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Why Americans Need to Defend Julian Assange’s Freedom

Why Americans Need to Defend Julian Assange’s Freedom

Nozomi Hayase

Over 50 years ago, in his letter from the Birmingham Jail, addressing a struggle of the civil right era, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.” His message is now more prevalent than ever in the current political climate surrounding WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.


This is a clear example of the sheeplike idiocy of American Liberals and the Democratic Party.

If Americans understood the concept of acting according to moral or ethical principles, as opposed to the mindless choreography of the main political parties, Assange would be viewed as a hero.

But no.

Russia! Russia! Boogah-boogah!

We’re all doomed.


Anyone who believes that Julian Assange has bad intent, has bought the lies of the Duopoly.


Excellent piece, brava—soaring language, universal themes, connecting the personal with the political. Wikileaks, in addition to Common Dreams, Project Censored and a handful of others, is performing the Jeffersonian function that corporate media have abdicated. No one should be surprised at the power arrayed against it. Whether it survives is entirely in our hands.


" Assange said numerous times that his source for the Clinton emails was not the Russian government nor a state party."

This is from the CN piece by Stefania Maurizi cited by Nozomi Hayase. I’m re-posting it here.

Anyone concerned about the state of “journalism” today should read the introduction to Seymour Hersh’s new book, Reporter. Just the introduction. That’s all you need to know. It’s why we need people like Assange.



Excellent, analytical article. The way humanity has treated Assange (not just the US), speaks volumes about our era. He is one of the few early internet pioneers, who dedicated their inventions and creativity towards using the technological revolution for the interests of the many. Aaron Swartz was another. And look what the American establishment (government and academia) did to him.

The treatment of Assange will go down in history no different than the inquisition burnings of scientists in previous eras.


Assange & Manning should be set free. Trump, Obama, Bush, May, Netanyahu etc. should rot in the ICC. :robot::robot::robot::space_invader::space_invader:


When Assange started Wikileaks its stated mission was to increase government transparency to combat authoritarian governments. I would say he was on a worthy mission. All well and good but some how his mission did a 180 and the focus of Wikileaks became a democracy the United States and it he has become in effect a tool of the authoritarian state Russia to destroy US democracy. Assange should be condemned, particularly for playing a key role in helping the Donald Trump, an authoritarian be elected. For a long period time Wikileaks released emails hacked by Russians in an effort to help Trump. This began within about an hours after Trump’s tape recorded admission of sexually assaulting women hit the news. The only Americans who should be defending Assange are supporters of Trump. Assange should be one of their heroes.

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I am afraid to say, highly respectfully, that this is hollow nonsense, and an ignorant message. To the rest of the readers, there is a very accurate, fact based article today from Ecuador’s former foreign minister G. Long, published by OpenDemocracy.

Lrx - it is Trump’s DOJ who is prosecuting Assange and it is Trump who publicly answered that he is ok with it. Why do you then think that those who support Assange are Trumpists?

How many weeks of torture school did the CIA provide you with?


Typical of you. The author is right…and you illustrate some of his points. You are not only wrong but morally bankrupt. You will always put Democratic Party above democratic principles; and DP talking points above truth and logic.


Lrx, specific proof, not hearsay, of your assertions, please.

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Democracies need political prisoners.
You have to let the people know who’s really running things.

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Julian Assange is a hero. He’ll go down in history as such.

Nope, it won’t be Obama, it won’t be the Clintons, but Assange that is elevated to hero status. He, along w/Snowden, Manning, et al put their safety, comfort and lives on the line – not for themselves, but for the truth. They’ve been imprisoned, run out of their own countries, ostracized by the political class (and others), and spent their lives on the run. Their efforts are not for themselves but for the betterment of humanity. Doesn’t get any more selfless than this.


Yes, the Aaron Swartz ordeal was heartbreaking.

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Manning has been free for a long time. Sentence commuted by Obama. She has been hanging out at Alt Right parties.

#BeReady4JA A global effort be organized in protest

Also read articles on WSWS.org

Still no evidence exists for any of the Russia accusations: not one scrap–not only no proof, no suggestion beyond allegation.

Were such evidence to exist, it is unclear how the publication of deep corruption within the US system should be seen as constituting damage to the election process. These were not slanders; these were Clinton, Podesta, and DNC documents. Revealing corruption is not generally regarded as an attack on an election process. It’s a facilitation.

Were evidence to exist in support of these “Russia” allegations, it is unclear how Wikileaks is thereby a tool for the Russian state. It is not as though Wikileaks would have to be gulled into releasing information about major corruption. Obviously, this suits exactly the goals and objectives of the organization.

It’s still a crime when a Democrat perpetrates it, so it is still transparency when a Democratic transgression gets revealed.


I have two questions for the author of this article.

One. I read that Assange came up with a deal to boost Trump’s candidacy in return for a pardon or a job. Am I spreading disinformation just by asking? The author might wish to address that.

Two. With Assange isolated, who then had been editor in chief of Wikileaks these past few years?

Geopolitics on a global scale is so murky, especially given the admittedly necessary secret nature of Wikileaks’ operations. The novel nature of its brand of journalism, and its total identification with one complex personality, both invite attacks. Whistle blowing is a time honored heroic act, but there are lessons here for a future hero.