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Why America’s Billionaires Owe You a Thank You Note


Why America’s Billionaires Owe You a Thank You Note

Chuck Collins

This tax season, America’s billionaires are toasting you, the ordinary taxpayer.

That’s because you’re the one picking up the tab for our nation’s ailing infrastructure of roads, bridges, and rail transport. You’re also footing the bill for military forces, disaster relief, veterans’ health services, and national park protection.


What the hell is wrong with the federal government subsidizing “charity”???

Sure rich poeple may make tax-deductible contributions to their ivy-league school, the Heartland Institute, or other right-wing think tank - but I make tax deductible charitable contributions to Commondreams, Democracy Now, FAIR, The libertarian socialist Znet, Medicins sans Frontiers, Oxfam, America Friends Service Committee, International ANSWER, the World Socialist Web site…

Would Mr Collins prefer that I don’t deduct these contributions and the taxes go to the war machine instead?


I’ll take a few thousand C-notes please – that seems like a pretty good way to thank us peons!


Given that over half of the taxed money will be spent on the military, I would have to say that any sort of tax evasion is a good thing. So consider yourself forgiven.

I dont think the article is actually talking about your donations, or even mine. Its about big fat ones that increase the net or after tax income. How does that Carly Simon song go … http://www.lyricsdepot.com/carly-simon/youre-so-vain.html … Apologies in advance, but I couldnt help myself …