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Why Are Amnesty International Monitors Not Able to Observe the Assange Hearing?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/22/why-are-amnesty-international-monitors-not-able-observe-assange-hearing


Hedges on Assange, Hallam and the evil empire.




'" Despite her regret and her recognition that scrutiny is a vital component of open justice, the judge did not change her mind."

What makes the author think it’s her mind to change? She appears to be just a petty lackey following odious instructions that contradict everything rational justice should stand for…


Of course AI is not allowed to monitor this “kangaroo court”, it would bring embarrassment to the British court system. The story with the testimony of Cassandra Fairbanks proves two things, first, Trumps talk of a possible pardon for Assange was pure BS, because he ordered Assange’s arrest from the Ecuadorian embassy in April of 2019, nothing new from Trump. And second, her testimony proves that Assange’s prosecution is political and therefor violates the US - UK extradition treaty. Not that it will stop the UK from succumbing to the wishes of the worlds biggest bully, the US, to seek revenge on the entity that exposed their criminality to the world.



The Assange case - starting with his pioneering work from multiple perspectives, and continuing with his treatment by the world’s most “advanced” western “democracies” (including governments, media, and general population) - is perhaps the most telling case of the 21st century to date.

Whether he is extradited or not, in historical terms, at this point, it makes no difference (other than to him of course), as the mask has already been torn.

I suppose Simanowitz’ question is rhetorical, but it’s tempting to play with ramifications.

They bar Amnesty International because they are torturing and probably killing a foreign journalist to increase opacity in government. They imagine that Amnesty International might not approve.

“They,” whoever exactly they is, also likely had a conversation with Judge Vanessa Baraitser, very possibly before Julian Assange was seized at the embassy, committing the American state towards eventual hearings, though these are for the present in England.

These conversations probably vary considerably in tone and duration, but they at least can be quite polite and take place over a fairly considerable period of time. It at least can be the good cop side of the good cop|bad cop sort of thing. The interlocutor may be fully or partially anonymous. The threats are not spelled out, at least not for as long as possible, and not at all if the subject can be made to recognize the reality of them without an itemized list. All manner of rationalization are supplied, as well as time to think, at least where this is found feasible. As long as one can kid oneself about the underlying nature of the relationship, the conversation can be pleasant.

The larger system and its managerial honchos do not particularly wish to go killing or deposing judges, and they certainly do not wish to radicalize or alienate them. But Assange is a big case for these people. His is the great journalistic challenge to hegemony of our age, the great journalistic challenge presented by this technology that we are using. It might go on without him, but it must go on and go on in something like this manner, given the tools that exist.

That said, of your favored candidates and elected officials, which if any of the candidates whom you do support, however willingly or unwillingly, have taken a public stand for Assange’s release? Inasmuch as it is obvious why Amnesty International is banned from the proceedings and beyond suspicious that Judge Baraitser apologizes for decisions at the bench, can it be less obvious why your representatives and candidates do not speak out for Assange, for journalistic freedom, for the First Amendment in the United States, or for your right to know about your government?

Bravo to Simanowitz for his article. Bravo for the rhetorical question at the top. If one person can be so mistreated for publishing, very many people are thereby called upon to shoulder the load of that publication, since oppression puts it beyond the power of so small a coterie of heroes to carry.

“If Julian Assange is silenced, others will also be gagged either directly or by the fear of persecution and prosecution.” -Stefan Simanowitz, Amnesty International

that’s the whole fuckin point of these kangaroo court proceedings. obviously. it seems like this whole process, including A.I.'s ineffectual efforts to make it transparent, is a charade being enacted in the face of the brutal facts. facts that include powerful governments like that of the u.s. are corrupt, subverted, and totally unaccountable to the sheeple they purportedly serve and represent. and they cruelly punish, destroy, or ‘neutralize’ any and all who try to stand in their way, like the courageous mr. assange, and Chelsea manning.

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Swag –

Great point – when you build up this abundance of “lackey’s” it becomes like a row of
dominos which just spill over.

We saw the beginning of this with Obama administration, though oddly enough he
commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence (think that’s what it was…) – but either Hillary
sent Kerry or Obama sent him to UK to threaten Ecuador Embassy and UK government
– and in fact I think they ultimately had to change entire Ecuadorian government
to get what they wanted!?

This is the fascist, fanatical obsession of these right wing administrations and the urgent
need to move them backwards – and our government to the left –

We see how this pollutes other governments and their legal systems –

and it looks like Trump wants Assange here BEFORE the election – or at least the decision
to extradite him to America.

It’s completely disgusting – and not what a democracy should stand for –

How many journalists arrested/attacked as they’ve covered protests now –
and the desire to up the weapons that can be used on protestors – and where are the
judges/courts now to protect American citizens?

As was made clear this evening by one the guests on CNN who was actual involved
with policing – that US police have always been used to continue the post-slavery
harassment and criminalizing of being someone of color – of even being poor now –
or even being simply ill without medication.

With communities working together, he made clear the need to redesign our concept of
police departments – that they need to work more with the communities – and certainly
more of their funding (especially the largest funds coming their way which allows them to
buy “used” Pentagon equipment/surplus) should be used within the communities –
to restore them, to assist their impoverished – for community programs –

and most of all we need to STOP our corrupted US government and CIA from running guns
and drugs in our communities – in all of our societies – for the purpose of overturning
democracy here – it’s their MO from the earliest days of their creation.

State by state legalizing Marijuana has to move faster – and we need more discussion
of the tremendous harm done to America by CIA gun running and drug running –

And, sadly, as I look at what they are doing today, I think their dream of violence and chaos
now extends to splitting the public so dangerously that we could be looking at a real civil
disruption –

even an attempt at “revolution” that they arrange to go as seriously wrong as those in Egypt
went – and other nations – also where the US came into help… oh, yeah.

Help themselves –

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