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Why Are Democratic Senators Enabling One Of Trump’s Worst Decisions?

Why Are Democratic Senators Enabling One Of Trump’s Worst Decisions?

Medea Benjamin, Ariel Gold

Trump’s action has already begun to wreak havoc in the Middle East.

"The state of Jordan called it “nuts” and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said it was a gift to “radicals and extremists.” (Photo: Getty)

Does Israel have our country by the short hairs?

Why do we support the #2 Terrorist Country as we do?

Is it strictly for profit reasons?


Complicit as usual. Please give up on the corporate duopoly; it’s getting boring.



Both of these voted for a Senate resolution calling for full support of Israel’s right to self defense and recognizing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and an ‘undivided city’ last June. This also calls for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Now in order to attack Trump they criticize him doing what they voted for only six months ago.

Their hypocrisy stinks. Bernie’s stinks.

To paraphrase Obiwan, “This is not the leader you are looking for.”


Why? Because most U.S politicians are greedy servants of the Zionist/AIPAC Lobby, which is far more influential than any supposed “Russian meddling” could ever hope to be.

Only Saudi Arabia’s influence comes close to that of the Zionist/AIPAC Lobby on U.S. foreign policy. But the Zionist/AIPAC Lobby also has severe domestic political repercussions, as the destruction of Cynthia McKinney’s political career shows.

Billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban wield massive influence on both corporate political parties, to the detriment of Palestinians as well as Americans.


On Israel, there’s no difference between Ds and Rs.

Nor on endless war, coddling Wall St, and corporate fealty above all else.


What is the number 1 terrorist country?

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“Why are Democratic senators enabling one of Trump’s worst decisions?”
Because, if you have not noticed, if they take off their Democratic and Republican party badges, you cannot tell them apart. Both parties grovel for AIPAC donors’ bucks. And both parties support the fleecing of the 90% by the corporate plutocracy, its destruction of the environment, and massive defense industry profits by continuing unending wars (who does not get paid by Lockheed-Martin?).


That’s easy…The good ole U.S.A.


Both Democratic and Republican senators voted to do this last summer, by a huge margin. As big a jerk as Trump is, it makes wa-a-ay more sense to ask why Trump is enabling one of Congress’ worst decisions.

Trump’s a jerk: got it. But he is actually not ahead of neoliberal Washington with respect to any of this war and empire business. This Brzezinski sort of nonsense has carried from administration to administration. Presumably the same sources that chipped into Clinton’s coffers to enforce this have contacted Trump and arranged for him his price.

But it seems that they spoke to Congress, too.

It is disturbing to see how easily Trump, by virtue of being so flamboyantly awful, draws criticism even by sincere actors from more lethal and entrenched parts of the oligarchy.


What country has their military actively engaged in over 134 countries?

What country has over 800 military bases worldwide?

What country is selling hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to countries who use those weapons to slaughter innocent men, women, and children?

The number 1 terrorist nation is the only remaining Empire on the planet, at least in the minds of the hateful two-party political system that enables the Military Industrial Complex to profit from the Death and Human Suffering they sell.

Take your best guess at who’s the top terrorist nation on Earth.


Few people in the misleadership of the “Democratic” party have much interest in or understanding of actual democracy beyond the plebiscite (“election”), which is in reality the least important element in democracy.

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And we need to keep repeating this until enough people finally get it and organize to stop it!


Amen to that Skip.

The reality is that Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel. It has been the capital of the modern state of Israel for almost 70 years. It has been the capital of the Jewish people and earlier Kingdoms of Israel for about 3,500 years. It has been a Jewish majority city continuously since the 1860s. Recognizing reality is necessary to create realistic policy. The U.S. can’t allow itself to be intimidated by temper tantrums and threats of violence.

On Israel, there shouldn’t be any difference between Democrats and Republicans. It is appropriate and desirable that we have bipartisan support for our closest and most reliable ally in the middle east, which happens to be the only democracy in the middle east and the country that shares our American values.

Since we are the planet’s foremost warmonger we have a chance to end wars. We have lived with the false assumption that we are a democracy because we can choose our leaders. Big deal. The problem is that we let them set the agenda instead of making it clear that their job is to enact our agenda.

Candidates have their silly stump speeches about nothing, that they repeat ad infinitum. Did the debates or home town interviews ever focus on how wars and military spending are the major obstacle for funding health care, infrastructure projects, jobs initiatives, social programs, affordable taxes?

It is carefully explained to us that we can’t afford those things and they must be cut. No, we must have National Security and that can only be had by killing all the people who hate us (because of our freedom to kill them if we want to).

And Republicans go further and chastise people who want things that enrich our lives as if the politicians were paying for these extravagances out of their own pockets. It must be explained to the politicians that we can afford those things and we will no longer tolerate our money being spent on War.

Politicians are supposed to work for us, but we, the people are just a faceless entity to be soothed and manipulated into paying for their agenda and continuing to vote for them. Wake up America! We have seen the enemy and sent them to Washington DC to become rich and spend our money on killing other peoples in order to maintain our status as the most dominant, powerful nation. What other 20th century nation had similar ambitions?

We must turn the tide away from rah rah patriotism and rip the curtain away to expose how we are being ripped off in exchange for having the right to vote for the lesser of two evils every two or four years. Not much of a bargain!


Just curious. Please describe those “American values.”


Well…if Ponyboy agrees with you, that easily answers the question of why “we” (the USA) support the #2 Terrorist Country. However, it raises a new question. Why would Ponyboy choose to remain in the #1 Terrorist country on earth? If I felt that way, A) I’d be deadly afraid of my own government … and B) I’d try to move to a country where my tax money isn’t going to even one of the top ten terrorist countries on earth. Another question arises…Is a progressive American that believes the US is the #1 terrorist nation providing evidence (or at least fodder) for a right-winger to claim that “the left hates this country”?

American values explicitly prohibit promoting/respecting one religion over another.

Israel doesn’t even have a constitution. Because then they’d have to put apartheid into law.

Otherwise, your post was entertaining.