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Why a Former Green Party Candidate Is on a Very Long Fast—Urging Progressives to Vote for Biden to Defeat Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/19/why-former-green-party-candidate-very-long-fast-urging-progressives-vote-biden

For a progressive , voting for Biden is making the choice to “ live to fight another day.”


We can always count on Good 'Ole Norm… to help herd the lambs into the DNC’s slaughterhouse.


Norman Solomon seems to get the top spot for journalist/frequent contributor on CD’s that progressives love to hate!
I was irritated with him too before trump et al went over the top fascist replete with ginning up white supremacists. Now I applaud him.
Buckle up for the comments . . . .


Lesser evil voting brought us insane Trump and horrible Biden.

Leave it to Norman to ALWYS be that lesser evil warrior pushing everyone back on the plantation to vote for a new master.

And all the house slaves here on common dreams will mock and shame anyone who wants to leave and or burn the plantation down.

All you liberals here some how don’t connect that every four years of of voting for the next Fascist lite Dem lesser evil candidate has made this country worse not better.

Remember in Germany the “centrists” were the silent and complicit “Good Germans”.


You could study the rise of the Third Reich, it might change your mind. We are confronted with an out and out fascist determined to further undermine and destroy the already highly flawed system of so called democracy created by our “founding fathers”. Trump is an admitted dictator who on numerous occasions has declared he is above the law and might not even abide by the election(however he can’t, on Jan 20 in the afternoon control over the US Marshalls and the Secret Service will pass to his successor).


Your solution is?

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You’ve got what happened in Germany completely backwards. Hitler was defeated as president by Hindenburg. However, later due to the rise of the Nazi party Hindenburg appointed him as Chancellor to appease the Nazis. Hitler then assumed total power and there were no more elections until after the war. This and the Munich pact are what happens when you are willing to compromise with such people. You have to get rid of them when you can before it is too late.

Granted Biden is a mediocrity but he is no Trump who is an on going train wreck- a train wreck of oil tankers, that if he is reelected will burst into flames.


“Do The Right Thing”…

“Fight the power!”

Were Trump a Hitlerian fascist, he would have done what Hitler did - outlaw all political opposition, imprison and kill members of the Democratic misleadership, and cancel the 2020 election. Anyone hysterically equating the Wall Street-fellating, ALEC-deregulating, utterly-incompetent Trump admin with the racist Nazi factory genocide machine simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Fact is, the Kabuki of Amerikan “democracy” requires that Election Theater go on as scheduled. This keeps revolution off the streets - as will the election of the war criminal Biden and his sidekick Kamalacop.

Can’t wait for the MSM headlines around the world, positing that “the adults are back in charge.”


Thank you Caroline for saying that, wish they would wise up!

I think this point from the article is a constructive one that @dpearl has made several times, maybe with a little less color to it:

On its own terms, this always-run-for-president strategy is a big loser. And this year it’s particularly problematic because of the necessity of removing Trump. I urge Green Party members in battleground states to do the right thing and vote not for Hawkins but for Biden.”

Winning locally or statewide may be a better place to start, particularly absent RCV etc.

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Well - my point on electoral issues has always been to do what fosters the progressive cause the most - which is currently working on local and state candidates and on initiatives that help create a more level playing field for progressives to compete. Importantly - I do not use that as an argument to ask people to vote for Biden (I’m happy when progressive people get out to vote regardless of their presidential choice) and I do not consider it all about “winning”.

I often come back to Lisa Savage who is running a terrific Green independent campaign for a Senate seat in Maine (~LisaForMaine.org). She is running in an RCV state and running a completely positive campaign focused on her ideas for a better world (rather than spending her valuable time in the public arena focused on negative attacks). She has a done an amazing job in all three of the Senate debates and has gathered a good deal of positive attention as a result. For example, here’s what the largest circulation newspaper in the state (the Portland Press Herald) wrote about Lisa Savage in the editorial where they endorsed Sara Gideon, the corporate Democrat, in the race:
“In this ranked-choice election, Collins has two legitimate challengers, Gideon and independent Lisa Savage. (A fourth candidate, independent Max Linn, is running a campaign that can’t be taken seriously.)
Savage articulates bold policy proposals that are in scale to the problems the nation is facing.”

