact more of a symptom of our nations woes. We need to bring back democratic representation and neither party seems to have that on their agenda.


Has it occurred to you that Warren may be running to specifically split the progressive vote by appealing to people who blindly trust in media-approved labels such as “progresive” for Warren?

Marks against Warren:
Third Way approved
Voted for the last two bloated military budgets
Weasel words on every important policy position
Taking corporate donations
Cozying up to Hillary

Now then, you may view that as smart politics by Warren, but I don’t. And you may say that at least Warren is to ByeDone’s left, but that’s a low bar for her to jump over. My take: Hillary lost by pandering, so will Warren – and let’s not forget, Bernie polls notably better in a head-to-head against Trump than Warren, and Trump already has Warren pegged as “Pocahontas.”

Finally, an anecdote: A Warren supporter was handing out literature at the farmers’ market last Saturday, when I mentioned the many problems I had with Warren, this young person wasn’t aware of any of it, including voting for Trump’s two outrageous military budgets. C’mon, man.


Everything you said here is true. Fuck warren. Bernie or bust.

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