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Why Americans Should Demand Better Us Middle East Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/31/why-americans-should-demand-better-us-middle-east-policy


“What Americans can and should do, however, is demand that their leaders pursue policies in the region that emphasize fairness, the reduction of armed conflict and the promotion of stability.”

Seems like this is just another majority accepted issue for this two-party collusion with the Military Industrial Complex to ignore.


As usual this author is making an assumption that what the “American people” need, can be addressed by approaching their corporate appointed politicians. This is nonsense. Instead the article should explain why the evil foreign policy of the United States will continue unitnterrupted.
Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican politician, your job is to ensure Middle East instability, failed attempts at regime change, mass suffering, endless military support for fanatical groups and extraction of the targeted countries natural resources. Swearing an allegiance to Israel, Saudi Arabia and corporate America are required for any politician to have the support of either party. What we need is to end silly articles like this that make the wrong assumption that we live in a functioning democracy. Instead we need articles that detail why we don’t live in a democracy and what we can do to bring about a responsive government for and by the people.



USA pulling aircraft carrier Nimitz out of the region and returning the ship to USA west coast.

Meanwhile: Keep Trump away from the football, Netenhyou and feed him all the McDonalds he wants.

John Bolton appeared on CNN two days in a row. Alarming, not disarming.


The American people voted for Biden the warmonger. Wars and sanctions that kill millions will continue.

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Good Luck, Mandy Terc. Don’t let goofy comment board naysayers affect your assessment of disastrous corporate influence on the region and what effort should be directed to end warfare there.

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How do you write or publish an op-ed about “better US Middle East policy” without mentioning Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE? This is pathetic, but is of course in lockstep with one-party neoliberal imperialism.

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