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Why Are House Democrats Siding With Liz Cheney to Prolong Endless War in Afghanistan?

The ONLY answer is to refuse to vote for ANY politician who takes even one dime of corporate, lobbyist, or wealthy person money, period. They must all lose before we have any chance to take over government for the rest of us.

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At one point the people of Afghanistan got outraged at the amounts of money that were being spent. I forget the story, butbasically they said something to the effect of “thats a huge waste, we’re not seeing that money here”

Huge amounts of money that were being claimed to be “rebuilding” Afghanistan building schools, etc, were obviously being stolen. They were never making it to actual Afghani communities. Instead they were being spent on insanely expensive stuff or simply vanished.


Why would the Russians pay the Afghanis to kill Americans? I thought that the Afghanis would be glad to do it for nothing or just for fun, or revenge. Why do Americans kill Afghanis? Is it not a normal reaction for people all over the world to want to kill the soldiers of an invading army? Did not Americans give money and guns and bullets to the Afghanis to kill Russians a few years ago when the Soviets were the invaders in Afghanistan? How hypocritical can people be, and how stupid? And how blind?


Kudos yet again to Greenwald. His observations point to the utter futility of the perpetual four-year dog-and-pony-show that are our elections, and to the glaring obviousness of the uniparty’s pursuit of imperialist goals.

Trump’s only real crime, to the uniparty, is that he stands outside it. All his other crimes would be tolerated if he was a “real” Republican, or a “real” Democrat, and, most of all, a “real” politician.

So make way now for a “leader” whose crimes will be tolerated by the establishment and the media. Will that be better?


Trump will ‘out-left’ Biden even more more Bigly before November


Neither of them are left anything. Its all 100% fake.


It took 26 comments before someone mentioned Joe DiMentio.

Allow me to guarantee: Sleepy Joe would vote on the same side as Cheney if he had the opportunity.


Yes he would. They like to ignore little things like that in many places

geez, I didn’t know we were keeping score.


That’s why we call you Lucky #26, Phred.


Yes, but that’s where US exceptionalism comes into play. The same people who see only “terrorist insurgents” in Afghanistan also cheered wildly for the plucky teens in the Patrick Swayze film “Red Dawn,” whose actions differ from those of the Taliban only in the colors of the flags they wave.


If you actually go to the trouble of looking up the story, you’ll see its really quite incredible, all of these things that for most people were big life changes - they followed each time totally working the system to keep Dick out of the draft, literally a huge sequence of events all dictated by an insiders knowledge.

I can’t help but notice that the whole “Putin is paying Afghans to kill Americans” narrative came out right after Bernie and others started talking about modest cuts to defense spending to be redirected to helping Americans at home. Funny how anytime anyone of note mentions cutting defense spending a military and international crisis pops up to scare the easily frightened public into increasing, instead of decreasing, military budgets. I guess it is JUST A COINKYDINK.


Hi O!dcreditiste:

Yes to a!! 6 questions. I was amazed hearing some of the parents screaming about the Russians ki!!ng their chi!dren-----and yet—none complaining about the Bush /Cheney war hawks of the word and their phony wars which kind many many !


Dems took that step in 2009.

Our aid to Afghan Freedom Fighters killed far more Russians than Putin’s alleged aid to Afghan Freedom Fighters kills Americans.


Thanks for that astute realization. My first thought was, so what we all do it in one way or another.
We supported killing Russians during their war with Afghanistan too.
Sure it sounds bad, until we take a deep look into the mirror. Then we realize we are just as bad or worse, that we have a glass house, and shouldn’t be throwing stones.


Because democrats were always the Bush war criminal neo cons.Hillary and Biden and Obama supported all the bush wars and crimes including torture.Obama even committed genocide in Yemen and brought literal slavery back to Libya once the richest African country with healthcare and education for all and equal rights for women and a poverty rate equal to Sweden…now they have open air slavery markets.

Because Black lives dont matter.


Yes, same ol same ol: if the U.S. war mongers had no enemies, they would have to invent them to supply and justify their egregious billion $$$$$$$ military budget…AND UNFORTUNATELY! THAT HAS BEEN THEIR MODUS OPERANDI FOR FAR TOO LONG!


I certainly hope the lead question here was rhetorical. No one who’s been paying attention for at least the duration of my life (going on 7 decades) could possibly believe that Congressional Democrats (with a scant few exceptions) might redeem their long history of war crimes for the sake of humanity. The Democratic Party largely consists of whores to the military and “defense” industry, to the banks who fund the means to human and ecological annihilation, to the corporations (hello, Feinstein and Blum, LLC) who profit from the deaths and devastation of warfare and everyday filthy habits of militarism, and to the consumers of militarism, imperialism, and racism in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, and other key allies in the U.S.-driven quest for global hegemony over the means of life. Almost all Democrats have consistently demonstrated their allegiance to U. S. imperialism and militarism – even Ro Khanna, Bernie Sanders, and other “left” stalwarts have cast despicably errant votes in support of the perpetuation of U. S. militarism and murder. To me, the ongoing state of governance in this nation is this simple: the laws are created to benefit the few, who feed at the trough of dollars provided by their politician-collaborators, who pass legislation both to fund and support imperialism and militarism, and to criminalize dissent or the human right to disengage materially from the constructs of cultural extirpation, abuse of planetary ecology, and murder. U. S. politicians – Democrat and Republican, neocons, neolibs, far right or faux-progressive, and capitalist-true-believers all – across the years of my life, have sustained a contrived economy founded upon private property (the usurpation of the collective commons) and forced labor, and enforced through extortion (paid your taxes yet? Know what you’re paying for?) and brute force (militarism and “law” enforcement – mostly laws increasingly focused on perpetuating the status quo inequity and criminalization of being human). The U. S. government is the longest-running, most insidious, most lethal, and most ecologically destructive terrorist criminal syndicate ever fabricated, so let’s all wave that sick symbol of terrorism in honor of all the millions upon millions of human bodies stacked up to heaven to enable the perpetuation of the truest of all evils, that beacon of democracy, the truly exceptional nation birthed through racism, intolerance, genocide, and contrived economics.

I have long opposed the death penalty, and still do for most individually perpetrated crime, no matter how heinous a transgression of basic humanity they might be. Yet, were I to be elected to any public office, I would immediately call for the arrest, detention, arraignment – based merely upon public voting records – and sentencing to life in prison for the vast majority of politicians. Their crimes of commission, implemented by “law” and “policy,” continue to kill, maim, starve, rape, and destroy human lives, and obliterate the means to life for humans and the other billions of organisms on Earth, just as those who illegitimately use power towards personal ends have done for centuries. Moreover, I would then remand the evidence and the politician-criminals to the discretion of the International Criminal Court to let those unfettered by U. S. propaganda and nationalism determine their ultimate fates. Better yet, I’d as likely shackle in chains each of these examples of inhumanity, each of these discompassionate, corrupt, and murderous criminals, in the blazing sun of the villages and communities and ecosystems they’ve desecrated, to contemplate their evil as they feed the flies and worms. Those who create laws and the means to kill others deserve no sympathy or compassion.


“they must all lose . . .” Fat chance. There’s only one solution to such utter corruption of values, morals, ethics, compassion, and humanity, and it means turning everything we know on its head. The “law” is ensconced in the paradigm created specifically to perpetuate that paradigm. Resisting is futile, other than absolute, complete destruction of the paradigm. Destroying capitalism by all means possible is, at least, part of the answer.