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Why Are Drug Prices Rising So Much? Pharma Exec Admits 'No Other Rationale' But Profit-Making

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/27/why-are-drug-prices-rising-so-much-pharma-exec-admits-no-other-rationale-profit

Repeat after me: Arrest CEOs; Perp walk; FAST trial; find BLATANTLY guilty; sentence to life in prison without chance of parole; suicide assistance sheets furnished. Problem solved…


Well, it is also how this corrupt government of ours (both parties) have treated intellectual property domestically and through deals like NAFTA and institutions like the WTO. Clinton had pushed against developing countries that have generic drug industries being able to have a public health exception to life saving drugs at the WTO. It was through the lobbying of countries like India, Thailand and Brazil that stopped him from gutting public health exceptions, and they are weak as is. But, rotten deals like the deal Obama signed with South Korea forced them to buy non-generic drugs from US manufacturers for a specified period, which harmed their healthcare systems. Many countries with national healthcare systems have boards that decide on which drugs to buy elsewhere, and these horrible “trade deals” force those boards to buy inflated drugs at massive mark ups. I am not big on Warren, but she did have a good idea on the government forming an enterprise and selling drugs it has helped to fund, at cost. Since the NIH and other public institutions cover a large share of R & D costs, it would make total logical sense for the government to patent these drugs and to sell them at cost, as well as to produce generic versions of drugs that are life saving. And if that gets challenged at the WTO or within private investor state dispute kangaroo courts, then the US government could tell it to go fly a kite. There are public health exceptions, and the US government refuses to sell drugs at cost that it actually has patents on, and allows private interests to sell those drugs at a massive mark up.

This is the capitalist system that Warren refuses to part with. The same capitalist system that wants to dismantle the NHS systems in the UK. The same capitalist system that is THE key driver in the environmental crisis. No fucking thanks.


Thanks for writing that, Joan; especially the first sentence.


As are ALL “insurance companies”. When was the last time you got a refund/rebate for being a safe, accident-free driver? In this case a rebate/refund for being healthy and not filing a claim through the year you were being gouged?

Agreed, Shelby. However, as Bernie pretty much always says, (I am REALLY paraphrasing) We are up against a whole lotta powerful “haves” and they are not going to take it easy on us when the fighting begins.


This is a refreshing dose of sunshine but hardly unexpected.

The bullshit refrain from US drug companies about how expensive it is to produce drugs is almost as hollow as their claim that lower prices will stifle drug development.

Somehow NovoNordisk, Roche, and Novartis – none of them US companies – seem to be developing new drugs at a nice clip.


Greed is not a consequence of free enterprise, it drives it.

Corrupt governments allow it.


They’ll kill you with their drugs

And they’ll kill you without them

Goddamn the pusher man


Carl, they sure are criminal! Consider how the providers collude with the insurers to force people to to buy very expensive insurance just in case they should have an accident and be wiped out. The providers charge ridiculously high prices and then give ridiculously large discounts to insurance companies they sign up with. If you happen to not have insurance you’re screwed! And of course if you can’t pay, then the providers have a nice fat tax write off! There is something wrong if not illegal about this arrangement. In my experience a 50% discount is not unusual and I have seen cases where the insurance discount was 99%!


It’s a bit strange, isn’t it, how economic lawlessness abounds among large corporations. It’s almost as if they hold the keys to the law itself. Hmmm. Come to think of it, they do.

This is not just a matter of economic lawlessness, however. As economic lawlessness grows, our civil rights shrink. And the state morphs into nothing more than the iron right hand of market monopolies. Surveillance and control. No programs of social uplift. Just violence against justice.


This other article from a few days ago may well have by-passed some readers- that the US pays the most for its medicines.-- hundreds of percent higher prices that other countries


One way or another drug creation and sales have to go public. Government labs already do a lot of the work, then drug companies soak us. I feel sorry for the tax payers if we are subsidizing these drug companies, because many of us veterans are getting them for free due to our disabilities. Who pays for those discounted drugs?

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Your money or your life.

A basic criminal business model.


The blood sucking leeches will grow bigger every day … until the turnips are dry. I do not expect your (my) politicians will stop it. They have their faces planted in the big pharma slop bucket. Squealing More More.


Actually this shows how the genius of the “free market” manages value and pricing. Once the price of monopoly pharmaceuticals gets high enough, and people start to die off in sufficient numbers, then a surplus develops and the price falls. It’s isn’t like the Invisible Hand doesn’t know what it’s doing.

New drugs are much easier to develop when there’s less need for pesky studies to demonstrable safety and efficacy and no one to challenge the science.

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Maybe this is another little ray of sunshine?

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Our tax dollars fund most of the R&D of drugs making the market. Then the govt gives the drug and subsequent patent to the makers. IOW the makers are socialized and we get screwed by capitalism. Socialized big business and privatized(sold out) medicine for consumers after the insurance companies get their piece of our body, so to speak. The mob could only wish for such a truly ingenious scams. Our politicians are to blame. Of course they are bribed(political contributions) by the corporations to insure these criminal enterprises continue to exploit us in ways to make vampires envious.

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The greed and non empathetic nature of predatory pharmaceuticals is beyond human imagination. Many of the companies control both brand produced drugs and generic produced drugs. Now there are two tiers of generics and pricing keeps increasing. And major companies with brand drugs with a patent about to expire can pay generic firms a load of money to delay generic production of their gut wrenching profitable drugs, for years.

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For your viewing pleasure - this clip from 1998’s Bulworth, and clearly things have only gotten much worse and predatory in the “health-care” crime-industry - Big-Pharma and the insurance companies bribing their political lackeys and co-conspirators in both parties to assure continued support - doing their bidding while ordinary people suffer and die!

A crime? Fuckin A! and unless the people rise-up to support someone with actual integrity and concern for the “little people” and justice, like Bernie Sanders, and finally realize the two-party con keeps them wage, interest/debt, and for-profit slaves to big-money, we will continue down the same corrupt path!

A crime and criminal conspiracy? Without any goddamn doubt!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id0cqNWZ50Y- this clip tells the infuriating tale and truth!.