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Why Are House Dems Treating 2016 Campaign Autopsy Like a Classified Document?


Why Are House Dems Treating 2016 Campaign Autopsy Like a Classified Document?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which works to elect Democrats to the U.S. House, has completed an investigative report into its own weaknesses and blind spots during last year's electoral failure.


Pant Suit on Fire.
sooooooo... what you gonna do about it?


Looks like it's back to the future all over again. Also, it's telling that main thrust of the document is apparently about money, not issues. As usual -- follow the money...


Move along, nothing to see here...

Except Hillary's corruption that kept Bernie down and out


No need to see the autopsy document. They lost because they screwed Bernie. Pure and simple. Had he been the nominee, his coattails would have brought many more down ticket Dems into office. When their blatant corruption was exposed in the primary, they were toast.


The secrecy reveals the guarded citadel mentality of the DNC, but fails to hide the obvious, known facts:

a) the report on a cataclysmic political loss focuses mainly on the big money donations that make the Democrats support right liberal positions far to the right of a large chunk of their electorate; and

b) the focus on big money donations and refusal to acknowledge how their right liberal positions lost crucial parts of the electorate shows they have learned nothing from the loss.

As I've often asserted, the Democratic Party cannot/will not change on its own; the only chance - and it is only a chance - of its changing is if the progressive part of its mass base forms a bloc and declares its refusal to vote for the DNC unless it shifts left - by constructing a formal and binding, more progressive platform; and by incorporating progressives into high level positions within the organization.

And if big money won't donate? All the better - Sanders' campaign showed a progressive political program doesn't need it.


lol duhhhhhhh

someday the obvious is going to occur to Democratic voters who persist in their corrosive marriage to this party from hell.

same dilemma as the GOP: they want money but need votes. And an open pursuit of one alienates the other. So lying and deception are necessary in order to secure both.

And that's why jesus invented secrecy: to protect the lies.

Is this really that hard to get? Is it really so earth-shattering to admit ya got a little fooled? Do we think so highly of ourselves that we can't admit that there are people who can sucker us with lies?

Pride is the problem in the rank and file of both parties. The infernal pride that comes with being unable to admit that someone was smarter and more clever than you. And so every error in judgment compounds itself.


Jesus reminded us that a person cannot serve two masters. Money was not the right choice. Ultimately, where that money comes from - "War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror".


Who better to identify, understand, promote and defend your interests than you, yourself?




The writing was claer and on the wall: The GOP's southern strategy was a deal with the devil and before too long, only the white-supremists, theocrats, and Hearitage/CATO institute nut jobs would be running the GOP. What to do, what to do?
How about we use our money to take over the poor-man's party (AKA DNC). we will buy off some bright young men who understand just where their paychecks are coming from and we can fool the DEMs into electing them. These guys will enact policies that the Corpratists & GOP couldn't hope to get through congress, but these NEW DEMS can & will do it, smiling all the was to the bank.

Then HRC comes along and expects that everything that worked for BC & BO will work for her.

The problem is that the destruction of the middle class has left deep scars and angry people all across the US.

Just as Gen. Patton used Rommel's book on tank warfare against him, if they were smart the DEMs will read and take to heart T. Franks book Listen Liberal. Unfortunately the DEMS are deeply into the future subjunctive tense (If I were to be smart) so no joy.


As I've often asserted, the Democratic Party cannot/will not change on its own; the only chance - and it is only a chance - of its changing is if the progressive part of its mass base forms a bloc and declares its refusal to vote for the DNC unless it shifts left - by constructing a formal and binding, more progressive platform; and by incorporating progressives into high level positions within the organization.

In response to the above - I used to think the way you do. If we could just figure out a way to get progressive individuals in positions of leadership and authority within the DNC, things could finally change for the better. I no longer believe that this option is even worth a try. The DNC has strung progressives along for 20 years, throwing them a bone here and there to keep them from 'rising up'. I firmly believe that any/all efforts to try to work with the DNC will be a colossal waste of time and, ultimately, result in further losses for the DNC. Eventually, the DNC could just die a slow, painful and miserable death .. .

I would argue that NOW is the right time for progressive individuals to form a separate, third party - call it the Progressive Party. There is already a lot of activity going on around the nation with progressives. They should all agree to join together for an initial; meeting (phone or whatever) and see what they can accomplish. They would certainly have the backing of most of the activists who have been out/loud/proud since the day after Trump;s inauguration.

They should focus on ideas, platforms, issues, etc. - and AVOID getting stuck in the morass of a name or a label. This is important, because some people get triggered negatively when they hear certain names/labels - and they might not even give it a chance. Check out some of the town halls that Bernie Sanders did in Trump country. They were amazing and uplifting to watch.

I KNOW how difficult this could be. So what? People are starving for a Party that represents them and their needs. And when you take away the labels, most people want the same or similar things. Hell, Bernie Sanders converted a room full of Trump supporters after spending only an hour or two with him. Finally, this Party'ls focus should NOT be on one - or any given - individual. This puts a lot of pressure on that one person. Members of the group often come to idolize the person, which is NEVER a good thing. Inevitably, your idol will let you down and then you feel betrayed and hurt. No, it should be the Party of each and every person - with a platform that is reflective of progressive values and ideas.

