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Why Are Climate Groups Only Focused on 50% of the Solution?


Why Are Climate Groups Only Focused on 50% of the Solution?

John Roulac

To the leadership at Greenpeace, Sierra Club, 350.org, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council and all other climate groups:

Your organizations have worked very hard, collectively, to reduce world reliance on carbon-centric oil, gas and coal. Thanks to your work to reduce pollution, we certainly have a healthier planet. High praise is in order for the success of your valiant efforts in the face of corrupt vested interests.


"This summer a giant, toxic algae bloom stretches all the way from Alaska to California. Vera Trainer, a research oceanographer with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Washington State, told Reuters, “It’s the longest-lasting, highest-toxicity and densest bloom that we’ve ever seen.”

When our bodies get a cut, they typically build a scab as a first line of defense.

Also missing from open discussions is the CONTINUING impact of the vast sums of radiation still spewing into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.

Perhaps Earth Mother is attempting--through these algae blooms--to build a scab to protect the coast (and its creatures) from this toxic radioactive runoff?


Global temperature change, increasing atmospheric carbon & other greenhouse gases, ocean acidification and increasing solar UV-B radiation have created a "perfect storm" of fundamental environmental imbalance, that is affecting every interrelated system on this planet. Poorly understood "feedback loops" are accelerating the collapse of Earth's systemic integrity, while increasing the likelihood of extinction level events (i.e. melting of sub-arctic clathrate deposits).

It is increasingly urgent to acknowledge the limited time we have left to heal the atmosphere, because it's already taken far too long for our species to discontinue our parasitic, "Gaiacidal" toxic resource consumption habits. 'Time' itself has become the limiting-factor in the equation of survival.

This is primarily significant for several reasons. Among them is the need to identify the most time-efficient protocol for achieving the required changes. "Essential civilian demand"* is the most accelerated and direct, U.S. Federal emergency preparedness protocol, presently in-force and waiting to be implemented. (*See Executive Order 13603, CFR 44, etc.)

Equally important is to recognize the unique and essential properties of a banned "strategic resource" that is the ONLY agricultural crop possessing all of the properties necessary for achieving the fundamental changes needed to avoid systemic collapse. The public must pull together to exercise "essential civilian demand" for Cannabis, which has been identified in seven Presidential Executive Orders as a "strategic resource." As it turns out, Cannabis is a critically essential tool for resolving climate imbalance as well. Carbon sequestration, soil remineralization and detoxification, atmospheric terpene production, adaptability to a wide range of soil & climate conditions, exceptional utility and fecundity are all properties that qualify Cannabis as both unique and essential for mankind to achieve sustainability on this planet.

In the interest of national security, Cannabis agriculture must be recognized as an urgent priority. Individual health, food security & nutrition, and global systemic integrity are threatened by increasing solar UV-B radiation; resulting from erosion of the ozone layer and reduction of biogenic atmospheric aerosols. Cannabis is the ONLY crop that is capable of producing the quantity of atmospheric monoterpenes needed to replenish Earth's atmosphere in the time we may have left to make a difference.

Emergency preparedness requires that all previous rules limiting Cannabis agriculture be suspended in recognition of the "strategic" value of "hemp." (Executive Order 13603, CFR 44, etc.)

'Time' is the limiting-factor that will determine mankind's success in resolving climate changes. Cannabis is the ONLY crop that produces complete nutrition, atmospheric aerosol monoterpenes and sustainable biofuels, all from the same harvest, making it nutritionally essential and an ecological priority.

"Every herb bearing seed" was given to mankind by The Creator. Drugs don't make seeds, herbs do. The First Amendment protects our freedom to farm, which is the first test of religious freedom.

Rightful jurisdiction over Cannabis has never existed. Intransigent mis-valuation of the resource has obscured the true essential role of Cannabis as mankind's functional interface with the Natural Order. Unless we are successful in achieving a polar shift in values from "illegal" to essential, our children and grandchildren will suffer the worst for our failure.

For those who may be interested, please consider the rationale presented in my book entitled "Cannabis vs. Climate Change" http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PCSRUF8 to understand why there is not another growing season to waste in piece-meal change. It is urgently essential that we expand the Earth's arable base, using a non-invasive pioneer crop. Cannabis must be planted for food, fuel, fiber, oil, and aromatic resins, in every soil and climate condition to which it may be able to adapt; while praying it is not too late for us to have a healing influence on Earth's atmosphere.


Industrial civilization pollutants whether CO2 from fossil fuel burning, chemical toxins from industrial agriculture, or radiation spills from nuclear accidents may total 2/3's of the problem. The other part is overpopulation which drives the scale of all the others. And that is the 50% nobody discusses.


Over-population is the reason "It is urgently essential that we expand the Earth's arable base, using a non-invasive pioneer crop."

Protein production determines carrying capacity.


We'll never have peace until ecology replaces economics as the existing paradigm.


Perhaps since it was settled over a century ago that full commitment to education produces a gentle decline in population.

Want a sudden drop? Nuclear war will do that.


