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Why a Tax on Wall Street Trades is an Even Better Idea Than You Know


Why a Tax on Wall Street Trades is an Even Better Idea Than You Know

Robert Reich

One of Bernie Sanders’s most important proposals didn’t receive enough attention and should become a law even without a president Sanders. Hillary Clinton should adopt it for her campaign.

It’s a tax on financial transactions.

Putting a small tax on financial transactions would:


Is this a proof reading error or a Freudian slip?
Does RR rely on speech to text software?
("a tax" is not really the same as "attacks" except in the mind of stock traders.)


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I have to admit I am losing hope. This proposal will do nothing to slow Wall Street down. It is too small, too incremental, and just continues along the same theme of playing around the edges.

Sadly as small and meaningless as this proposal is, it has utterly no chance of passing. Even a small bone like this will never be thrown to us.

Have we lost, or does any change need to be brought about in a more forceful way? Both options mean good people having bad things happen to them.


Excellent! You are correct! Hillary Clinton should make this a centerpiece of her campaign. Not only is it a great idea in and of itself, but it will go a long way toward silencing critics who keep insisting that she is in the pocket of Wall Street.