What do you think?


Corporate Democrats believe that they will recoup their lost garden of greed and corruption at the expense of the people just as soon as progressives get rid of Trump and just as soon as there's a Republican backlash.

That's why Corporate Democrats will not admit complicity in the horrible state of affairs. Corporate Democrats and their Republican brethren want to perpetuate the corporate state that so enriches them personally, even as we speak.

We need a Corporate Democrat watch group that ranks Democrats, gives each a report card that measures the extent to which they bow to corporation and bow to the billionaire class.

Does so-and-so get corporate donations? dark money? support super pacs? have secret meeting with bankers? align with Clinton? with Obama? making hundreds of thousands of dollars on private speeches? get kickbacks for their families? see lobbyists and are unwilling to stem the influence of lobbyists.

A report card, like the one the NRA keeps for politicians and tracks their positions on gun rights, but this one tracking how politicians are fair in terms of corporate influence and billionaire influence is OH SO NEEDED!

We need to know which Democrats and for that matter which Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and Greens are on the troll for corporate dole. We need an anti-billionaire-class report card, an ABC Report Card, ABC as in Ant-Billionaire-Class. We need an Ant-Billionaire-Class report card to track all our politicians and public servants and their susceptibility to corruption.


An autopsy report, indeed. The Democratic Party has committed suicide. Its death is beyond resuscitation for people like me, born and baptised a Democrat 74 years ago and loyal during all that time, voting in every election. The deep evil first became apparent to me during the Humphrey/ McGovern campaign, but I refused to face it until the Clinton/ Sanders campaign. The secret machinations of people whose names I don't and cannot know sabotaged both McGovern and Sanders. These people are every bit as fascist as the worst Republicans. It's not just Democrats but democracy itself that has died. I have no hope for resurrection. They have betrayed the trust of the citizens out here, and we will not go back for a third beating. Blocks and stones and worse than worthless things we may be, but even a yellow dog beaten enough times will run away into the woods and stay safe. Coarse, crude, cruel and rude mr. t cannot put any party rulers in a good light. They are dark and full of self-serving criminality.


Excellent reference to George McGovern.

Bobby they murdered, George they abandoned.


The difficulty the DCCC is having is how can they not change as a party but make the base think that they have changed. It's quite a pickle for them since they have no intention of being a real party for the people. You only have to hear what Tom Perez says when asked about what the party has to do to win back voters. He always talks values this, values that, blah, blah, blah; but he never talks about standing for the issues that the people want or the party's deep ties to big money that prevents them from being a people's party. The prognosis is terminal yet the party thinks if they magically repeat the right words they will be cured.


There is usually only one reason for the Dems to act in this way, which is ongoing ineptitude as they continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. As is the case of the 2016 elections. But there may be a more powerful, obvious reason, which is that Russia in collusion with Trump stole the election and the Dems didn't lose at all. Few seem to get this.

I will never be convinced that Trump and his Russian handlers did not cheat. He will be impeached.

That said, the Dems have been wandering in the desert for years. It's frustrating.



When the MSM ( in this case MSNBC ) allows someone like Andy Card, who willingly served war criminals in the Bush Administration, to call most Sanders and some Trump supporters " the internet mob "; well, you see what The Establishment ( Washington Consensus ) has in store for most of the 99s. Ignoring them completely, of course.
While the DCCC may not want to release the results of the 2016 autopsy, the UniParty has no problem giving the voters a great big F U. Using a meme of unruly riff-raff, radical idealists and misled subversive ( read unpatriotic ) elements; the insults and propaganda continues to go on. Unchallenged, of course, by a millionaire class of corporate owned talking heads. And, they're raking in advertiser dollars by the boatload. To their owners, that's winning. ( Check out the NY Times subscribers circulation increase. Enough $$$ to hire a climate denier to replicate the lies of Ms. Miller, perhaps? )
What the DCCC can't, or won't, tell the public isn't the stuff of the Midas touch. It's the stuff of power only on the periphery of real electoral governing power. And, that's true of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, as well.
When DoD & Police/Security State spending currently accounts for the lion's share of our discretionary spending, everything else falls by the wayside. And, other priorities like education, foreign aid development, transportation and healthcare become inside jokes, as The Establishment chuckles, " I feel your pain, here's some more of it ".
And, balanced budgets and deficit reduction, that's a real knee slapper. But, don't get me started laughing, i'll wet myself,


AMEN!!  To HELL with the DamnocRats!   We want action, not "outreach"!
I have re-registered as NPP (no party preference), and hope to register as a member of a truly progressive party if one can be assembled in time for next year's elections.  (Is there any chance of taking the Vermont Progressive Party nationwide?)


Who cares, really? We've got an idiot, racist, man-baby in the White House, a newly re-minted right wing Supreme Court, and a Congress that doesn't want rich people to pay taxes. What the DNC does should be low on the list of fights worth having at the moment. We are just a few cases away from gutting the rest of the VRA and taking a wrecking ball to the country's finances, Ryan's ever-ready excuse to blast Medicare and Medicaid. It feels like two losing, retired boxers having a round in an old gym that nobody goes to or cares about except for their small contingent of die-hards.