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Why Are Progressive Democrats Backing an Anti-BDS Bill That Was Introduced at an AIPAC Conference?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/why-are-progressive-democrats-backing-anti-bds-bill-was-introduced-aipac-conference

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When are the people of the US going to come to terms to what the occupiers of Palestine truly stand for? It’s genocide, the Nazis might have done theirs quicker, but it’s genocide none the less. It’s a folly to pretend the occupiers want a two state solution, they want it all, and have proven it through the years.
The US needs to cut them loose, stop all money assistance, and BDS their a$$es until they recognize the Palestinian people as equals, and I don’t believe that will ever happen. And this “anti-Semite” meme needs to stop, just stop. A person can change their religious beliefs, but can’t change their ethnicity, no matter how much they want to. I hope the “squad” does put forward their own bill to counter this bogus one, supported by so many that bow at the site of racist israeli leaders.


An Israeli company with ties to its intelligence community has a contract that gives it access to our main internet and fiber optic junctions that carry all US communication traffic. They’ve mastered sorting data, and have dirt on anyone they need dirt on. Including progressive democrats.

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WHY? Because the US has allowed and coddled the subversion of our national interests by a foreign power - Israel, an apartheid entity based in a supremacist “master race” pathology and politics - and its domestic agents - AIPAC and others - who “meddle” (subvert and manipulate) our electoral processes and all candidates and elected officials. Any American politician, especially any with a sizable population of Israeli supporters will kowtow and abase themselves to support any Israeli war crime, racism, or crime against humanity!

The domestic end of this subversion includes the “religious” right who have their own malignant and deadly fantasy world they work-for, as well as the political lap-dog sycophants to Israeli interests - ie holding first-loyalty apparently to Israel over the US republic and I always thought of such actions as treasonous!

The intent is to manipulate US foreign policy and divert attention from the numerous crimes Israel commits against the Palestinian people. Th manipulate US elections, foreign aid, political decisions and foment wars to destroy all opponents of Israeli expansionism - ie racist ethnic cleansing to take territory by force to be for Jews only! Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and any other “threat” to Israeli hegemony and racist colonization of the Occupied Territories expressly illegal under International Law, The Fourth Geneva Conventions, UN resolutions, and even the Balfour Declaration.

Progressive Democrats are anything but when it comes to groveling and boot-licking to appease Israel and its malignant racism and subversion of the US!

BDS! Zionism IS racism!


Exactly!  Judaism is no worse than any other religion – including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or Sikh
– but Zionism isn’t even a religion — it’s a variation of Fascism indistinguishable from (and a part of?) Trumpism.   IMHO, members of AIPAC should be forced to register as Foreign Agents just like those who work for Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Ukraine.


How many scare quotes can you put around “progressives”?

What do you find scary about quotation marks?

It really has been impressive to watch members of the Israel uber alles coalition screech incessantly about Russian interference with American politics.

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give me names please: who supports the bill and who doesn’t?


Gary Peters, US Senator from Michigan actually believes that the underlying purpose of BDS is to deny Israel the right to exist. Peters is “supposedly”’ very progressive, but guess where he gets his talking points on BDS? If you did not guess AIPAC, you are wrong. Washington insiders are clueless!


For most elected Democrats portraying themselves as progressive is a marketing strategy, not much more. However, some of them can be progressive on some domestic issues, but when it comes to foreign policy - and especially, Israel - they are in lockstep with the Party leadership which is in lockstep with the GOP.


the reason for supporting the anti BDS bill is that first, supporting hatred of Israel and siding with those who seem to want to wipe out a Jewish presence in the Middle East is a losing political issue in the US, and second, for those who genuinely want to see a two state solution with an independent Palestinian Arab state mostly understand that BDS gets in the way of that by making it even harder to get both Palestinians and Israelis to make the necessary compromises for such a solution.

Takar, in this instance, it’s what’s between them that I find foreboding.


Please name the names.

Your assumptions are nuts. The BDS movement, which includes many Jews and progressive Jewish organizations, does not advocate hatred of Israel! That is exactly the type of conflation that is so hard to overcome, even though it involves serious flaws in rationale. BDS targets companies and Israeli government policies which support and encourage ILLEGAL (under international law) occupation and put the rights of Israeli settlers far above rights of the Palestinians whose land they have stolen/continue to steal. Not liking illegal and immoral policy in the “Territories” is not hating Israel, or Jews. Please think before you post!


Israel should be treated the same way South Africa was treated when were a Bigoted Nation.

Israel is an Apartheid country and they should be Boycotted until they give the Palestinians their Freedom.


The real anti-Semitic is the one who conflates all Jewish people with the apartheid Licud government of Israel and its policies.

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Really? You feel that words, and these particular words in this instance,make you afraid that something bad will happen? What do you fear will happen due to the use of these words, that they might be perceived in a new and dismissive, if not totally disparaging, manner? Perhaps what you mean is that they imply a (scary to you) feeling that some, if not many, don’t feel that those words are the most accurate ones to use to describe what was spoken about? Regardless of which “side” you consider yourself to be on with regard to anything, the term “scare quotes” was never particularly accurate or useful except as a feeble backhanded slap at those who point out that just because some find some joy at choosing inappropriate labels for themselves and others, doesn’t mean that the rest of the people will or should accept those labels merely because someone has inappropriately adopted that label or cast it upon another.
BTW, my name is Trakar, but Trey or Trak are perfectly acceptable substitutions. Having said that I apologize if the above is a bit pedantic, but everyone has triggers and the term “scare quotes” is one of mine…