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Why Are Democrats So Scared of Impeachment?

Why Are Democrats So Scared of Impeachment?

Bill Blum

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of a two-part series examining the relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr, and the challenges their assertions of extreme executive authority pose to Congress. Read the first part here.

They are afraid of impeachment because no matter what it is they “Get” Trump with , the Republicans in turn will “get” one of theirs for the same thing.

There a whole lot of dirty and grubby little paws in the cookie jar and a whole lot of them are attached to Democrats.


Thom Hartmann writes, ‘this is how republics die’ when those in government worry far more about the political consequences (that are largely out of their hands) then they do about the morals, values, and principles on which the republic was created.


Principles? The no litmus test to join party can’t take a unified stand on any principle, except beating Trump and, even then, you have to question the committment. After all these years since Roe vs Wade, the party can’t even take a unified stand on reproductive rights. Same can be said on any of the major issues in this next election. No wonder a large percentage of registered Democrats are confused about what their own party stands for. Courage? Let’s not even go there. The Democratic party hasn’t been an actual resistance party in decades. It’s now little more than a political fund raising machine.


Why are Democrats scared? First, without enough support in Congress, and especially in the Senate, it is bound to fail. FOX and the right-wing disinfo machine use it to falsely frame Trump as an underdog and a witch hunt victim meaning it could back-fire in the selections and largely because legal decisions set precedents which might come back to bite them.

So, should they proceed? Absolutely bur forget the Russia-gate nonsense and focus on attempts to obstruct justice and maybe on emoluments, and his profiteering on the Presidency.


Why would a corrupt gang of criminals be worried about investigating a criminal for corruption?


Even if the Senate was to approve impeachment, more of Trump’s henchmen need to be 86’d before impeachment.

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Too bad many are missing your point on the last two sentences, which sum up the Ds to a T!


Many (not all) of the “violations of the oath” that Blum lists are policy differences rather than “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. The Oath obligates Trump to administer the deeply flawed Obamacare, but it does not obligate him to defend that program. Prohibition was in effect when FDR took the Oath, but he was not obligated to defend Prohibition, and he worked for its repeal. “Promising tax relief” without delivering it is not an impeachable offense either; we all know that Republicans and Democrats usually lie to get elected. In addition, the rates that favored the rich were enacted by Congress. They were not a result of Presidential fiat.

Raising blatantly bogus charges as impeachable offenses distracts people from the real offenses and undermines otherwise reasonable causes for impeachment. It also makes the pro-impeachment folks look as irrationally rabid as the far-right people. Stick to the solid arguments.


My thoughts exactly.

His impeachable offenses seem to boil down to obstruction and campaign finance violations.

So you’re saying they’re cowards. Or, they are part of the same corporation as the Reich
OK, cant argue with that.

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Many of the members of congress ARE in fact the rich people that their legislation benefits. Pelsoi herself has a net worth of $120 million. It not a coincidence. The System is broken and people like Pelosi and Schumer have been part of the willful destruction. We can’t expect the people that participated in the destruction to suddenly get a conscience and fix it.


To Be, or Not To Be Investigated. That was the Question. Not if, but WHEN Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion is T.P.'ed (toilet papered) on or about October 31 2019, don’t blame Eric Trump. He has a pardon already.
Trick or Treat!

" Why Are Democrats So Scared of Impeachment? "


Does anyone really think Pence is clean?

The lamest of lame excuses that Pelosi continues to insist is that the Republican Senate is unlikely to convict Trump, so therefore it is useless for the House to impeach him. So the hell what? We have but this one Constitution to protect, and protect it we must, for the life of our republic relies on it. Plus, there is this practical calculation: Impeachment proceeding is making history, a high visibility drama, its every word analyzed daily by top legal experts on prime-time TV. When the truth is thus exposed, even Fox ‘News’ cannot conjure up a fig leaf for Trump. This is better than paying for a thousand political ads against Trump in 2020.

So, what is the real reason Pelosi stone-walls impeachment? Could it be because it helps progressive candidates defeat her fellow neo-liberals by bringing out voters in the primaries? Is she that shallow? Perhaps we should also ask why her top aide was ordered to stab us in the back over Medicare-for-all. And then we should ask: why the f*ck do we tolerate her many betrayals of her oath of office?

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This is what the Russiagate conspiracy theory that the Democrats and Liberal media have been pushing for 2+ years gave to Trump - it is/was a witch hunt. Instead of going after real crimes - instead of his imagined ones - they’d have something crucial to propell the impeachment process forward: credibility.


I don’t think that the Dems are afraid of a Christian fascist in the WH as long as their patrons make out like bandits. Although - we - should be afraid of a Pence presidency!

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It’s not impeachment the dempublicans fear, it’s the certain death of their political careers when they are judged nonviable and nuzzled away when attempting to suckle from the corporate cash teat.

Maybe they’re not afraid of Impeachment. Maybe Pelosi is Triangulating again. Maybe this is black belt ninja 3D Chess, and the 99% are the opponents.

Leaving Trump in place for as long as possible allows him to continue and even accelerate the Right wing agenda. So that works for 3rd Way Pelosi and corporate Dems and the Republicans. The UniParty, Corporate America and MIC are all happy. Once they’ve gotten what they want out of him or, it all blows up

They have a Scapegoat they can all point their fingers, wash their hands, and pretend it was all HIS fault.