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Why Abolishing ICE Is Good Climate Policy


Why Abolishing ICE Is Good Climate Policy

Kate Aronoff

There’s been a rash of horrific news recently about the treatment of immigrants entering the United States through its southern border. According to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) statistics obtained and published by The Associated Press on Friday, nearly 2,000 children were forcibly separated from their parents within just six weeks between April and May.


Wow. This is one of the least articulate and focused articles I’ve ever read on this site.

Without any evidence being presented, we’re warned that the current wave of illegal immigrants is the harbinger of climate change driven migration in the future.

Then we’re told that NAFTA devastated the Mexican economy (non-climate related) and drove migration. Interesting that many also consider NAFTA to have devastated the American economy, as well.

Then the author asserts that ICE is creating a hostile environment for illegal immigrants. Good! I want illegal immigrants to be constantly fearful that they are going to be deported. I want them to actually BE deported. If ICE is having this impact, then let’s have more of it!

Then this somehow morphs into the entirety of DHS being damned.

My takeaway from this article is that illegal immigrants should be welcomed with open arms, that climate change is the dominant factor in causing illegal immigration in the first place, and the the Department of Homeland Security should be abolished.

So, we should just let anyone walk across our borders at any time for any reason with any sort of cargo. We should let them freely wander around the US without fear of apprehension or deportation. Will anyone then be surprised when a small nuclear weapon or dirty bomb is detonated in Houston or Baton Rouge?


WoW I keep finding here on CD more and more people running around with their very own unicorns in their very own fairyland !


I share your sense of dismay. I happen to think this is a very good article. It is way past time to
move out of the post 9-11 mindset, and to take a more sane, thoughtful and effective approach to our problems.


The usual assumption is that climate change will predominantly impact the equator and poles, driving people from equatorial areas into temperate zones.

NAFTA devasted the Mexican economy for the poorer participants. That is no indication that it helped the American economy for the poorer participants. It helped larger corporations against smaller interests across the board, but of course this primarily and more critically damaged the smaller economy.

Just because you like creating a hostile environment for immigrants does not mean that it accomplishes anything much or helps anyone.

The connection to a “small nuclear bomb” seems mysterious.


This has to be one of the most ignorant, short sighted responses I have ever read. You don’t have a clue as to what is coming down the global warming pike.


An interesting idea, and one that has seen support across the political spectrum.

We have already seen these sorts of agencies along with mercenary groups used against the US population, notably in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, to convert the catastrophe brought on or worsened by climate change and the long term abuse of the Mississippi Delta into a large scale theft of property. People were removed to non-existent care facilities and sometimes just shot. Records were destroyed and hidden. And all was covered acceptably well, for the perpetrators, by the assertions that these actions were for security and protection and so on and so forth.

Consider how convenient the fate of undocumented immigrants is for despots.

If a person is accused of being foreign, the burden of proof lies with the accused because the accused has almost no rights under the Constitution. This means that one is only as American as the government-issued papers that one carries on one’s person. And papers carried on one’s person are easily lost or stolen, including by arresting authorities.

Of course this is less of a worry for people of white European ancestry, including undocumented Europeans living in the States, who often find themselves quietly listening to diatribes against immigrants that the speakers obviously imagine that their European acquaintances will empathize with, apparently by virtue of being white.

Surely some people who seek to stop immigration are not racist. But the main fuel and fury of the movement is racist and whipped on by manipulative politicians who would pretend that the people who steal from working Americans are people with no money, who make American beds and raise American children and prepare American food, not the rich masters who rent and purchase American politicians.

But there remains plenty of prejudice in this country against the poor of any stripe, and plenty of labels that can be hung on a person of any race. What protects an American citizen from being taken as an alien is not appearing like an alien. But for many Americans, that is no protection.

  • Many naturalized citizens retain strong accents, and many residents of ethnically minority communities have crossover dialect issues although they do not speak any other language fluently.
  • Many immigrants, though not the majority, speak very good English. This is particularly true of immigrants who came into the States as children, very many of whom speak no other language well.

As a result and given the political climate of recent decades, ICE or any similar agency or institution can with accuse more or less any American of being foreign with at least moderate hopes of impunity. If the subject has a foreign accent or Hispanic or Native American features (irony, anyone?), of course the matter is that much easier.

I live in Southern California, and have known for fifty years that if a policeman shines a light directly into my eyes at night, he will probably let me pass immediately if I open my eyes.

The secret? Blue eyes.


Let’s be clear. I want a hostile environment for illegal immigrants. I welcome with open arms those who respect our country enough to obey our laws. And if the referenc3 to a small nuclear weapon is mysterious, you aren’t paying attention. If we just let people walk over the border, i5 is only a matter of time befor a group like ISIS uses that to bring nuclear material (from Iran?) into the country. There is a grave national security threat with open borders.


Whatever is coming with climate change will come regardless of human intervention. It is the height of hubris to believe we mere mortals can control the weather.