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Why Are So Many Americans Willing to Support Hate and Division?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/01/why-are-so-many-americans-willing-support-hate-and-division


People who are angry lash out irrationally. Why aren’t you covering the epstein scandal, this is bigger than Trump and Biden’s Ukraine money making ventures.

Q: Why are so many Americans willing to support hate and division?

A: Because in class war, the tip of the pyramid must keep the masses fighting amongst themselves rather than to coalesce and fight the tip. The game is older than history itself because it happens to work. Education-based peace among the masses is the only solution. I’ll be happy to organize the whole shebang if everybody on earth would just send me one measly dollar. Wink, wink.


What is really ironic is that about 90% of Evangelicals who supposedly believe in the “love your neighbor” gospel of Christ, love this hate mongering “hate your neighbor” fascist. These Evangelicals are therefore a bunch of lying hypocrites, who choose hate over love.


Check’s in the mail, now get to work. :)))

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To answer the question. It is because that “American Dream” is built around “Rugged Individualism” and the system as designed is one where those that prosper are the ones most willing to take advantage of another.

The Commons and the common good has been sacrificed in favor of profits and increasing ones personal wealth. Hate and division is inevitable when everyone else is seen as a rival and as a stepping stone to “the good life”.

In a nutshell. Capitalism.


Because so many are hateful and divisive?
As they appear in many other right-wing countries as well.


because about 1/2 our population are racists-and always have been since the founders of our country gas lit the world with the talk of equality and then defining blacks as 3/5 human


they are heretics in the classic sense

Nailed it! Dominator capitalism. Partnership capitalism, well regulated, has worked. Look at the Scandinavian countries for example.

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The man is a menace to society.

Will somebody please end this nightmare and take him to the woodshed?

What you do in the woodshed, stays in the woodshed.

Cut the head off the snake and the body of followers dies.


Yes, Tom, you got it right in your penultimate paragraph. Right wing talk radio is designed to appeal to the worst side of human beings; our prejudices, our selfishness, our anger, our irrationality, and every other quality which cancels out our empathy, our generosity, our friendliness, our intelligence, our good side.

By affirming people’s worst sides, talk radio has gained political power, blaming the poor for all the ills of the capitalist system. Those who want a fairer system are operating at a disadvantage, we come to the discussion hoping that our better nature will win a better life for all of us. We turn off the talk shows of hate and blame. They are too disturbing. But those who listen faithfully have lost their humanity and gather more and more energy to defeat their enemies, as they see anyone who admits to being a Democrat, a liberal, a Progressive, or worst of all a ‘socialist’.

I would prefer to split the country in two rather than have to live in one where hatred reigns on one side, and despair on the other side.


I’d like to add one thing to the noted good points (racism and IGM capitalism): the miserable state of American lower education. Okay, and one more, loosely tied to “rugged individualism,” the American obsession with competition, which breeds narrow-mindedness and simple-mindedness (winners/losers, right/wrong, black/white, best/worst).


Since hunting and gathering gave way to “civilized” existence millennia ago, inequality has been the dominant characteristic of societies, and the basic cause, I believe, of virtually ALL of our problems since then. Fortunately, our species is likely to soon join the 1,000,000 other species “slated” to go extinct soon, and THAT cancer on Earth System will be removed!

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You need to go to MintPressNews for in depth report on Epstein and many other stories which are not covered in mainstream media.

Yes. Build a system that destroys the United States. Oh wait won’t voters see that. No we will blame others for what we are doing. Cue Rush Limbaugh, racism, etc.

Could we create a north-south country again. Would racists actually leave and move to the other side? Should we create one. I agree. Imagine the progressive side. As Thom’s close producer says, “Maybe we lost the civil war” or such.

Great column Thom. Another straight forward piece that cuts to the point.

Fear and loathing of “the other” is a larger factor than most commentators are willing to admit (I grew up in apartheid Miss’ssippi, so I have some familiarity with the phenomenon)

But equally MIA in most analyses is a Democratic Party that long ago abandoned any even superficial commitment to empowering the working class in favor of “identity politics” posturing and utter servility to finance, Big Pharma and the technocracy.

If these dismal Dems didn’t exist, the Republicans would have had to invent them.