Lisa has earned the endorsement of the person who came in third in the Democratic primary, of the DSA (who almost always endorses only progressive Democrats), and of hundreds of other activists of note - she is building an important coalition for positive change in Maine. So that’s where I come down - doing positive stuff to build the progressive movement and to build progressive/left unity.

Voting Biden or not voting Biden and endlessly arguing about which choice we should make is the opposite of my theme.


On the topic of Lisa Savage, is it still the case the Bernie Sanders won’t endorse her? I noticed that the Fighting for Justice series is having an episode tonight at 6 PM ET in Maine. I tried to find who the participants were, but couldn’t find a link from YouTube or searching. If Savage were on, I’d definitely watch. If she’s not on, I have a hard time forgiving Bernie for that decision.

I’m sure that he has not endorsed Savage. That would be cool if he did - but I just don’t see it as a viable thing for him to do. Thanks for the pointer to the Fighting for Justice episode - I think it may be on Wednesday though (not tonight)

Once again, no choice.


To be clear, I wasn’t suggesting you were advocating voting for Biden and should not have clipped the entirety of that paragraph. Apologies. You’ve made a somewhat similar point about chasing the presidency as the gentleman in the article, a tall task, versus winning seats in other venues where opportunities arise, such as the Maine Senate contest. That’s what I was in-artfully referring to.

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I haven’t been following the Maine Senate contest. Is there a substantial difference between the Democratic and Green Senate candidates? I assume the Green candidate will be caucusing with the Democrats, even if she wins.

Yes - thanks for the correction.

I suppose it would have been possible to have her on the episode without endorsing her but I’m not surprised if he ties them together. But for me, not being willing to endorse Savage with the quip “vote blue number two” (that someone in the Savage campaign came up with) is incredibly disappointing. He may as well become a Democrat permanently as I don’t think he is a legitimate independent with that attitude and he is ruining a huge chance for us to push ranked voting into the mainstream.

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Note: Savage is technically running as in independent since it was easier to get on the ballot, but she said she would rejoin the Green party after election.

I’ve heard Savage a few times on various podcasts (most recently on Ryan Knight’s). She is a typical Green as far as I can see - full Medicare for All, big Green New Deal, free college tuition, major reductions to US military, and on and on. There may be a few Democrats who are similar (I have high hopes for Jamal Bowman, though many here are cynical), but not many. Gideon was never considered a progressive Democrat in the primary by anybody I follow - there were two progressive Democrats Gideon defeated (Bre Kidman who endorsed Savage, and Betsy Sweet who unfortunately has not), but Gideon is considered mainstream (not blue dog or anything).

I caught the end of the 4 way debate a month or so ago and that is the only time I’ve heard Gideon speak and I didn’t hear anything to make my change my assessment of her. I skimmed ~https://www.mainepublic.org/post/sara-gideon-issues-are-most-important-maine-democrats which affirms what I thought about her attitude on M4A - she is “buy-in” type but we must maintain the right to buy private health insurance:

In terms of Medicare-for-all, my belief is, in terms of expanding health care for people, that we should allow people who want to buy in to Medicare to do so, but for the people who have private insurance and wish to keep it, that they are able to do that.

It doesn’t look like Savage has much of a chance. Bernie could have made a difference, but didn’t. That’s the biggest mark against Bernie for me that I’ve ever heard of (and I didn’t agree with some of his stances on military issues in the past).

If it were necessary for Democrats to have Savage in the same caucus for the purposes of choosing a majority leader, I’m sure she would do so if she were to win. If it wasn’t necessary (#D >= 51 or #R >= 51 with Savage on the side), is there any other reason that matters? She’d obviously vote progressive on any legislation. And I doubt Democrats would let her on any committees.

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