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Why Are House Democrats Siding With Liz Cheney to Prolong Endless War in Afghanistan?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/03/why-are-house-democrats-siding-liz-cheney-prolong-endless-war-afghanistan


Let’s get this straight once and for all, the USA is an imperialist country (according to Chomsky). We just can’t allow those billions of dollars in natural resources, discovered by a pentagon taxpayer paid for survey, sitting in Afghanistan go unclaimed and not mined by corporate America for private profit. And now you can also figure out why dickless cheney, yah, liz’s pappy and Iraq war criminal, helped Osama and the Mujaheddin throw the russians out. And drumpf somehow thinks putin is his best friend.

And, let’s not forget, the the party of donkeys are always just one step away from becoming jack asses.


I’m unable to discern that one step.


What… have Europeans and Murikans lost our capability to pay for actual Heroin? Don’t tell me it’s ALL Fentanyl, now? Opioids are the religion of the proletariat! Without a long, hot summer, how will the DNC ensure another Trump win?






Because they are also profiteering. Obviously, it is in their interest to have a “war” that by definition is endless.


eh… Because Bill Clinton and the DLC crime family converted the Democrat Party to the Dinocrat Party. Or the New Republican Party if you prefer.
Hell, someone had to fill the void when the Republican went full Fascist and abandon everything.


All the so-called resister Dems having been making common cause with the CIA and the war machine for far too long. Even before Trump. Their logic now is to oppose Trump no matter what. They will wind up with someone far worse than Trump and they will have bestowed dictatorial powers on the so-called deep state. We will be in endless war (with no civil liberties) which is just fine with many Dems, especially those like Adam Schiff who are on the Raytheon payroll. Wait until Mike Pompeo, Liz Chaney or Ted Cruz become president. People will be looking favorably back at Trump.


Because it costs > million dollars per troop per year of the taxpayers money and you can bet that money isnt going to them or their family, its going to line the pockets of various well connected corporations.


Disgusting democrats. Now we know Ms. Liz Cheney inheritance is in lock step with defense industry i.e. Halliburton. Probably get lots of money from other defense contractors like Eric Prince.

Do we really have to have continual war. Have we not had too many artrocities in the American peoples name? Defense industry huge contributor to climage changes


Scary i.e. Pompous Ass, Ted Cruz and war crimminal daughter.

Because those DINO Dems and many others are captive to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex; the premeditated treasonous subversion of our representative civilian government by war-profiteers and the arms industry. That subversion and the propagandized worship of the military and its jobs program has indoctrinated millions into support for military rather than civilian priorities! A great lie and betrayal, much like the militarized police business has become - same motive, same mindset, same treason!.

There are arms manufacturers or sub-suppliers in most all Congressional districts that manipulate, buy, and coerce votes like these DINO war-whores who choose war over peace, and military waste and corruption over civilian needs and priorities! - same as police unions and political power - all for money - for the MICC and campaign contribution bribes elected representatives gain.

We as a civilian nation have been taken over by advertising and propaganda efforts to turn our nation and interests, our funding priorities and focus to war profit and adoration of the military.

The DINO party is at least as corrupt and dedicated to supporting favored interests and powers as R’Cons…

The truth of this great crime against our nation and people was well-verbalized by Marine Major-General Smedley Butler, twice recipient of the Medal of Honor - an old-school man of honor from a time before our military, Pentagon, and Congress were taken over by treasonous profiteers caring more about paychecks, pensions, serving defense contractor theft and profits than the actual security on our nation; things like education, health care, the Common Good, environment, infrastructure and a Green sustainable future!

Maj-General Butler was referring to exactly people like those House Democrat traitors

"War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes." - Smedley Butler

~https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html - read War is a Racket


Ironic because she was the child her parents had at exactly the right time to keep Dick out of having to go to Vietnam.


A deadly monster begets a further monster to continue the evil he perpetrated and has yet to answer for. Haven’t we had enough killing to last many lifetimes? The big question to my mind is why would anyone with a brain in their head vote for this Cheney woman. She is a bent branch from a decaying old hoary tree!


I so want that monster locked up.


Weirdly a!! of this b!ame on the Russians. Even weirder, $100, 000 to ki!!—4 soldiers? I guess many have forgotten a!! the Americans ki!!ed in The Bush_Cheney War. Iraq Afghanistan---- and Of course, the Obama -Hi!!ary ki!!ings -and it now appears that democracy is being !ynched too. : (


Can they legally do this? If the commander and chief decides (I’m not saying Trump would) to bring all our troops home does Congress really have a say? I’m so used to thinking about this the other way where Congress wants to end around the president to end a war (e.g. by the power of the purse).

Or: Zbigniew & Bo Calloway hiring a scion of the bin Laden family, and every other opium warlord wandering by… WAY before Reagan or KBR morphine shipments. Because little Afghan girls were openly going to evil socialist SCHOOLS!

Jeepers, I wonder if NJT’s Lackawanna Cut-offs’ running up to Tobyhanna Army Depot, yet? Are C5s still landing, there?






the answer to this question is simple–they are committed war mongers who have NEVER seen a war on poor third world peoples(ones they falsely and stupidly think they can beat easily) that they DO NOT WANT to want to SEND someone else’s son or daughter to fight–a good look at the results will reveal a FAILED military policy for the last 70 plus years-a tie in N Korea-kicked out of Vietnam-almost 20 years of failure in the Middle East–oh we beat up on the mighty forces of countries like Panama-and Granada–can’t even make headway against poorly armed peasant militias–the definition of complete failure


Politicians can always use war to draw attention of voters away from some poorly thought out policy that might endanger their re-election. Because somebody came up with the brilliant ‘rule’ that you can’t change a horse in mid-stream. We accept war as a given because we have almost always had a war going on since our founding. The figures vary somewhat but estimates are that we have been at war for 222 years out of 239 years. Some wars are small. Only a small number of military personnel lose their lives and the children of both sides lose their parents’ or their own lives. War is legalized assault. Sometimes, like now, our wars are on the back burner. How many of the primary debates featured questions about the wars we are currently engaged in or may be engaged in, like Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, or are trying to drum up trouble in like Venezuela, African countries, North Korea? Our ‘patriotism’ is determined by how supportive we are of war. Although all these wars are fought in far away countries we seem to feel those countries are obligated to do what America wants. How a candidate feels about war is not worth discussing. If he or she tries to avoid war they are weak. If they are stalwart in making sure America gets its way, they are strong enough to be President. Something is very wrong here, starting with the Cheney family.


Why Are House Democrats Siding With Liz Cheney to Prolong Endless War in Afghanistan?

Because Trump wants the troops out and the Dems do not want to give him something he can point to before the election to gain votes.

Sad, Trump out flanks the war mongering, criminal Dems on matters of War.