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Why Americans Should Stop Talking About 'China Flu' and Learn From China

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/22/why-americans-should-stop-talking-about-china-flu-and-learn-china


The US government is going to assist other countries, please. With what, bombs, more military bases, stealing their resources?
There is a story put out by Reuters this morning, about Russia sending military doctors and disinfecting equipment to assist Italy in their time of crisis. Take that you Russia blaming Americans, yeah, I’m looking at you DNC, and all of your “Russia did it” parrots.
Could the US do this type humanitarian work around the world, sure we could, but we wont, there’s no money in it. Right now we can’t even help ourselves.


What our self-serving, corporate-owned warmongers in our government (both parties) are doing to Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba, with their continued sanctions, is unconscionable, and they make me even more ashamed to be an American than I already was. Sanctions have never fulfilled their intended purpose, they merely create widespread death and suffering among the masses of people, who, like us, have no control whatsoever over the decisions and actions of their government. We are under authoritarian rule here no less than they are. To hell with this oligarchy. Amerika has become a soul-less business/military empire acting purely out of greed and the interests of our multi- national corporations, while completely ignoring the will and the needs of its own people. It’s downfall is inevitable, and we may very well be witnessing the beginning stages of it.


China might save us or at least help to save millions of us, the Re-Thug-lican Cabal on the other hand, led by Orange Donnie Pus Bag (better known as the disease infesting our Oval Office) quite likely will kill millions of us and many of them (the Re-Thug-licans) will likely find ways to enrich themselves while doing so. Ain’t that a pile of pig Shite? Ain’t America gettin better every day? Don’t ya just love Conservatives? Let’s wallow in the hog pen and show the world how great we are.:nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::mask:


The United States should have the right to do business or not with another country. But the problem faced by the target countries (Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, …) is the secondary sanctions whereby third countries (the rest of the world) are being prevented from doing business with the target countries. This imo infringes on the sovereignty of the rest of the world and this should not be permitted. I wonder if it is possible to seek a judgment from the ICJ ruling secondary sanctions illegal.



Guess you didn’t get the memo if you need it explained, but it is the Republicans who are pretty much running the show as they control all branches of government save the the House of Representatives, which is doing its best to do something reasonable for all of the nation rather than for the wealthy only.

Does that answer your question?

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I wish you all had this much concern for straight BLACK MEN getting gunned down by cops for nothing. I’m no trump fan, but I think 4 more years of this might be what is needed for the democrats to stop taking our vote for granted. Maybe ya’ll should investigate what is happening in the new black media with strong black men and women getting the message out there is no black brown alliance that is a lie that the congressional black cacus sells to stay in the good graces of the democrat money machine.

Secondary boycotts are illegal, so why the hell not secondary sanctions too? Or, better yet, instead??

Here is a good discussion about why Mike Pompeo is a psychopathic genocidal monster:


Can you give an example of what would be considered a secondary boycott? Thanks.


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A union with a dispute against Corporation A calls for a boycott; the primary boycott is unsuccessful in resloving the dispute, so the union calls for a secondary boycott against Corporation B, one of Corporation A’s major suppliers, to ramp up pressure.

Secondary boycotts are illegal under the National Labor Relations Act—because they work.

Thank you. So unions are not allowed to use a strategy that the hyperpower (controlled by the hyperrich) uses all the time. Figures.