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Why an Early NEA Clinton Endorsement Will Backfire


Why an Early NEA Clinton Endorsement Will Backfire

Anthony Cody

In May of 2011, as the NEA and AFT participated in planning a major protest of the Obama administration’s education policies, the NEA leadership announced they were endorsing President Obama for re-election, more than a year prior to the election in November, 2012.


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Another instance of so-called labor leaders leaving their members' interests in the dust as they make deals with politicians that benefit themselves or they hope will. The best time to endorse is when you find a candidate that supports your goals and the membership votes on it. Not before that time and if that means no endorsement then that's just how it is.


If the GOP prevail in 2016...Look for charter schools to be the new law.....Look for more profit prisons...And unions of all kinds will be slowly dissolved...EXCEPT the police union seeing as how they are GOP supporters...Unions are bad if Democrats support them but good if they support GOP..See the hypocrisy of the GOP party of ignorance. ...Either way schools as we used to know them will be gone. If you dont teach what they want you wont teach. I bet they will bring back segregation.