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Why America Has the World's Most Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/27/why-america-has-worlds-most-confirmed-covid-19-cases

If you say Trump is crazy his enablers come out of the woodwork to assert that people always call other people crazy if they disagree with them.

Would we call the character played by Orson Welles in the Alexander Korda film THE THIRD MAN crazy? It would be as good a use of the word “crazy” as any.

If you saw the film 30 times and recall the Welles character looking down at humanity from the top of the huge Ferriss Wheel in the Prater, Vienna, you will remember that he sees ants.

And he is a businessman. So, how can a member of society as firmly entrenched as that be considered insane? Just a Rotary Club member, one would think.

But he has substituted chalk or some other substance that looks like penicillin for real penicillin. In this way he is making his millions. And millions can die-- what does he care so long as business is good?

Sound familiar? Should we keep this on the general level? Okay, but more specifically, people had better keep an eye on Trump’s favored pharmaceutical company to make sure the vaccine it currently is inventing does not turn out to be Karo syrup.


My admiration for Sachs is genuine, but I’m puzzled by his glaring omission of the CDC testing fiasco (slash incomprehensible foot-dragging) which made containment impossible from the beginning, on US soil. We know the domestic war-criminal in office didn’t want to see bad numbers, so he deliberately withheld testing for two months – long enough to make adequate testing out of reach from now on.

There’s a narrative that Orangeman made some kind of a mistake, or that it’s difficult to figure out why tests were tragically withheld. You can’t call it a mystery or a mistake when it’s done live on TV week after week. Are we expected to kindly forget what we just saw? Orangeman committed a domestic war-crime of historic proportions when he decided to allow the bug to run free on US soil. How big a crime? Big enough to cost more lives than all US wars put together.

I’ve said words to this effect in this forum before. In repeating the point – about Orangeman’s historic domestic war-crime of public-health sabotage – I’m perplexed that smart, perceptive folks such as Sachs shy away from this too-obvious, gestational aspect of How It Happened.

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The for-profit “health care” system has been facilitated by politicians on both sides of the isle. Trump, the bungler in chief du jour writ large, does push things beyond the imagination, however. Let’s just agree that what we need is M4A and that means Bernie.
BERNIE 2020!


Having contracted West Nile Virus during the election year of 2004, I am getting a sensation of deja vu with this COVID19 experience. The first instinct of the executive branch when the president is up for reelection is to sweep it under the rug. I saw that when there was reluctance to collect good data (mine, in particular) about WNV and just added the situation to my long list of anecdotes of how government really operates (notice how I eschewed the word “works”).


Last week in California a 17 year old male died from COVID19 after he was refused treatment at an Urgent Care Center because he did not have insurance.

Trump did one thing right and that was ending all travel into the US from China after the outbreak began. Everything he did after that was motivated by the upcoming election in November and not the health and safety of the nation.

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Personally, I am not a big fan of Sachs. Yes he is smart, and his heart is in the right place, but he has always seemed to me to be naive and wishy-washy, sort of the lunatic fringe of mainstream economics (center-right, with the rest of the gang extending all the way to the edge of the earth), writing as if it were possible to persuade the devil incarnate of the error of his ways by civility and sound reasoning. As a result I have never followed him, so this acknowledgment of the reality of class warfare, even without using that term, is news to me. For most of us the path to enlightenment is long and halting. Sachs may have taken a big leap sometime in the last few years.


Y’all Blame Our “President For Everything”! If you all recall he was going through a ridiculous Impeachment around this time so Nancy Pelosi The Monster is who you all should be centering the blame! Poor Man Has Endured One Obstacle After Another!!! Why don’t WE ALL PRAY FOR Donald Trump And Our Country???

Trump only kept chinese nationals from coming in
Everyone else, from anywhere else, entered from china
How good is a colander at holding water?

This is an important point. Also, it wasn’t just people who wanted to come into the country through the regular channels you mention - they also allowed deliveries at our ports without restrictions. That meant that all of the crew on every ship containing goods delivered to our ports - including those from Wuhan - in that time period were free to move around in shore areas.

Bottom line - it was an extremely leaky system without an appropriate plan to truly focus on those with a high risk of infections.


Still, cargo ships can have up to eleven passengers but they have to have a passport for every port stop. Still a little fuzzy though.


Seriously, we’d probably be like Italy today if Trump had not halted all travel from China into the US. (Yes, US citizens were allowed to come home.) That’s about all he did that was right and bought us some time. Time that Trump squandered by the dragging his feet about testing.

BTW, banning foreigners from the US is right up Trump’s alley, so this did not surprise me one bit. Had he actually been concerned about the spread of COVID19, he’d immediately gone to work getting the medical establishment the supplies they needed. We already saw what was going on in China and then Italy. Italy did not stop travel from China.

Dr. Fauci said yesterday that we could have as many as 100,000 deaths in the US from COVID19. Another doctor said it could be as high as 500,000 or more. I only see this happening if COVID19 gets much worse and returns in the fall stronger and harder. The second wave of the Spanish flu is when most of the deaths occurred.