Why would that stop radiation in the water? The water currents still circulate even if the algae blooms rob the water of oxygen.


Good point. In a future time ecological economics will be a reality. The cost of doing this or that in ecological terms will be quantified in economic terms. The perfect example is the carbon tax. An ecological cost translated into economic terms. Carbon production occurs without any penalty so it is unrestricted. A carbon tax would impose a penalty (defining its ecological economic cost).


This article is a step forward in framing the industrial causes of the spike in atmospheric carbon and climate chaos. Soil-mining (industrial ag) and soil-building (agroecology) are key practices, alongside fossil-fuel mining and burning. The two are intertwined, as industrial farming is largely fueled by fossil fuels.

Roulac is NOT framing carbon-farming as a palliative measure. i've been dismayed by statements from the Rodale Society that widespread adoption of "regenerative organic agriculture" would allow humanity to postpone tough measures against fossil fuels. Agroecology is NOT "mitigation" of fossil fuels.

Roulac should write agroecology, which encapsulates the essence (agricultural ecology), instead of clumsy phrasing like "regenerative organic agriculture" that Rodale is pushing.

i assume Roulac does this for tactical reasons, so his audience of semi-informed USAns will not have one more reason to glaze over and miss the message. Vandana Shiva - who wrote the book Soil Not Oil, the title of the conference in Richmond whose poster she is on that Roulac is promoting - uses the term agroecology.

Also good that he includes ocean acidification and the overall swift decline in ocean health as a key factor for alarm and action.

And it's good that Roulac is naming agro-chemical corporations as villains to target, including Monsanto. @JonnyJames, i would say this is a step in the right direction. Of course Roulac is an entrepreneur, but the fact that he feels it necessary to start calling out egregious corporations is indicative of a shifting popular framework for understanding the political economy. And many of the many individuals involved in campaigning against Monsanto are open to (or already engaged in) anti-capitalist critiques.


"electric cars" is NOT the answer! If we want to actually preserve or increase our green space for crops, woods and nature to grow we have to curb Auto Addiction which consumes 10 times the green space of Green Transit Rail. Our society is so in the grips of the Auto Addiction lobby that even many alleged Environmentalists who should know better and always make a passing mention of "public transit" still think electric cars are the answer. Private electric cars only save the fuel portion and with the huge infrastructure required to charge 200 million electric cars in the US it is dubious they even do that. It takes the electric power of a small house to charge an electric car which still requires a football field of asphalt for every 5 cars for parking, which requires the huge maintenance of roads taking 10 times the space of Rail, which requires the government to pay for traffic cops, traffic courts, ambulances and ER visits for the 30,000 killed by cars every year.
We will NOT have green space if we continue with Auto Addiction instead of transitioning to Green Transit. Already in New Jersey Auto Addiction accounts for 47% of our greenhouse emissions and the loss of huge swaths of our land thanks to Gov Christie in collusion with machine neoliberal Democrats.


The character of human values, and what resources we choose to base the economic system in, determines whether humans are parasitic of, or symbiotic with the Earth's Natural Order. Gaiatherapeutic, sustainable values, with accountability to future generations, affords longterm survival. Valuing toxic, unevenly distributed fossil fuels as resources (hydrocarbons), while banning agricultural industrial feedstocks (carbohydrates), determines our evolutionary course, as parasites. It's a poor choice.


It may be that American climate groups only focus on 50% of the solution. However in British Columbia Agroecology has been one of the leading means for combating climate change for decades.

At the same time as GreenPeace was being founded in BC we were promoting farmland and forest preservation and soil conservation with many of the same people involved.The BC Agricultural Land Commission was established in 1973 and the Farmland Defense League founded in 1976.

The Farmland Defense League is presently working with the Wilderness Committee, Dogwood, March Against Monsanto, Treaty 8 First Nations and a number of other groups in coalitions opposing shipment of jet fuel, LNG and US thermal coal,on the Fraser River; the construction of the Site C Dam on the Peace River to produce power for production of LNG; and promoting local regenerative food production.

The Site C Dam has been hailed as "clean power" by the LNG promoters but the 30,000 acres of farmland and forest to be flooded is a major carbon sink capable of growing enough food to feed a million people. The City of Richmond and Kwantlen University established the first farm school in North America teaching and developing agroecological farming. We have found that working in coalitions works best. For information on these topics check our Farmland Defense League site on Facebook and Climate Change Steves on Twitter.


I've been saying the same thing since forever. Not only does cannabis prohibition hamper us from making a substantial dent in CO2 accumulations, but we're also subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. However we should stop subsidies altogether. And we shouldn't wait for permission to grow hemp. We can buy a bag of seeds and distribute five or so seeds to as many friends as possible. Grow it in the wild, grow it in urban gardens or grow it in parks, wherever possible. Our lords and masters are NEVER going to allow hemp to be legal.

We also have to wean ourselves off Capitalism. We can't expect the current regime to make a change so we have to ourselves. Get onto a local currency. Insulate yourself anyway from the crash and burn of Capitalism.

If there was one thing only that we could do to change things most synergistically it is to emancipate cannabis.